Behind the Scenes of the Awesome Dominican Republic Winter Escape


I decided that it would be enjoyable to see the photographs from my telephone from my traveling in the Dominican Republic. The images from my iPhone are a lot more genuine, and somehow is a lot more about the enjoyable and not only about all the quite beaches in the Dominican Republic.

For some explanation when it comes to catching the atmosphere, I generally do it with the iPhone given that it feels much less invading on individuals compared to a camera, strange but somehow correct or?

If you do not want to study about my individual practical experience in the Dominican Republic, properly then I have developed 12 Days Travel Itinerary on the Island. If you want to get down with some sincere information and facts about the areas I loved in the Dominican Republic, continue to study right here! I will inform exactly where not to waste your valuable time.

If you have followed me on my Instagram Pauline Travels, perhaps you caught up on that I loved the little sleepy beach town of Las Galeras, far away from Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

I like when I’m going someplace and just about really feel that I have kidnapped myself away from society. That is quite a great deal Las Galeras.

If you appear for the word security in the Dominican Republic, properly maintain seeking and let me know when you uncover it. Mainly because why be two on a scooter when you can be 3? It is less expensive, a lot more hazardous, a lot more uncomfortable, and a lot more enjoyable.

Playa Rincón the most attractive beach they say in the Dominican Republic, are you confident about that? It is for confident quite, but the prettiest we can talk about it. We had a wonderful day in somehow cloudy climate in the tropical island, who wants sunshine, when you can be swimming in ice-cold mangrove water?

I somehow felt that I was back in Norway, but strangely adequate, surrounded in the tropical mangrove forest. The Viking of me managed to swim up the river to get an inside view from the river, and it was worth the cold water. The ocean afterward felt like a spa therapy.

The prettiest beach in the Dominican Republic is Playa Frontón. A fantastic spot to just about get killed when going out in the little boat with 5 meters waves, that is the roller coaster in Las Galeras. Andre seemed to be possessing a regular day at function, and then we decided to be cool about it as properly.

Following 20-minutes of just about dying in the boat we entered paradise with crystal clear blue water, palms in just about every path and coconut prepared to drop in your head any moment. Welcome to the bay of Robinson in the Dominican Republic! What a dream!

Las Terrenas, I must have had a lot more time with you! Only 48 hours is not best for experiencing the glory of what you have to present. I incredibly a great deal enjoyed my 48 hours in this attractive corner of la Samaná area on the island. I went chilling a entire day at Playa Bonita, and it was every thing I asked for, no one promoting me bullshit, no one desires to speak to me. Except for Sally when she woke up in the afternoon and was prepared to hit the beach.

Occasionally I like becoming alone, and Playa Bonita was that. Gorgeous sandy beach with enjoyable waves to physique surf and then quiet. Not a lot of individuals this day. I was enjoying the tranquility till Sally came and mentioned are you prepared to go out once again to dance to Dembow and taste some of the regional rum. We only reside after, and I’m up for some of the island enjoyable. Have to take pleasure in it though you are at it.

Do not keep in Samaná, only go there if you want to verify out the Whales. It is a middle quit for traveling additional on to Las Terrenas or Back to Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. It is a little city center for the individuals on that aspect of the island, but no attractive beaches in close distance. Keep in Las Galeras, a great deal a lot more enjoyable and a great deal a lot more beach vibe.

The Whale Safari was perhaps not worth the funds and the hassle of going there. I did see the fuss about Cayo Levantado, which was quite, if I could pick out among that one more day in Playa Frontón, I would be Robinson for one particular a lot more day!

Santo Domingo for 48 hours was perhaps some hours to a lot of due to the fact I wanted a lot more beach time. The Colonial side of the town is cute with its a lot of very first buildings in the New Globe of the European Settlement in the Americas.

I had a lot of fascinating individuals crossing my paths in Santo Domingo, which I like. It was a good time meeting up with my classmate Christina from EAE Small business College in Madrid. Obtaining Christina as my regional tour guide gave me the ideal web sites in the town. We went and had the regional meals Mangú or was it Mofongo, which is green bananas mash with each other with crispy pork crackling. It is heartwarming and feeds your soul and stomach for the rest of the day, or it is fantastic recovery from a hangover. If you are out partying this will be your evening meals for confident.

I also had a little quit at Tres Ojos which is 3 large sinkholes suitable out of the city center, and it was enjoyable to have a stroll about, just about Mexico but nonetheless not. I favor them superior when I can swim in them. It was worth a take a look at.

I went to take a look at Punta Cana to meet up with some other mates from my time back in Madrid. The mates that gave me the notion of going to this attractive Island.

I’m not a great deal of a resort girl and this sort of places. Finishing up the trip with some relaxing days in Punta Cana sounded like a good notion for possessing a mini holiday and not be undertaking so a great deal. Could be good just after some hectic days of exploring the Island.

Tiny did I know that my final 3 days of holiday was gone involve about becoming meals poison and finish up at the hospital. Then get drugged down my powerful medicines. That was a shitty finish of my time in the Dominican Republic.

I attempt to keep constructive when this shit goes down, becoming alone in one more nation and then get dangerously sick, it was not enjoyable. I survived, and it was okay. Fortunately I was least now staying at decent private hotel space not sharing a bedroom with 4 or eight other individuals.

After once again my travel insurance coverage was my ideal investment for this trip. I can not even dare to consider what it would have expense me if not. I did not spend something at the hospital they even arranged for my transport back to the hotel, and also gave me superb care at the hospital.

My final evening in Punta Cana, I was starving just after 48 hours with no meals a lot more or much less. I was feeling in an okay shape to meet with my dear buddy Jose for a little time exploring his aspect of Punta Cana, which is the ideal aspect given that he lives in the location. He has the correct spirit of enjoying life!

Satisfied Girl on the Satisfied Island

The Dominican Republic was actually an island paradise, with all the attractive beaches I could dream about and even a lot more. The ideal aspect of my trip was meeting up with other citizens of the planet traveling the Island. Of course my mates from the Island. I had good enjoyable, and the ideal aspect of the Island for me was Las Galeras. Of course, I have not explored the whole island of the Dominican Republic. Las Galeras was exactly where I found the beauty of the Island, and the enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere of becoming Dominican.

Playa Frontón was for confident the coolest and the prettiest beach on the Island, even so, wasn’t confident if we would make it alive to the bay. When we arrived, we entered heaven on earth or at least for this beach girl.

In Las Terrenas, I was attempting to get into the religion of the sensual bachata and the enjoyable merengue. And then there was also Dembow music from the streets. In Las Terrenas every thing goes down in the Bar Replay, use a evening or two there to have a enjoyable celebration!

In addition, it was blast catching up with my Latin Spanish and all the new words from the streets of the Dominican Republic. It will be okay with only English on the Island. If you know Spanish, it will be enjoyable on one more level. That is the flow of issues.

The Dominican Republic it was pleasure exploring you and thank you for becoming sort. And also maintaining me protected though traveling solo about your island. As a solo female traveler, I had no trouble with moving about feeling protected. There exactly where some like phrases that was coming out from the guys, but it is all about staying cool and not care and you will be respected.

Nos Vemos Pronto!

PS. If you have a lot more than 12 days traveling seriously verify out Colombia.


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