Canadian credit cards with no foreign transaction charges


Let’s face it, 1 of the worst components of the travelling is getting to deal with foreign transaction charges, exchange prices, and all the other charges that goes into switch our dollars from 1 currency to one more.

There’s absolutely nothing extra annoying than coming property from your adventure-filled travels to obtain each acquire on your credit card statement a great deal greater than anticipated.

From the majority of the Canadian banks, each time you make a acquire that is not in Canadian dollars, probabilities are you are paying a foreign transaction charge in between two.five-three%. And that is on best of the currency exchange price.

Sadly for Canadians, there genuinely is not a complete lot of credit card possibilities for us to decide on from that does not charge a foreign transaction charge.

And till lately, I’ve been happily applying my Chase Amazon credit card, but Chase has decided to close down shop in Canada, additional lowering our selections. This ignited my search when once again for a Canadian credit card with no foreign transaction charges.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Property Trust Preferred Visa

The Property Trust Preferred Visa is at present the only Canadian credit card I could obtain that offers you a foreign currency conversion charge of %. Additionally, it is also totally free and does not charge a month-to-month charge. Score!

But wait ahead of you do your pleased dance, since this card also offers back. You will get 1% money back on all your purchases, with no limits or restrictions to the quantity you can earn. You will also get acquire and travel insurance coverage integrated at no additional charges.

$0Annual Charge
$0Sign Up Bonus
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Fido Mastercard

Whilst the Fido Mastercard doesn’t technically give you a foreign currency conversion charge of %, the math does function out in your favour in the finish.

The credit card nonetheless charges a two.five% foreign conversion charge, but on all purchases produced in a foreign currency, you will get four% money back. Fundamentally, the foreign transaction charge cancels out. At the finish of it all, you will get “no foreign conversion fee” and will get a 1.five% money back on foreign transactions.

Equivalent to Property Trust Preferred Visa, there’s no annual charge, but there is 1 kicker to this card even though. It is incredibly a great deal geared towards Fido consumers. They make this clear when you attempt to redeem your cask back, generating you use the Spend with Critique app or by means of your Fido account when applying a personal computer. Also the rewards predominately revolve about almost everything Rogers and Fido.

$ Annual Charge
$50 Sign Up Bonus
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Rogers Platinum MasterCard

The Rogers Platinum MasterCard is fairly a great deal identical to the Fido Mastercard. It does not give you a foreign transaction charge of %, but it does cover it with its money back.

With this card, there is a foreign transaction charge of two.five%, but it offers customers a four% money back on all purchases produced in a foreign currency. Once more, it essentially cancels out the foreign transaction charge and you will nonetheless get a 1.five% money back. This also has an addition bonus of providing you a 1.75% money back on all other purchases.

The primary distinction in between the Rogers Platinum MasterCard and the Fido Mastercard even though is it is annual charge. This card does have a $29 annual charge, but can possibly be waived if you notify them you are a Rogers buyer or if you set up pre-authorized payments with the card.

$29 Annual Charge
$25 Sign Up Bonus
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