Crete, A Land of Mythical Legends and All-natural Wonders: A Travel Guide


Crete, the grandest island of Greece and the greatest of the Mediterranean – an island of legendary kings, mythical legends, and all-natural gems. It holds glorious history and civilizations, mouth-watering gastronomy, distinctive culture and heritage. Situated at the southernmost aspect of Europe, this island is additional than just a web page turned in a book.

Here’s my travel guide on Mysterious Crete

How to get there

To get to the beautiful island of Crete and to its crucial cities, vacationers are advised to fly down to the Athens International Airport then to the Nikos Kazantzakis in Heraklion by means of airlines such as Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, and Athens Airways, taking a maximum of 45 minutes. Chartered flights from other European airports going to Heraklion and Chania are also obtainable from the months of April till mid-November.

Receiving about

Bus: Discover the island by utilizing Crete’s bus program which run across the north to south and vice versa of the island. 1 of the most effective factor is the buses are dependable and stick to their timetables, and if fortunate, the drivers serve as tour guides – straying from the marked routes to enter tiny villages if asked. The buses have A/C, comfy seats, and they also have luggage compartments to retailer your bags. You may well stop by the KTEL web-site for routes and timetables. Tickets can be purchased at the bus stations as properly as on board.

Automobile rental: Automobile rentals and driving about Crete provides you quite a great deal comfort as extended as you have your driver’s license. There are obtainable car or truck employ in Chania. If you are very good at driving manual, then get a single rather of the automatic. Manual vehicles are half more affordable. While the bus program performs properly, renting a car or truck does enable a great deal additional flexibility.

Taxi: Taxi solutions are also obtainable in Crete. It comes in a steep expenses, albeit it is also a very good way to travel considering that drivers may well be directed to go to some off-beaten destinations.

Ferries: Ferries are a factor right here also, as the island is filled with a lot of harbors.

Scooter: For quick distances, you may well want to opt a scooter. Scooters are normally rented in and about the towns of Crete.

Items to do

1. Uncover Minoan Culture at Knossos

Knossos Palace was the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan Civilization through the Bronze Age. This ancient capital and the ruins are some of the oldest in Greece. The archaeological web site is about 20,000 square meter and has more than 1,500 rooms, as properly as old village ruins about the palace complicated. So be ready to stroll a lot. The web site is magnificently preserved and some of the original colors are nevertheless visible on the walls.

two. Discover Samaria Gorge

Crete is residence to Europe’s longest canyon, Samaria Gorge National Park. The 10 miles extended National park is a trek down the Samaria Gorge from the Omalos plateu to Agia Roumeli is extremely hard but it is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The hike can take anywere betweet four to eight hours, of course based on your pace. Be confident to bring water and some gears with you.

three. Be smitten by splash white Loutro

Perched on the south coast of Crete one more village gives stunning and sweepings views of a clean, white sand beach. Loutro is a tiny tiny fishing village which feels like a hidden gem. This laidback Loutro is inaccessible by land so you will have to get there by boat.

four. Discover Gerontospilios Cave

The cave of Melidoni, also identified as Gerontospilios, is in itself a all-natural wonder worthy of admiration. Apart from its all-natural beauty, nevertheless, it is also of considerable archaeological and historical interest.

five. Fall in appreciate with Chania

This quaint harbour town of Crete is the most poetic city of Crete and encompasses exotic sceneries. This outstanding old fishing village gives views with a beautiful Venetian harbour, dash of IG-worthy architecture which is unquestionably worth taking the time to discover.

Exactly where to keep

Crete is vast and as substantial as it appears it gives a lot of accommodation possibilities, so you will by no means run out. There are luxury villas to price range hostels for you also decide on from in Crete’s hottest areas. If you want to expertise living like a neighborhood, then Airbnb is for you.

The verdict

Crete is a single of the most beautiful locations to stop by in Greece and amongst all of the Greek islands, it is probably the only a single that gives such diversity. Not only is the island filled with wealthy history, but beautiful landscapes and one of a kind culture.


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