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In precisely one particular month I leave my job, and the subsequent day I commence my journey of lengthy-term travel, so this appears like as excellent of a time as any to share with all of you how I have been preparing for this upcoming adventure.

I have written a 3-post series on lengthy-term travel prep for This is an updated version of my very first post for their weblog. NomadApp is a begin-up organization that is establishing an awesome travel app. Find out extra on their site and sign up for their beta program here!

Preparing for lengthy-term travel is a daunting activity. I am at present organizing to backpack for at least one particular year via Colombia, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. I have a excellent job, I had a good apartment, and I have family I appreciate nearby, and subsequent month I strategy to leave all the things behind to see the planet. I started considering about lengthy-term travel in October 2015, and more than Christmas I officially announced my plans to my extended household and began aggressively saving and organizing.

More than the final ten months I have completed as significantly as feasible to earn additional income, sell all of my belongings, purchased required travel gear, and worked on organizing my round-the-planet (RTW) trip. Oh yeah, and I have a complete time job in a management position in the disability solutions field!

As quickly as I leave operate on September 7, 2016 I am essentially going to hit the ground operating and begin traveling complete time. To get an concept of just how busy I will be, take a appear at my September Calendar below:

September Calendar

You can click the hyperlink above to open the calendar PDF file if the image is as well compact to study.

Preparing for extended travel is an overwhelming mixture of anxiousness excitement &amp anticipation. I am fully altering my life-style, coping with becoming far away from my good friends and household, and often questioning if I can definitely pull this off (I can!).

So how precisely am I preparing, you ask? There are lots of elements of lengthy-term travel prep in this very first post I will inform you how I have been saving and earning additional income to fund my travels. Be confident to keep tuned for extra posts about my preparations in the close to future!

Functioning A number of Jobs

I am aggressively saving income. My target is to have $20,000 by the time I leave, and I at present have saved about $15,00. I have sold practically all of my belongings, operate as significantly as feasible, and bring in additional money in any way I can.

At my job, I am capable to earn a month-to-month $200 bonus for finishing a set of tasks with zero blunders (i.e. if I overlook to do one particular point I do not earn the bonus). I have created these tasks a quantity one particular priority and place the complete $200 into savings as quickly as I get paid.

I also beginning doing internal assessments, for which I earn a $300 bonus every. I have completed 3 so far, and am signed up for 4 extra, totaling $two,250 with the $150 coaching bonus, ahead of taxes.

I have a aspect-time evening and weekend job at which I get paid $10/hr. I operate anyplace from five-20 hours per week, and the very best aspect is I can essentially set my personal schedule.

I became an Uber driver in March and typical about $20/hr. Given that Uber does not withhold taxes I transfer 20% to my “regular” savings account and 80% to my “adventure fund” savings account. Mainly because I reside in a college town and I have been so busy promoting my belongings more than the summer season, I have not driven considering the fact that May well, but I created a small more than $500 through the two months I was actively driving. Now that I have moved out of my apartment and students are starting to come back into town I do strategy on driving once more ahead of leaving Lawrence, KS in early September.

Side Gigs &amp Other Funds-Generating Endeavors

Yet another terrific way I have earned additional income is through AirBnb. I rented my apartment out much less than 15 nights in the calendar year, so I do not have to claim my earnings as revenue on my taxes. Mainly because of this I transferred 100% of the income into savings I earned $813 in 14 nights.  (Entertaining Fact–I met Kelli from the NomadApp team when she stayed at my apartment via Airbnb!).

Yet another exciting way of earning an additional handful of bucks right here and there is with the app Field Agent. It is a secret shopper’s app that lets you earn ordinarily $two-$eight per job. Jobs are not normally readily available, but I verify each and every day and do them anytime I can. They ordinarily entail taking a handful of photographs and answering a handful of inquiries about a solution or show in-retailer. It is no get-wealthy-rapid scheme, but if you verify on a regular basis and total as lots of jobs as feasible, it can definitely add up I have earned $128 which has been safely transferred into my PayPal account (with zero costs!).

