Lusong Shipwreck is a WWII vessel that is now an awesome dive web-site and snorkel web-site in the Coron area. The Lusong Coral Garden is one particular of the major-rated reefs in Coron that is lightly visited due to its place compared to the well-liked lagoons and beaches of Coron Island. Each places have been unbelievable for freediving and we did our finest to capture the sheer drop-offs of Lusong Coral Garden and the depth of the Lusong Gun Boat in our photographs.



We arrived at the Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and our guide had told us that it was only two-feet underwater but also 25-feet underwater. I didn’t know really what to count on immediately after hearing these measurements. When we initially got a glimpse from the boat we could see a little outline of a bit of the wreck on one particular side. Our guide told us to wait till we have been in and we would comprehend. Boy, was he proper!

As quickly as we hit the water it was proper there. A substantial gunboat from WWII encrusted in corals, barnacles, and marine life. It was magnificent and extremely breathtaking since of the sheer size of the ship. You could commence at the shallow portion and gradually make your way to the deeper finish. This angle created it best for snorkelers who like to keep at the surface or freedivers who choose to get down deeper even though exploring. You can truly dive down inside the wreck, which was super cool.

Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck is one particular of the twelve Planet War II Japanese Provide Ships that have been hit by an airstrike even though anchored in Coron Bay. The ship sunk to a depth of 10-meters exactly where it now lays on an angle on its side.

It is attainable to spot lots of marine life at the Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck such as Parrotfish, Damselfish, Stonefish, Nudi Branch and the attractive Lion Fish. 

As opposed to the Skeleton Wreck close to Coron Island, this wreck is close to the surface so all snorkelers, absolutely free-divers and scuba divers can get a truly close appear!



Just about the corner from the shipwreck is a attractive reef recognized as the Lusong Coral Garden. Right here you can come across crystal clear water with outstanding visibility. There is a substantial selection of coral that grows up and down the drop-off wall. Quite a few guides claim that Lusong Coral Garden is the finest snorkeling web-site in Coron exactly where the colorful Corals outnumber the fish. 

There is a truly handy existing right here that pushes you along the shelf so you virtually do not have to kick with your fins if you and your guide can handle to drop in at the proper spot. I was truly shocked by just how very good the snorkeling was at this web-site.



The Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and Coral Garden are situated on the southwest side of Busuanga. Even though they are close to the coast of Busuanga they are a lot additional from Coron Town that Coron Island. Most tours do not get out there so it is nevertheless a fairly quiet spot even though dive boats and snorkel groups to go to it everyday. Compared to the thousands that frequent Coron Island this is a gem worth going to if you are attempting to steer clear of the crowds. I have pinned the place of the Lusong Gunboat shipwreck and 




There are a couple of possibilities for how to go to Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and Lusong Coral Garden and I will detail them under.

Large Dream Boat Man (How I visited): Large Dream Boat Man is a 3-evening Coron island hopping tour expedition that is various from the rest. As an alternative of battling the crowds, the sea of life-jackets and the lines, Large Dream Boat Man requires you to the hotspots such as Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon just before the crowds come. Soon after spending one particular day at the hotspots, Large Dream Boat Man veers away and guides you on an expedition to some of the hidden gems such as Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and Lusong Coral Garden and off-the-beaten-path places in Coron, which in my opinion have been equally as impressive if not additional so than the renowned spots on Coron Island. We absolutely free-dived at WWII shipwrecks,  camped on secluded beaches, swam with stingrays, counted the stars from the beach at evening and ate like kings in the course of our island hopping tour with Large Dream Boat Man.

 To verify the itinerary of trips and make a booking with Large Dream Boat Man you can Click Right here.

Daytrip: There are a couple of tours you can book in Coron Town that supply a day trip to Lusong Coral Garden, Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and Pass Island. These trips can typically be common snorkel and sightseeing trips or can be scuba/absolutely free-dive focused. They are not as frequent as the island-hopping tours of Coron Island but you will be capable to book them in Coron Town.



Coron Town is the base for all of your adventures in Coron. It is a small bit additional highly-priced than some places in the Philippines but there are nevertheless spending budget possibilities. In Coron Town you have the bars, restaurants, transport, locations to book tours and you are close to Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring. It is also just a $three shuttle to the airport. Beneath are my 3 picks plus one particular all-inclusive resort (I’ve stayed various instances) that incorporates private island hopping.

Spending budget Choose: Fat Monkey Hostel – The Fat Monkey Hostel has terrific vibes and you can get a truly inexpensive dorm area or a standard double area at fairly a lot the lowest price tag in Coron. It is in the city-center so you are close to all the bars and restaurants.

Worth Choose: Kokosnuss Garden Resort – A substantial swimming pool in front of a hotel that appears like a castle. A very-rated breakfast is integrated with your private area. Just 1.2km from the direct town-center it is close to lots of bars and restaurants. For just $40 a evening this represents about the finest worth you will come across in Coron.

Luxury Choose: Coron Soleil Garden Resort – I stayed at this resort in 2018 and it was extremely good. A substantial pool stretches down the length of the resort and it is a relaxing location to chill out immediately after island hopping. We spent the nights at the bar right here and chilling in the pool just before heading out to dinner. The rooms are incredibly luxurious but this resort is truly only just more than $100 per evening for a double area.

All-inclusive (Incorporates private island hopping): Casa Fidelis Resort – I had the most awesome keep at Casa Fidelis. Soon after spending one particular evening in the busy Coron city I packed up and headed out to Casa Fidelis. A 20-minute drive from the city, the rustic resort has a genuine household atmosphere. We have been greeted by workers, household, and good friends upon our arrival.

The villa had a substantial patio region that looked out more than the garden. Stepping stones led you from the area to the dining region, exactly where we had decadent spreads of gourmet meals for every single meal. 1 evening we even enjoyed a terrific sunset from the garden at the resort.

I very advocate this resort if you are hunting for an whole Coron practical experience. You will not have to be concerned about what to do in Coron. It is a best resort if you want to see the finest of this attractive area and you can also take pleasure in the luxury of getting every single detail taken care of. 


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