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The stunning Linagaraj temple of Bhubaneshwar

Some of India’s richest art, culture and history is depicted in its beautiful temples. These temples, which have weathered the test of time, speak of awesome stories from our glorious previous. One particular such group of temples that speak stunning stories are the temples from the Kalinga empire that are positioned in Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha.

Bhog ready to be served to the lord at Ananta Basudev temple, Bhubaneshwar

These temples, which are element of a cultural and heritage trail in Odisha are ideal explored by foot and that also early in the morning. On my current cultural vacation to Odisha, I ended up going on a single such morning heritage stroll with Ekamra Walks (run by the government of Odisha) and boy was it an enlightening expertise.

When  you enter this element of Bhubaneshwar old town just ahead of sunrise, most of these temples are shrouded in mist. And as the sun rises up, these temples make a grand look from beneath the mist and a diverse set of individuals go about their yoga, walking, jogging, morning buying at the street meals markets and present their prayers to the lord.

Beautiful carvings at 7th Century Parasurameswar Temple, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

And then there are some like us who are in the old town with a spring in our methods, a sparkle in our eyes and a camera in our hand, eager to discover the art, history and culture of these utterly stunning temples.

Early morning market scenes in front of Lingaraj temple, Bhubaneshwar

This two hour extended Bhubaneshwar heritage stroll starts at 10th century Mukteswar temple that is viewed as the gem of Odishan architecture and from there meanders its way by means of narrow lanes lined with trees and old structures to the 7th century Parasurameswar temple, Kotitirtheswar temple, Bindusagar lake, the busy kitchen at Ananta Basudev temple, the British era Dharamshala, the colorful street industry referred to as Ratha Danda, the elevated platform supplying a panoramic view of the Lingaraj temple campus, 13th century Sari Deul temple and matha ahead of finishing the stroll at Vaital temple and the herbal medicinal garden referred to as Ekamravan.

When the whole heritage stroll gives a splendid expertise, there are some highlights that you need to not miss. And extra so, you need to hold your ears open and listen to your Ekamra guide when you are at these spots.

Stunning Filigree work on the walls of the Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

These highlights are:
1) The gorgeous archway, intricate carvings, sculpting and filigree styles at Mukteswar temple

two) The preparation of the morning bhog in the temple kitchen of Ananta Basudev temple

three) The view of the Lingaraj temple from the elevated platform

four) And the reality that most of this Bhubaneshwar old town was a prototyping ground for the temple architects of that era, which you can see by means of the quite a few modest temples constructed in such a modest location

The arched gateway that greets visitors entering the Mukteswar Temple of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

When you will invest most of your time at Mukteswar temple as this is the most stunning and properly preserved temple, I loved each and every bit of the Bhubaneshwar heritage stroll and hoped to invest high-quality time just about at all pit stops.

Lingaraj Temple in the early morning sun

The mythological stories of the formation of Bindu Sagar lake, the sheer early morning cooking action at Ananta Basudev temple, the straightforward charm of the dharamshala for the pilgrims, the colorful vegetable sellers and the locals haggling for the costs, the sheer divinity at Lingaraj temple, the tantrik practices of Vaital temple and so quite a few other wealthy experiences can be produced when walking although this paragon of stunning history.

Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneshwar

This heritage stroll run by Ekamra and their quite knowledgeable guides make the general cultural and heritage expertise so a great deal richer. Not only can you stare at the stunning pieces of stone, but you can even listen to their astounding meanings and stories when explained by the Ekamra guides. And some of these stories will actually blow your thoughts and undoubtedly captivate everyone’s imagination.

Mukteshwar Temple and pond covered in mist

And after you get a very good lay of the land and get to realize its hidden riches, you can make quite a few other morning trips just to amble about 1400 years of heritage and may well be even indulge in some high-quality photography and videography.

Lion-Elephant combo animal on the walls of Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar

You can either go on this temple stroll at the starting of your trip or at the finish immediately after exploring Puri, Konark, Cuttack, Chilika lake and other hotspots. Or you can even do it on a brief weekend trip to Bhubaneshwar. But, what ever you do, do not miss out on experiencing this wealthy temple heritage from India’s glorious previous. It is a need to expertise for all temple, art, culture, heritage and travel lovers!

Traditional Kitchen of Anant Basudev Temple, Bhubaneshwar

Important points to bear in mind:

1) Bhubaneshwar can get rather hot throughout the non winter months. Therefore, it is suggest to carry a hat, umbrella, a modest bottle of water and sunglasses to guard oneself from the components.

two) Put on comfy footwear as you will be walking about three kms in total.

three) Put on decent clothes as most of these locations on the heritage trail are nonetheless operating temples.

four) No mobile phones, cameras, leather goods and bags are permitted inside Lingaraj temple. There are lockers exactly where you can hold your belongings for safekeeping.

five) Non Hindus are not permitted inside Lingaraj temple.

The musician and his tabla - Bhubaneshwar heritage walk

Timings for the Bhubaneshwar Heritage Stroll organized by Ekamra

The temple stroll is organized each and every Sunday at six:30 AM. The stroll is no cost of price, but a single has to register on the web at Ekamra Walks web-site.

Their other heritage walks:

The Khandagiri and Udayagiri cave stroll is organized each and every Saturday at six:30 AM.

The Musueum stroll at Kalabhoomi is organized each and every Sunday at three:30 PM.

The intricately carved ceiling of Mukteshwar Temple, Odisha

How to get right here:

Bhubaneshwar is properly connected by air, rail and road with all of India and hence reaching this city is not a difficulty. The Bhubaneshwar old town is just a 10 minute drive from the airport and simply accessible from most locations in the city.

Standing proud - Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Very best time to go on this heritage stroll:

It is ideal to commence this stroll just ahead of sunrise to make the ideal use of lack of crowds, very good climate and for street industry action. One particular can also go about sunset time for a various expertise.

Summers in Bhubaneshwar can get seriously hot, so it could possibly be prudent to strategy your trip throughout non summer season months. The heritage stroll is a joy throughout the rains and the cold winter months.

Garbha Griha - Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar

Exactly where to keep:

Bhubaneshwar has a lot of keep solutions – from luxury hotels to conventional homestays and spending budget guest homes. If you want to go to the temples typically, it is advised to keep closer to the old town.

Bhog being prepared at Anant Basudev temple, Bhubaneshwar

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

1) The ancient cave temples of Udayagiri and Khandagiri

two) The coastal temple town of Puri

Early morning magic at Mukteshwar Temple, Bhubaneshwar

three) The Sun temple of Konark

four) The chandua artisans of Pipili

five) The heritage village of Raghurajpur

Plethora of small temples in the Mukteswar Temple complex, Bhubaneshwar

six) The sound and light show at Dhauli Stupa

7) The genuine Odisha Rasgula expertise at Pahala


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