I also use a site called InboxDollars. I have earned just shy of $100 total in the final eight months by confirming paid emails (I set up a separate junk mail account so my actual inbox is not flooded), carrying out surveys, and finishing “cash delivers.” Once more, not a get-wealthy-rapid kind of point, but it does add up.

At the finish of March I signed up for Digit, which tracks your checking account balance and automatically transfers income into an FDIC-insured Digit savings account primarily based on your spending habits. Their tagline is “Save income, devoid of definitely considering about it.&#x2122” I haven’t even noticed since they just take a small right here and there, and I have saved more than $250 in about 4 months.

Digit has no costs and you can transfer the income to your bank any time. You can handle how aggressively Digit is saving, pause savings, transfer income back to your bank account, and view your Digit balance by way of text message. You can also log in on line to view extra particulars about your account.

Promoting Every thing I Personal

Yes you study that appropriate, I am selling everything I personal. Truly, at at this time I have currently sold practically all of my belongings. In addition to a handful of sentimental and household heirloom products, and the stuff I’m taking with me, it is all got to go. I have created more than $two,500 promoting stuff and I nevertheless have some items to get rid of, like my vehicle.

I primarily use Facebook to connect with purchasers. I am in a number of acquire, sell, trade groups exactly where I post and bump posts each day, and I even have my personal garage sale Facebook group. I ordinarily have people today choose up products at my dwelling.

When I very first began promoting I would normally meet in a public location. That got tiring, so I began providing people today my address and developing letter and would meet them outdoors. I was afraid of a person seeing my Television and coming back later to rob me. I now just give people today my complete address and have them come to the door most of the time. The travel neighborhood and sharing economy have taught me to think in the excellent in other individuals and adhere to my gut feelings about people today.

The final several weeks I lived in my apartment I had actual moving sales for 3 weekends, generating about $800 total. I just did a Google search of “garage sale ads” and discovered a number of web-sites to promote my sale for totally free, as nicely as marketing on Craigslist and Facebook. I discovered that one more essential aspect to a prosperous sale is lots of indicators pointing the way, and getting all the things at your sale nicely organized.

Other Economic Preparations

Yet another way I am preparing financially is with travel rewards credit cards. The very first card I got is Bank of America’s BankAmericard Travel Rewards Signature Visa card. I get 1.five points per dollar spent, there is no annual charge, and there are no foreign transaction costs. I received 20,000 bonus points for spending $1,000 in the very first 90 days, which equals $200.

I also have the Capital One Venture 1 card. This card makes it possible for me to earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent, and also has no annual charge or foreign transaction costs. This is one more card that lets you earn 20,000 bonus miles for spending $1,000 in the very first 90 days. The miles on this card translate to dollars the similar way points do on the Bank of America card.

I use these cards for practically all the things in order to rack up as lots of points as feasible and spend off the balance every month as to not incur interest charges. Points can be made use of for any travel-associated expense, such as flights, hotels, attractions and extra, and if you do not have adequate points to cover the complete expense of say, a flight, you can use the points you have to spend for a portion of it. I have currently made use of travel rewards points to book a totally free trip to Washington, DC in September.

I have also opened a Charles Schwab Investor Checking Account because the debit card has no foreign transaction costs and you get reimbursed for 100% of all ATM and currency exchange costs. You just cannot beat that! This will be my major checking account I use to withdraw money through my travels.

I will maintain my old Bank of America debit card (which I at present use) and one particular of the credit cards locked in my backpack at the hostel or wherever I am staying at all instances. This way if my major cards get lost or stolen I have backups and uncomplicated access to my income although get my other cards back in order. Bank of America and Charles Schwab also let for transferring income amongst external accounts if needed (for a charge).

Saving Funds

Of course, with all the difficult operate I have place into earning additional income, I am saving that additional money aggressively. Other approaches I save are by not going out for meals, drinks, or coffee, buying sales at the grocery retailer, and placing any additional money I have into savings.

Just about every time I want to hit up content hour or Chipotle, I remind myself that that income could be significantly superior spent traveling the planet. You can study in extra detail about my saving strategies here.

The above ideas might not be for absolutely everyone, but this is what has been functioning for me. Take what you like and leave the rest. If you have any ideas for other approaches to earn or save additional income, inform me about it in the comments!

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