My Galapagos Islands Trip – 34 Favourite Photographs (and a video)


Galapagos Islands Trip - Iguana resting

A brief time ago, I was on a flight to Ecuador, about to embark on a 7-day Galapagos Islands trip. As I’m traveling continuously, I barely had time to course of action my plans or to analysis or to achieve a fair understanding of what I really should anticipate.

All I knew is that my Galapagos Islands trip would involve:

a) Sailing for 1 week on board the S/S Mary Anne (run by the wonderful Andando Tours)
b) A lot of animals
c) Most likely some other intriguing stuff

How naive was I.

Initially, I spent 7 days/nights on board 1 of the coolest sailing vessels out there and in my opinion, the greatest ship for a trip about the Galapagos. As for intriguing stuff…between kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, stargazing, continuously mastering and just staring in awe at the otherworldly landscapes, I’d say that was quickly covered.

And then the animals. A lot of animals?

In 1 week I ended up seeing an absurd quantity of remarkable, colorful, special creatures…on land, in the water and in the sky. If I took a single hour from this 1 week trip, I would nonetheless be capable to say that I did certainly see ‘a lot of animals’. Multiply that by 16 waking hours, multiply that by 7 days and you get the thought.

Here’s a taste of the encounter that is an remarkable Galapagos Islands trip (pictures and a fairly cool video)…


When I mention my Galapagos Islands trip, 1 of the most popular inquiries I’m asked is irrespective of whether I saw any blue-footed boobies. Effectively, yes I did, along with red-footed and nazca boobies….EVERYWHERE!

Galapagos Islands Trip - Blue Footed Booby

Galapagos Islands Trip - Red footed booby

Galapagos Islands Trip - Birds

Galapagos Islands Trip - Booby

Sea Lions

By the finish of the second day, we had currently observed effectively more than 50 sea lions. You may believe this would be adequate and any additional sea lion spottings would turn into boring. Not the case! I would have been thrilled to see 50 sea lions just about every day as they had been by far the most playful, active, curious and wacky of all the animals we came across (as you saw in the video above!).

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sea lions on the beach

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sea lion sleeping

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sea lion on a bench

Infant Sea Lions

What’s even far better than 50 sea lions per day? Infant sea lions. Appear at the pictures, watch the video and inform me you do not want to adopt a infant sea lion correct away!

Galapagos Islands Trip - Baby sea lion

Galapagos Islands Trip - Baby sea lion sleeping

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sea lion and crab

Wild Landscapes

I believe the pictures speak for themselves but just about every time we hopped onto the small zodiac boat for a ride to shore, we had no thought what we would basically come across. Yes, we knew that the nature would be gorgeous but till we stepped foot onto every single island, it was not possible to know just how gorgeous it would be…

Galapagos Islands Trip - viewpoint

Galapagos Islands Trip - Red beach

Galapagos Islands Trip - Volcano

Galapagos Islands Trip - red landscape

Galapagos Islands Trip - Volcano crater

Galapagos Islands Trip - colorful island

A Galapagos Islands Trip Onboard the S/S Mary Anne

This is the great sailing vessel that I traveled on for the whole week through my Galapagos Islands trip!

Galapagos Islands Trip - S/S Mary Anne

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sunset

With the super friendly Captain Mario at the helm…

Galapagos Islands Trip - S/S Mary Anne Captain Mario

Iguanas and Lizards

From colorful marine iguanas to spaced out land iguanas to perky lava lizards and more…almost just about every island we visited was complete of such creatures. There they would constantly be, sitting on the beach, swimming in the water, sunbathing on rocks or just wandering about.

There had been basically so lots of iguanas and lizards that our guide had to continuously warn us to watch exactly where we had been walking to keep away from stepping on 1!

Galapagos Islands Trip - Iguana walking

Galapagos Islands Trip - Baby lava lizard

Galapagos Islands Trip - Marine iguana

Galapagos Islands Trip - Iguanas

Galapagos Islands Trip - Lava lizard

Galapagos Islands Trip - Iguana resting

Giant Tortoises

The giant tortoises had been naturally impressive, typically weighing in at more than 730 lbs (350kgs) and living for more than 100 years. They do not move about also a great deal but it is hard to take your eyes off of them. They look to attain deep into your inner becoming when they stare at you (ok, not that intense but they’re fascinating to observe!)…

Galapagos Islands Trip - Giant tortoise


With their intricate courtship dance, massive size, crazy capacity to fly super lengthy distances and the truth that young albatrosses devote six years at sea prior to returning house to come across a mate, seeing these birds on Espanola Island was a true highlight…

Galapagos Islands Trip - Albatross

Galapagos Islands Trip - Albatross mating dance

So Substantially Far more

Everywhere I looked on this Galapagos Islands trip there had been animals. Also lots of to bear in mind, also lots of to even fathom. But just about every time I appear at the pictures myself, I understand that I spent an whole week entirely amazed, impressed and thankful for such an chance, which is why a trip to this outstanding location is worth just about every single dollar as far as I’m concerned. It is a dream trip in just about every way.

Galapagos Islands Trip - Owl

Galapagos Islands Trip - mockingbird

Galapagos Islands Trip - Stingray

Galapagos Islands Trip - Nazca booby

Thanks for reading!

Galapagos Islands Trip - Sailing

Any inquiries about the Galapagos Islands? Let me know!

If you are interested in taking a Galapagos Islands trip, the eight-day encounter aboard the S/S Mary Anne with Andando Tours is beyond remarkable!

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