five Rainy Day Vancouver Activities to Save Our Sanity on the Wet Coast


It rains a lot in Vancouver so rainy day activities in Vancouver are at times the only strategies we get via. Fortunately, we Vancouverites have turn out to be fairly amazing at entertaining ourselves when the monsoon of the day hits. This city might be recognized for it is epic mountain views, beautiful coastal kayaking, and all about great time vibes on the beaches.  But let’s be true, only a accurate Vancouverite can figure out issues to do in Vancouver when it rains and nevertheless have a blast!

So if you are searching for a rainy day activities in Vancouver, or if you are a tourist and you have to have an tourist attraction to do in the rain in Vancouver, this weblog is for you!

what to do in vancouver when it rains

Escape Rooms in Vancouver!

Anyone who has talked to me this previous year knows how considerably I appreciate escape rooms. They are every little thing that I appreciate: puzzles, mysterious mechanics, and the feeling of absolute conquest when you resolve all of the riddles and get your self out of the space. Escape rooms have entirely exploded in Vancouver in current years, and for damn great purpose.

Do not know what an escape space is? You are missing out.  An escape space is fundamentally two or three adjoined rooms filled with puzzles, riddles, and games that you and your group have to have to resolve to move on to the subsequent space and to ultimately cost-free yourselves from the rooms altogether. Some rooms are type of scary, some are seriously terrifying. Some rooms are fairly simple, other individuals are difficult AF. I honestly Really like escape rooms.  I have completed six in the final 9 months with a range of various groups, and escaped from five of them. So yeah, I’m like, fairly great. NBD.

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things to do in Vancouver in the rain

Fortunately Vancouver has jumped on the worldwide escape space phenomenon with robust vigour, with at least 12-15 various escape space corporations in the Decrease Mainland.  EXIT rooms are recognized as getting the a lot more hard rooms (the 1 space I haven’t escaped from was an EXIT brand space), although some rooms have various sorts of functions like reside actors or turning the players into components of the story (my pal Morgan after began an escape space getting handcuffed…).

Not too long ago, Lindsay and I did an escape space and escaped with about 50 seconds to spare. Later that evening we went to a terrific bar and had some scrumptious cocktails, and nevertheless wanted to do a lot more escaping.  I really feel like I could do an escape space just about every day, I appreciate them. Plus, they’re indoors!!! Who cares about the climate when you are completely dry in a dark space with no windows solving puzzles anyways!

Some of the most well-known escape rooms in the city are the EXIT (the seriously difficult ones), LOCKED Canada (difficult and with a range of seriously scary rooms) and SmartyPantz (with actors  as hosts and positioned proper in Gastown).

Do a Vancouver Brewery Tour

There is fairly considerably nothing at all that is a lot more Vancouver these days than drinking beer at a brewery.  The city has exploded with breweries, so considerably so that there are numerous neighbourhoods that would take into consideration themselves the brewery district. And when you are drinking scrumptious, organic, 1 of a type beer in a cozy tasting space, who cares if it is raining? It could actually be apocalyptic outdoors and Vancouverites would nevertheless be hitting their fave breweries to fill up their growlers.

best breweries in vancouver

The original, and nevertheless oldest, brewery in Vancouver is Storm Brewing. Situated on Industrial just off Hastings, Storm is fundamentally someones garage. It has weird hours and quite handful of areas to sit, but that is not the point of Storm.  The point is amazing beer that adjustments regularly and comes in flavours and brews that you would under no circumstances count on. The other oddity at Storm is that you do not basically obtain a pint right here.  You get six samples all by donation, the samples are about four ounces of beer, and then you fill up your Growler with what ever kind of beer you like the very best. It is wonderful.

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best breweries to visit in vancouver

Nearby if the huge Parallel 49 brewery with a definitive beer cafeteria /frat home vibe, or the Mexican derived Andina’s with close to best ceviche and banana chips to satisfy the salty. Honestly, there are so a lot of breweries in Vancouver, they have to have their personal weblog post, which is one thing I’m ‘researching’ and will get to you all after I dry out.

But if you do not have time to strategy it all out, there is a Vancouver brewery tour that you can join.  There is the Brewery Creek Walking Tour of False Creek that goes to four various brew pubs with a couple of meals tastings to make confident you do not die. Alternatively, there is the original tour, the Vancouver three-Hour Craft Beer Breweries Tour, with visits to the breweries and transportation in between them, which surely operates improved when it is raining like we all know that it can.

Choose Your Poison with these YUMMY tours!

brewery tours in vancouver

Check out the Vancouver Aquarium

Based on your stance on animals in captivity, the Aquarium might or not be up your alley. That stated, the Vancouver Aquarium is quite higher top quality and is mainly focused on rehabilitation and conservation.

