Chopta Chandrashila Trek in the Himalayas


Sometime in February when the winter sun was blazing down in Bangalore I was yearning for the mountains. I toyed among a fast drive to the Nilgiris, a couple of hours away or make way to the Himalayas for a week. I ultimately zeroed in on Chopta Chandrashila Trek just after comparing various brief treks like Kuari Pass Brahmatal and so forth. This trek also contains a camping evening by the Deoriatal and a quit at Tungnath the highest Shiva Temple. This is a far much easier trek than what I have carried out in the previous but this time about all I wanted was to devote a couple of days in the lap of Himalayas and not do something touristy.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

  • Duration:five Days  Place: Starts in Rishikesh/Haridwar and ends at the very same place
  • Highest Altitude: 13100 feet.  Difficulty Level – Low
  • Views: Deoria Tal Tungnath the highest Shiva Temple 360 degree view of the mountain variety of which Mt Chaukhamba is the centre point.
  • Very best Time:
    • Dec-Feb: Standard Winter Trek with lots of snow
    • March-May possibly – Spring Summer time Blooms specially Rhododendrons and pretty pleasant climate even though afternoons can be pretty warm
    • Sep-Nov- Autumnal Clear Sky cool climate and clear views of the mountain ranges
  • Travel Tip: This trek can be carried out in shorter time like three-four days if you pick to drive most component of it.
  • Well being Tip: Though this is an uncomplicated trek but would strongly advocate to program your physical schedule a month in advance climbing actions operating or other cardio physical exercise for 30 minutes and strengthening physical exercise for the legs -three days a week. The final stretch of the peak climb can be a challenge and the view from Chandrashila is spectacular. AMS can strike anybody so hold drinking water and munching pop corn to stay healthful
  • Trek Guide: I joined a group trek with Trek The Himalayas
five days of Bliss on the Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Day 1: Driving to Sari at 6600 Feet

Drive from Rishikesh to Sari Village distance of 200 kms covered in about eight-9 hours with generous breaks for breakfast and lunch. Till Rudraprayag the road winds upwards along the Ganga and then Alaknanda. The view of the river winding by way of the mountain ranges is a breathtaking sight some thing that I could watch all day and let the globe go by.

Day two : Trekking to Deoriatal at 7800 Feet

Sari is a fairly village and the terraced cultivation fields in unique shades of green make it even prettier. The actions major to Deoriatal are proper in the middle of Sari Village and a couple of homes have been converted to property stays for trekkers and travelers who want to practical experience the beauty of the mountains. Right after gorging on spongy Aloo Parathas we set out for Deoriatal. Although it is just about two kms away but the climb is steep and might take about 1 to two hours. We camped by the lake in the afternoon and strolled about at sunset soaking in the sudden splash of showers.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Mythology: Even though some think this lake is Indra Sarovar as referred in the Puranas exactly where divine beings came to take a dip when other people think that the Pandavas passed this way and Bhim dug this lake to quench his thirst.

Day three: Deoriatal to Chopta by means of Rohini Bugyal at 7800 feet

I walked along the lake in the morning in the hope of spotting Himalayan birds but all I skilled was blissful chirping. The reflection of the Chaukhamba Peak in the nonetheless waters of the lake is a image excellent moment.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

It is the longest day of the trek in terms of distance (16kms) but this trudge by way of mountain sides and meadows was a comparatively uncomplicated trail.Quickly just after breakfast we walked along the left bank of the lake towards the mountains. Inside minutes of crossing the lake the whole vista opens up on either side. On the proper there have been unique hues of green along terraced fields dotted with specks of colour from the regional homes and on the left snow covered Mount Chaukhamba along with a variety of peaks was resplendent beneath the morning sun.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Chopta Chandrashila TrekI took a brief break to admire the beauty of nature and chatted up with regional females who climbed up by way of steep tracks from nearby villages which includes Sari to collect firewood. Its virtually a everyday chore for them to hold the property fires burning, their immense capacity for challenging perform and physical endurance comes from the zest to overcome all troubles. I watched in awe as they gently tip toed by way of the bushes wearing flat soled slippers, climbing trees in a jiffy with sarees tied tightly about their waist chopping dead leaves and branches. For the subsequent two hours we walked with the views of mountains(Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Kamet, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Kedar dome, Thalaysagar, Gangotri ranges, Jahanukut and so forth.) on the left.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

About 1 pm we reached Rohini Bugyal, a vast open meadow surrounded by brightly colored rhododendron trees. The blooming season had just began in March and it was currently a vibrant splash of colors. Right after rolling on the grass for a when, we gradually trudged towards our campsite which was on a meadow at the base of the mountains.

Day four: Chopta to Tungnath-Chandrashila and back at 13000 feet

The camp website is stunning but sleeping on a slope is under no circumstances so uncomplicated. Right after a evening of tossing and turning I looked forward to day break to trek up to Tungnath and Chandrashila. Tungnath is also identified as Tritiya Kedar 1 of the revered Pancha Kedars and attracts several devotees through season due to its uncomplicated accessibility. The paved pathway upwards started with a gentle ascent and quickly turned a bit steep. There was snow on either side and at 1 point I felt I was trudging by way of a snow field.Chopta Chandrashila TrekChopta Chandrashila Trek

Right after an hour I could see the spire of the temple and it seemed to be inside attain. There is some thing about the human thoughts which instantaneously gets energized with a location in sight. The temple was closed but the courtyard was accessible. This is 1 of the temples believed to have been initially constructed by the Pandavas in obeisance to Lord Shiva to atone their sins of killing their kith and kin in the Kurukshetra war. We spent some time sitting about ahead of generating the climb to Chandrashila.Chopta Chandrashila TrekChopta Chandrashila Trek Deoriatal

The climb to Chandrashila (Moon Rock) is brief, steep and arduous. It was about 45 mins of rigorous cardio physical exercise negotiating by way of melting snow, rocks and slush. The 360 degree panoramic views from the top rated are mesmerising to say the least.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

I walked along the ridge with the wind on my face and then settled myself on a rock for a couple of moments of quiet contemplation.  There was some thing ethereal about the spot and am positive sunrise would have been an outstanding practical experience even though I could make it there at noon.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Descent was uncomplicated but I took my time, measuring every step to protect against tripping and slipping. A Monal appeared on the way and disappeared as promptly ahead of I could get to concentrate my camera.Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Day five: Chopta to Rishikesh

The return journey to the plains is generally 1 of mixed feelings. The bus ride by way of mountain terrains by way of tiny hamlets and tiny towns is but an additional aspect of multi cultural India. Young kids on their way to college waved by holding tiny flags and palanquins decorated with Rhododendrons (Buransh). They have been celebrating the arrival of spring in the hills as the mountain sides turned a blazing riot of colors with rhododendron blooms. We produced a customary quit at Dev Prayag watching more than the quiet Alaknanda and the effervescent Bhagirathi merging to type the Ganga. Every single time I am there, the sight of the formation of Ganga stirs a vortex of feelings as she winds down by way of the mountains towards the plains, flowing more than rocks, stones, sand and mud to sustain life !!Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Option Routes for this Trek 
  1. Selection 1: Combine it with trip to Kedarnath and drive up to the base of Tungnath. Trek up to Chandrashila and Tungnath in a day
  2. Selection two: Public Transport/Shared Car/ Private Car or truck
    1. Drive up to Sari keep overnight in a hotel/homestay
    2. Trek up to Deoriatal for sunrise and descend by lunch. Drive to Chopta and keep in a hotel/homestay
    3. Trek to Tungnath/Chandrashila


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