Going to Tsukiji Fish Market place on a guided tour in Tokyo, Japan


Tsukiji Fish Market place is one particular of the most well-known fish markets in the globe. I was honoured to go to the fish industry on my really 1st trip to Tokyo, Japan back in 2011 when the key warehouse was nonetheless open for the common public to stroll about with a guided tour.

It was one particular of the highlights from my 1st trip to Tokyo and I try to remember the industry really fondly, which is one particular of the key motives why I wanted to return to the industry once more.

I took a guided tour about Tsukiji Fish Market place on a current trip to Tokyo and wanted to update you on the current move and adjustments of the industry and enable to clarify how you can go to your self.

Right here you can study all about Tsukiji Fish Market place in this beneficial guide I’ve place with each other.

Has Tsukiji Fish Market place closed down for guests?

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I wanted to bring this query up at the start off of this weblog post to enable address the circumstance.

Most of the vendors of Tsukiji Fish Market place have certainly moved two km east of the old place close to Shijomae Station on the Yurikamome Line.

The new name of the fish industry is named Toyosu Fish Market place.

The move was mainly created for a quantity of motives, such as land worth and enhanced facilities for the wholesalers.

Some vendors have decided to remain and are now positioned in a newly constructed smaller sized version of the Tsukiji Fish Market place close to the old place. The regular surrounding shops that utilised to provide the old industry have also remained. So, Tsukiji Fish Market place is nonetheless really a lot alive and kicking.

Right after going to each places, I would say that Tsukiji Fish Market place is much more visitor friendly and perfect for vacationers as you nonetheless get a really feel of the fish industry with major high quality merchandise, and the location hasn’t lost its appeal.

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Yes, you can see the old industry from a distance as it gradually gets taken away and that is heartbreaking to see, but do not let this place you off from going to Tsukiji Fish Market place.

The old fish industry will gradually turn into a carpark prepared in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, and then the place will be turned into a improvement project. But till then, the new Tsukiji Fish Market place creating and outer industry streets will stay in operation.

I would suggest Tsukiji Fish Market place more than Toyosu Fish Market place which is significantly less inviting for guests as it has a trade/wholesale really feel and concentrate and since it is so new that it lacks character at the moment.

That is my two cents on the circumstance and I hope that clears it all up.

I booked with Arigato Japan Meals Tours

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I booked my tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market place with Arigato Japan Meals Tours. I’ve utilised them a couple of occasions in Tokyo, Japan and been delighted with the high quality of the tour.

Specifically when it comes to Tsukiji Fish Market place, you want to attempt as a lot of of the fresh nearby flavours as you can, and if you had been to go alone, you could finish up spending a fortune as the higher high quality of fish comes in at a premium.

My nearby guide knew all the nearby vendors and greatest spots to sample the nearby fish and we ended up obtaining rather the feast.

If I had gone to the fish industry alone, it could have been a challenge to acquire modest samples of every little thing, so this is the added bonus of joining a tour. I also got loads of great info about the nearby merchandise and vendors.

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Quite a few places about the industry usually do not let photographs due to value competitors, but my guide knew all the spots that didn’t thoughts photographs becoming taken, which was rather beneficial.

I appreciate to take tours as a solo traveller as it is a wonderful way to make new pals and encounter new cultures.

The precise tour that I booked is named: Classic Tsukiji Insider’s Tour of Nearby Market place Town with Breakfast

Recall that the tours leave on time so it is greatest to arrive early, specially as this tour begins in the morning and the metro can be crowded with commuters.

The tour begins at Turret Coffee Shop

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A great way to start off your day off is with a nearby barista created coffee at Turret Coffee Shop which also takes place to be the meeting point of your tour.

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The coffee was truly great and woke me up nicely, so I was prepared for Tsukiji Fish Market place tour. At the entrance of Turret Coffee Shop, you can even discover a recycled Tsukiji turret truck (utilised as a seat) which is an iconic mode of transport utilised about the fish industry by the vendors to transport crates.

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Take Exit #two from Tsukiji Station.


Turret Coffee Shop
two Chome-12-six Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule is each day Mon-Sat (except National Holidays).
Meeting time is eight:45 am.
Tour begins at 9:00 am.
Your tour will finish about 12:00 pm.

Love a seafood breakfast to start off the day

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I’m a massive fan of beginning the day with a healthful and hearty breakfast, and I usually take pleasure in obtaining seafood at this time of the day.

Seafood is usually served at breakfast time along with miso soup, rice and pickles. This tends to make Tsukiji Fish Market place a well-known place to be at the start off of the day. You can also usually discover shop fronts serving breakfast dishes in the early hours of the morning.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 17

Integrated in the tour is a seafood breakfast bowl named a Kaisen-Domburi which we had topped with mackerel.

