Exploring Vibrant Venice in peak tourist season – Pearls and Passports


I sat on the window side chair and took a sip of my molten hot cup of tea. I had been back in England for three weeks now, an exceptionally extended time for a wanderer like me. The thrill of ‘normal life’ was speedy wearing off. Component of me enjoyed the easiness of life back in Cheshire, but most of me longed for an adventure.

I booked it. A a single way flight. My heart pounded as I realised that I would be jetting off in just two days, with no program and no return date.

This was additional like it.

I packed just a backpack and a sensation of deja-vu overcame me. For the previous couple of years I’ve been unable to spontaneously travel mainly because of my job as an English teacher. Component of me remembered how I felt when I took the initially flight of my sabbatical, with no clear program. I was so brave, so fearless.

My Priority pass is a single of the most effective points that I’ve ever purchased. As a frequent flier It tends to make the airport so a lot simpler. I sipped on prosecco and felt excited about going back to Italy. About travelling to a single of the worlds most exceptional destinations.

I was flying to Venice.

I arrived at Marco Polo airport and produced my way to the water buses. I had to wait really a extended time for the boat to arrive but when on the boat I loved searching out of the window to see Venice come into view. Venice is a man produced series of 118 islands connected by 400 footbridges. As I sailed down the Grand Canal, Venice looked just like I had generally imagined.

I disembarked at the Rialto bridge and was greeted by swarms of clueless vacationers, scurrying about the narrow side-streets like ants. I place my head down and began looking for my hostel, I was staying suitable in the centre. Close to Saint Marco’s square. It was not possible to stroll purposefully although. Along the way I saw iconic sights that blew my thoughts seeing them in the flesh. On a single bridge I stopped just as a goldolier swooped below the bridge I was stood on, kicking the wall and wailing “ooeeeeeee!”.

My hostel was terrific, run by a Japanese loved ones also! The persons at the hostel have been friendly  and I spent a couple of good evenings consuming brie, pesto and a hot baguette while drinking sumptuous red wine with close friends. Venice can be an costly city so it is sensible to purchase some meals and drinks from the nearby Spas.

Venice by day is heaving with expectations and physique heat. As I ambled about the centre I was amazed at the throngs of persons. I attempted my most effective to stroll away from the crowds and was greeted with narrow passages bereft of bodies. Heaven. I stopped at a nearby gelateria to attempt the well-known ice cream. I assume it even surpassed Turkish Domdurma for its creaminess and weird elasticity. This ice cream began a 3  a day gelato habit….

Venice walking tour

I decided to attempt out two no cost walking tours while in Venice, each covering diverse locations of the vast island city. Even though the tours have been fascinating, they lacked the passion of walking tours that I’d been on elsewhere. They focused on weird minutiae such as why specific lamp-posts have been utilised. I wanted to know the history of the spot, the persons and the meals. I guess they have so lots of vacationers on every tour that they’re assured a tip, on the other hand they do. I’d advise undertaking a single tour although, just to orient oneself in the city.

How I avoided the vacationers

Even though Venice is a dream location, it can also be oppressive and chaotic due to the sheer quantity of normally clueless vacationers. In the midday August heat this was hellish at instances. To steer clear of the vacationers I employed my usual tricks:

  1. Wake up early to see the most well-known attractions.
  2. Stay clear of the key region at peak instances.

I visited the compact but intricately stunning Gallerie dell’Accademia at opening time. To my surprise there was no queue out of the door and I was the only visitor! I had the entire museum to myself for 5 minutes and soon after that shared it with such a compact quantity of vacationers. I had anticipated it to be packed like when I went to the Accademia art gallery in Florence!

At the Galleria dell’Accademia at opening

The Doge’s palace was some thing I’m ashamed to say that I never ever heard of prior to Venice. A single of my favourite points about Venice was studying the mystical and fascinating history of the Doge’s. It reminded me of the Volturi in Twilight (They’re in all probability primarily based on them). If you go to the Doge’s palace, go early and bring your passport so that you can employ an audio-guide. The palace is so divergent and opulent but that indicates nothing at all if you do not know about the macabre and compelling history of the spot.

I arrived there at opening and there was no queue to get in. I could discover all of the rooms and cells at my leisure. When I left at about 1pm the queue was snaking on to piazza San Marco in the scorching summer season sun.

The empty courtyard of the Doge’s palace

Spotting a gondolier by way of a gap in the bridge of sighs

A single afternoon I escaped the crowds by exploring the Dorsuduro region of Venice. I felt that this region had a additional authenic really feel and it was the only spot I identified decent searching restaurants. I enjoyed an afternoon of meandering across the waterways and spotting stunning, tourist-no cost sights on my way. I even occurred upon a Venician mask workshop, replete with a mask maker challenging at function in the back area. If I wasn’t backpacking I would have snapped up a single of the masks to place in the household I do not have…

Venician meals

Italy is the household of the worlds most effective meals suitable? A spot exactly where delicate flavours and time honoured traditions generate a easy but scrumptious plate of meals every time.

I’m sorry, but Venice is not the spot for tasty meals, specifically not in the San Marco region. The only terrific meal I had was when I was traversing the Dorsuduro region. I identified a compact restaurant and attempted cuttlefish and polenta for the initially time, with a carafe of red wine that would have expense 40 euros in the key region.

Attempting cuttlefish and Polenta

Most of the meals alternatives in the San Marco region are aimed at vacationers who want a fast bite. Most restaurants appear to serve sloppy, Americanised pizza and bland pasta dishes. I did discover a spot that sold scrumptious pasta, but it was a takeaway. So not an selection unless you want to join the throngs of persons perched on the might methods and bridges, slurping their pasta.

La dolce far niente

I’d advocate acquiring meals from the nearby Spa shops. It is scrumptious and a lot more affordable than paying rip-off tourist rates. If you fancy a key meal, head to the other locations of Venice such as Cannaregio, Dursuduru and Castello for a additional genuine dining encounter.


Lastly, Gondolas! The iconic symbol of this romantic city! I’l l admit they have been stunning to watch but I was shocked at the terrible attitude of practically each and every goldolier. They seemed to take pleasure in attempting to overcharge vacationers, even if there was a sign with the value on suitable subsequent to them (80 euros). I believed extended and challenging but I ultimately decided not to go on a gondola. I adore solo travel but it would really feel a bit weird just sitting on a boat myself, surrounded by selfie taking vacationers and smooching couples. It just didn’t appear worth the cash to me. You never ever know, I could possibly take a look at Venice once more with a husband in the future.

The iconic Italian Gondolas

So Venice! Iv’e heard so lots of weblog posts saying do not take a look at and that its more than-rated. Do not think them. Venice is such a exceptional location that it unquestionably deserves a take a look at. It can be carried out on a spending budget also as there are a lot of hostels dotted more than the islands and scrumptious meals can be purchased from the Spa shop. Several points expense a lot to enter but the most effective factor in Venice is no cost! Just wandering about the canals and tight side streets, obtaining lost, watching the goldiliers and sometimes enjoying a two euro gelato.

Have you ever travelled to Venice? What season do you assume is most effective to take a look at this sodden city?





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