How to Survive Extended Layovers


how to survive long layovers

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. You have a handful of to 10 hours of further time to kill in involving your departure and preferred location.  What do you do?

A extended layover can either be a traveler’s worse nightmare or an further extended getaway.  I’ve even had instances exactly where I didn’t strategy my layover super effectively and ended up sleeping at the airport. Let me inform you. You have not lived till you have slept beneath your coat on a cold clammy carpet awaiting your subsequent departure! (and I Nevertheless really like it!) In any case, if you came right here searching for how to survive a extended layover, I have you covered!

how to survive long layovers

1. Generally have anything to study! 

Airports can be boring if men and women watching is not a single of your hobbies. (yes, that is me more than there gawking and imagining what sort of quest you need to be on)  Even then, in some cases the men and women get old and you want to retreat into your personal globe. I generally bring a single superior old fashioned book. Yes, the paperback sort, not some new fan-dangled electronic thingy. I have a challenging adequate time generating positive my telephone is charged.

two.  Get in a workout! 

If there is a single issue further time is superior for, it is sneaking in exercising anytime you can.  As an alternative of standing nevertheless on the men and women mover, retain walking!  Go outdoors and locate a patch of grass to yoga.  I am effectively beyond men and women caring whether I appear silly though I let my soul really feel superior for the day. You need to be as well!  I have even carried out yoga on a plane.

three.  Search for your subsequent adventure! 

how to survive long layovers

Okay, I cannot be the ONLY a single who is so travel smitten that I am searching up low cost flights to New York or Bali though I am currently traveling.  Leave no stones unturned men and women.  Travel is not a issue you do, it is a way of life!

four.  Club lounge time! 

Take into account staying in your favourite airlines VIP lounge, either as a member, a day pass member, or as a guest of somebody currently going.  Yes, most airlines let you to bring a guest with you!  I’ve carried out this twice as a guest and it is a a great deal superior location to unwind. Personally, I’m not exclusive to any airline. You can get in touch with me a absolutely free agent!

There are additional comfy areas to nap, the absolutely free meals is a scrumptious bonus, and you generally meet other like-minded travel junkies.  Some of them even have showers!  Say what?!  Now there’s a strong crucial to surviving a extended layover.  A nap and a shower will revive your life in some cases.

five.  Download the Insight Timer app and kick flight anxiousness GOODBYE!

how to survive long layovers

The insight timer meditation app has every thing from five minute meditations, to meditations on sleep, to complete courses on how to relieve depression.  I use it to meditate Everyday and have applied the guided talks numerous instances to relieve anxiousness.  Use your extended layover to soothe your thoughts and ease your worries.

six.  Discover the location! 

Let’s speak about that extended layover that turned into an extended vacation. If you use your time wisely, you can make superior use of layovers. Let’s be affordable right here now. You will not be capable to do something with a three hour layover from LAX for the reason that targeted traffic will be nutty and you will not make it back in time!  Nonetheless, it is basically achievable for you to strategy a trip that consists of up to 24 hours in layover time, which is additional than adequate time to do some sightseeing.

7.  Do not Overlook THE SNACKS! In no way!

I never ever go anyplace without the need of them, and that consists of extended layovers!

How do you survive your extended layovers?



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