Fresh cod, salmon and crab meat can also be enjoyed in sushi or sashimi dishes.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 18

The most well-known dish at this place is the miso soup that is served with clams which add a superb flavour to the broth.

This breakfast place was such great worth for the high quality that I truly returned to this spot for lunch at the finish of the tour.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 127

Hands down the greatest high quality fish you can discover in all of Tokyo due to its close place to the vendors.

It feels nearly like a catch to plate encounter and the sushi chefs know what they’re performing, and the locals know this also.

I try to remember from my go to in 2011 also obtaining an extraordinary sushi lunch, you just can not beat the high quality that can be located right here.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 20

It was great to start off the tour by obtaining breakfast as I wanted to attempt the nearby seafood as speedily as achievable to fulfil my cravings. But do not be concerned, there’s much more meals to come.

Stroll about the new industry creating

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You can see the old fish industry from a distance as it is gradually becoming dismantled but a new industry creating has been set up not too long ago to property more than 65 fish industry vendors that had been elected to stay in Tsukiji industry.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 43

The vendors had been very carefully chosen by a committee from these that applied to remain. This way the vendors can give a wide variety of assortment and choice to the clients that are nonetheless going to the location for purchasing and nearby restaurants.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 40

The morning tuna auction has moved to the new place, but you can nonetheless discover a choice of massive tuna on show at some of the vendors.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 39

I enjoyed walking about the newly opened industry creating and soaking in the atmosphere and discovering all the fresh and exciting fish merchandise that had been on show.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 32

You can see that this location is nonetheless well-known amongst nearby shoppers searching for the catch of the day.

With regards to photographs, it is greatest to ask your guide as some of the vendors do not want to share competitive rates on the day so appear out for indicators and ask permission.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 79

On the major floor of the industry creating, you can discover a public outside decking and dining location, so you can acquire your meals on the 1st level and take pleasure in it on the 2nd. You can also discover a kitchen workshop location right here which is open for cooking classes.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 83

As component of the tour, you will meet some of the vendors and choose up a choice of tasty seafood along the way to take pleasure in at the finish of the industry creating go to.

Namiyoke Inari Jinja

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Namiyoke Inari Shrine is an unofficial guardian shrine for the marketplace and its seafood vendors. You can discover several memorial plaques and seafood-themed carvings positioned about the courtyard. It is a peaceful break away from the busy industry and worth checking out on your go to.

Recall to say the Japanese word itadakimasu which is a sort of blessing you can say prior to you start off consuming your meals in Japan.

Shop about Tsukiji Outer Market place

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Tsukiji Outer Market place can be a wonderful place to choose up very affordable nearby Japanese souvenirs to take back dwelling with you. About the back streets, you can discover chopstick shops, pottery shops and all sorts of shops promoting kitchen supplies.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 86

The industry was usually utilised by restaurant owners to choose up supplies they required soon after going to the fish industry. It is now transformed into a well-known street for guests to acquire nearby Japanese merchandise, such as tea, coffee and snacks. You can even discover a couple of restaurants there as effectively.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 90

My favourite one particular was the swordsmith shop that now sells higher-high quality Japanese kitchen knives. I picked up a pocket knife from this spot and use it at dwelling nearly every single day. Fantastic higher-high quality crafted merchandise with lengthy traditions can be located right here.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 107

Be confident to also quit off and attempt the Maguro-yaki (fish-shaped cake) which is a cooked pancake-like batter shell with a red bean paste filling. It is just scrumptious to attempt, and do add the apricot to give it that beautiful sweet taste. This spot is a friendly nearby shop that has been in the loved ones for a lot of years, worth stopping off for confident.

Tsukiji fish market 2018 100

Tsukiji Outer Market place is component of the tour, and you will have a couple of critical shops highlighted in the tour to give you a taster and much more info about the location. Really feel free of charge to come back right here soon after the tour to wander the streets on your personal and devote some much more time purchasing.

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Lastly, prior to you head off from the tour you will finish your time at a relaxing tea ceremony to take pleasure in a tasty cup of matcha green tea. Excellent.

Thank you for reading about Tsukiji Fish Market place

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I hope you have located this weblog post valuable to program your personal go to to Tsukiji Fish Market place in Tokyo, Japan. I completely enjoyed going along with Arigato Japan Meals Tours and I can very suggest that you join the tour as effectively.

If you have any concerns about the tour or Tsukiji Fish Market place, really feel free of charge to send me an e-mail and I will be much more than delighted to enable answer your concerns. Have a wonderful trip to Japan and thank you for reading.


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