My hiking guide to Mount Hassell


This was my second trekking in Australia.

I had a program to to take a trip to Mt Trio with my buddy but we decided to transform our program and headed to Mt Hassell. They are each in Stirling Variety National Park.

How I ready?

I woke up at five in the morning and packed my stuff. There was absolutely nothing genuinely to take along except 1 liter of water, some fruits, sunscreen, hat and a camera. I do not have any unique gear jet. So I had my operating footwear, jumper, scarf and frequent sport outfit.
We began driving at six in the morning and it took 1,five hours from our hometown to attain the auto park.

I produced some study about national park right here:

About it is species and nature right here:

In truth I genuinely enjoy this web-site as you can search by an address or place  recorded species nearby.

About Mt Hassell

Height: 847m
Length:  3km
Time: 2-four hours
Trail Classification: Class four (Moderately hard)
Date Hiked: 07 nd January 2017

How we reached the summit ?

The road was fairly simple in the starting. But soon after five minutes I began sweating like hell even although the climate was foggy and it wasn’t hot or something.

There had been some points exactly where we had to climb the rocks and I got a bit scared of the height but I was fortunate not to be alone there.

It took about 1,five hours to attain the summit and we didn’t quit even for a second. I reached the top rated getting completely wet and exhausted, but pleased &#x1f642

We identified Geocache box

This box had a guide, some individual stuff that earlier people today had left ahead of and a notebook. The concept of it is to leave a note that you identified it. I decided to leave a note and draw a bit &#x1f642


About Geocache

Geocaching is a treasure hunt with some thing for every person. Applying map coordinates and a GPS enabled device, you can obtain a geocache close to your house, in the city, in the bush or in Antarctica.
Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes as well. You can obtain a tiny small a single as modest as your fingernail, or a large geocache with fascinating ‘treasures’ inside. It can be as simple or as challenging as you like to make it. You can drive up to your geocache and spot it from the auto, or you can pick out to hike for miles up and down mountains in the snow in search of that elusive container.

Amazing view and peace

It is just amazing feeling to be on top rated in the clouds. Windy, chilly and quiet.

On our way back I took some pictures of beautiful nature and view.

At 11.30 I was currently at house and ready for operate which began at 13.00.

Adore trekking!


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