Lengthy-Overdue Update on Life&ampOther Affairs


2018 has likely been the quietest year in the history of this weblog. There is a explanation behind all this – I was rather busy with revolutionizing my life in the previous months.

As some of you may well know I was offered a great chance to invest 3 good months as a writer-in-residence in Prague in the framework of Visegrad Literary Residences. I worked on my translations of modern Czech female poets, attended about 74748959505 literary events, and – final but not least &#8211 I completely reconnected with the Czech Republic. I’ve spent five years studying Czech language and literature when and I earn my living as a translator, so there is a lot to speak about right here. I was delighted to uncover that Central Europe is nevertheless my most significant like, even if I shamelessly cheated on it with the Caucasus for practically 5 years.

Yerevan, my initial balcony view, summer time 2013.

I spent more than 4 years living in Yerevan. More than. 4. Years. The initial and second year had been delightful and fulfilling. By the third year I was really prepared to pack my red suitcases and depart to quite substantially anyplace else, preferably far away from the Caucasus and something post-Soviet. I never ever attempted to create about it on the weblog, but 1 day I will. Sooner than later, I think.

For now, I’ll just hold it quick.  Hi, my name is Zof, and I’ve overdone Armenia. For the most aspect I was painfully conscious staying was not effective. Not only that, it was likely unhealthy, also.

Tsaghats Kar Monastery, Armenia

But saying is a lot easier than performing. My adventuring in Armenia wasn’t only travels, wine, and pomegranates. As some of you likely know, I also met an individual there. And this an individual and I decided to be collectively against all odds. Even though I fell out of like with the location, I was nevertheless in Armenia, mainly because I nevertheless loved that specific individual. It is not quick to basically pack a regional and ship him to Central Europe, if you know what I imply. I cannot even clarify how complicated all of that was. So we waited. We waited till we are each prepared. We waited till our finances will let us take a leap of faith. Then I won a residency and realized I actually cannot go back into gloomy Armenian winter. I wouldn’t manage it. That was it. That was the moment.

The Roofs. Prague Old Town.

I only went back to pack and go over the particulars of our massive move. On January threerd 2018 I officially moved to Prague. I initially planned to do it back in 2014 immediately after my 1-year stint in Armenia was supposed to be more than. I hold my word, individuals. I’m just a bit late to points from time to time.

I came to Prague with 1 suitcase and no location to keep. You can consider or these inglorious points – apartment hunts, beginning bank accounts, having all the endless paperwork accomplished, acquiring stuff for the apartment, having a job to spend for the stuff, dealing with Central European winter blues, having all my partner’s paperwork back in Yerevan accomplished, so he can come keep with me…..it wasn’t precisely a piece of cake.

But we’ve accomplished it, and right here we are, in Prague, collectively, enjoying attractive spring and early summer time, and preparing way much more trips that we can ever match into our busy schedules.

That&#8217s me, enjoying spring.

Prague feels like property to me because the day 1. I speak the language fluently and I like it. It is my favourite language on Earth and beyond. I’m actually delighted I can have conversations in it each day. Also, the city just feels like I never ever even left. It is been half year because the move, but I do not even count. I’m just right here, and it feels appropriate. I’m so delighted I do not have to justify my presence in a location on every single step, as it was in Armenia. Prague, as opposed to Yerevan, is a city that loves me back. And I’m the sort of individual who only settles for butterflies.

I can lastly go to all these literary events to listen to the modern poetry I translate. Like, okay, I have net. I can access these points from anyplace in the planet such as Yerevan. Accurate, but it is not the similar. I’m completely indulging in the encounter, and I cannot think I’ve voluntarily left that planet a handful of years earlier to like, um, reside in the Caucasus? Silly me. Fortunately through my final Armenian year, I had sufficient time to rethink my life options and redefine my priorities.

My birthday present to myself

I turned 30 final winter. I really feel like you can do something you want immediately after you turn 30. And I want to concentrate on becoming literary translator. That is what I initially wanted to do immediately after I graduated from Slavic Research. But in the meantime, I began functioning for different migrant NGOs which at some point led me to the Caucasus. Literature had to wait, but I’m back at it. And I somehow constantly knew 1 day I would return. I was on a mission collecting encounter and memories and turning into a much more self-conscious individual with a clear objective in front of me. Clearly there is no much better location to be for an individual who desires to translate modern Czech poetry than Prague. So, I will likely hang in right here for a whilst. It appears like my companion is enjoying these components as effectively, so, effectively, we are settled for now.

Prague in bloom

I began writing once more. And I do not imply blogging. I do not care about blogging all that substantially. I’m writing poetry once more, and it is exhilarating. I have a public reading tomorrow. I’m back to exactly where I belong. Think me or not, I do not even care how it sounds. I’m delighted.


Reading my poems in Bucharest this May well

Now, there is 1 much more factor to clarify. I like this weblog and I will hold it up, while I cannot actually guarantee you normal posts or any sort of skilled strategy. I will need to be skilled 24/7 in other spheres. I do not even travel that substantially these days. I haven’t edited my images from trips I took final year but. I’m no travel blogger, y’all.

Someplace in Vinohrady

And it feels excellent, mainly because I couldn’t care much less about travel blogging lately. Seeing a lot of blogs I employed to like lower in excellent in the name of fast monetization produced me reduce my feeds drastically. Nearly none of the internet sites I at present comply with are run by known as skilled bloggers. I guess I will even create a complete post on that when. I have been following the blogosphere because 2012 so seeing it transform to so substantially worse is basically a massive deal.

Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

This is not actually a travel weblog and it is not attempting to be 1. It is a weblog of a girl who likes to travel to obtain inspiration. I like space and I do not respect borders. I have a continual will need to go, to move, to uncover. I couldn’t care much less about best points to do in a location or posing in front of one thing to get an instagrammable shot. Or instaworthy. Get in touch with it what ever you want, I couldn’t care much less. I just geninely like taking images of locations. That&#8217s it.

Walking the Dvorak Pathway to Nelahozeves, Czech Republic

I’m also not a certain fan of these lengthy posts that pretend to be sensible, but they just sound like Wikitravel to me. This is not about the road any longer it is about an sector I actually cannot stand. It lacks private point of view. It is tasteless. Of course, there are honorable exceptions, but that is likely a subject for a complete new report. And I’m digressing.

Forest, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

Let’s go back to this extremely weblog. It is not a travel weblog and I do not want to be known as a travel blogger. I’m a girl who travels to hold her balance and likes to take images. This is a photo diary. Nothing at all much more and practically nothing much less. I hope this is what you are hunting for if you stayed with me till now.

Svaty Jan pod Skalou, Czech Republic

In the foreseeable future I will concentrate on rediscovering Central Europe and quick-term travel in the Czech Republic, which will hopefully obtain some audience. I will be completely content material with 20 like-minded individuals. I hope you are 1 of them.

Really feel totally free to tag along. Thank you for reading.

Lots of like,



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