Gone are the days of the huge orca whales in type of modest tanks, today the most significant children on the block are a handful of dolphins, sea lions, and modest sharks. All in huge tanks for their relative modest sizes.  There are shows for all of these guys, plus amazing bits of the sea otters (who are the most adorable creatures I do not care what anyone says!) and the penguins.

Vancouver Aquarium tickets best attractions in vancouver in rain
But the true all round draw to the Aquarium is how attractive and interactive all of the displays are, each inside and out.  There is the West Coast show which offers us an thought of what’s beneath the water proper off our beaches. There are tropical tanks with all of the reef fishes from as far from the West Coast as you can get. The Amazon section is aptly humid and household to some of these mini alligator kind creatures as properly as a lot of a snake, spider, and bat. But I’ll say it once more, sea otters individuals, sea otters!

The Vancouver Aquarium is mostly indoors, although the significant tanks and the show viewing regions are outdoors. Commonly speaking although, this is a terrific point to do in the rain in Vancouver and at least half a day can be spent wandering the tanks!

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Vancouver Aquarium best places in vancouver in the rain

Verify out the Museum of Vancouver

I’ll be true, I had under no circumstances been to the Museum of Vancouver till 7 hours ago.  My mom and I went due to the fact it was type of cloudy and for tiny other purpose. But it is amazing!

The MOV usually has a couple of permanent exhibits, 1 getting the history of Vancouver beginning properly ahead of the Europeans arrived all the way up to the 1970’s. the other permanent exhibit is a modest however explosive gallery of old neon indicators that after characterized Vancouver but had been gradually weaned out of the city by the anti-neon individuals.  After once more proving that individuals will actually complain about something.

Museum of Vancouver neon exhibit best places to go in Vancouver in rain
Suitable now, the going to exhibit location is devoted to the culture of the Haida Indigenous individuals and their art and history.  The Haida tribe is from the islands of Haida Gwaii, which I function heavily in my weblog post about Totem Poles in British Columbia.

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Haida weaving at the Museum of Vancouver best rainy day attractions in vancouverThere had been attractive carvings, baskets, hats, regalia, tools, and argillite statues along with descriptions of life and lore that surrounds the Haida individuals.  I loved reading the legends, some of which seemed a tiny iffy, but hey if they had been meant to scare children straight they in all probability did the job properly!
The MOV is positioned in the identical constructing as the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vanier Park just west of the Burrard Bridge. I haven’t been to the Space centre due to the fact my pals and I went to a planetarium laser lights show set to Pink Floyd back in higher college. And although I’m conscious that that activity tends to make me sound like I went to higher college in the 70’s I did not, we just believed we had been fairly vintage. We weren’t.

Mom and I passed on the space centre now for the reason that, properly, it is not seriously our point and lunch was waiting. But it is in all probability fairly cool, specifically for children, and terrific on a rainy day! And added bonus of the MOV is the really great present shop.  Usually Mom and I breeze via museum present shops for the reason that they’re so highly-priced.  But the MOV shop has some beautiful products and art, most of which we felt was really affordable. I will surely assume of that shop if I’m searching for some wicked West Coast prezzies!

Soar Higher with FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada is 1 of these really special issues to do in Vancouver that cannot be overstated. It produced me so stupidly patriotic I’m a tiny embarrassed. FlyOver Canada is a simulated flight more than the complete nation of Canada, beginning in the Maritimes and the craggy Atlantic Coastline, via the Canadian shield and the Prairies, into the Arctic and lastly via the Rockies and all more than British Columbia.

The ‘flight’ is a four-D practical experience, exactly where everyone gets strapped into what feels like also intense of a seat. Then, every little thing goes dark, all of the seats move forward and regardless of exactly where you are sitting, you will be up close and private with the huge three story screen in front of you.  Wind blows via your hair, the scent (and at times the mist) of the ocean breezes previous, and the seats twist and turn with the aero-acrobatics of the film.

FlyOver Canada Flight Simulation best things to do in vancouver when it rains

In quick, you really feel like you are basically flying more than Canada. It is legit. It tends to make Canada appear like the dreamland of Middle Earth that it is.

FlyOver Canada is not what I would get in touch with low cost, specifically due to the fact it only final 25 minutes.  That stated, it is a quite cool point to do, and due to the fact it is positioned proper at Canada Spot it is a quite straightforward point to do in Vancouver from the cruise ship port. It is also at the quite finish of the Skytrain line, so super easy to get to by way of transit. Even f you do have a vehicle, I wouldn’t drive.  Take the Skytrain or the bus, for the reason that parking is a nightmare in this location, and bonkers highly-priced!

Get your ticket ahead of time to FlyOver Canada!!

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