Astounding Canal Stroll in a random Bangkok Suburb: Lengthy Transit at Suvarnabhumi Airport?


Presently, in Thailand on a cycle tour. Regularly my route is by a river. River fronts can typically be pretty exciting. Be it Taiwan’s River bike path or the ghats of Varanasi. How about a canal then? Here’s a appear at a canal stroll in a random Bangkok suburb [if you like, skip the text and scroll down directly to the pics]. And my ideas in case you have a extended transit at the Suvarnabhumi airport, with a map!

I had a loooong transit at Suvarnabhumi airport when I arrived to Thailand. six and a half hours till my connecting flight to Chiang Mai. (In hindsight, perhaps I should really have taken a train to Chiang Mai!) I study a handful of blogs on the web and they recommended that if I have more than six hours transit time at Suvarnabhumi airport, then it is worth heading to the city.

But my concern was – head out in to the city and do what? I assume Bangkok would be a crowded spot when I get off the airport train. Would any person have time for a newbie girl feeling lost in a new nation. I had no key strategy, nor any study on what I truly want to pay a visit to. I hardly click selfies, so it is not like I wanted to take a selfie for instagram (that is in all probability a motivation for a lot of traveller now a days).

Immigration at the transfer zone is possibly substantially more rapidly

Initial items initially, I asked the facts desk if it is a superior thought. The lady mentioned that it is a so-so proposition, in particular lead to immigration would take about an hour to finish. And the prospect of standing in a extended line didn’t appeal to me suitable then.

So I headed to the domestic terminal, I hoped it would be a superior hang out spot (not truly) and would get some sleep spaces (type of, cold chairs). As soon as there, I realised it is domestic departure, right after all, no bells and whistles &#x1f609  I truly didn’t see myself spending five hours there.

As I sat in the tiny cafeteria, getting my Subway sandwich, I began browsing Gmaps and the nearby locales. What I truly wanted to do was to get out of this AC terminal box and stroll in the heat outdoors.

And cool factor – moving from the international arrival terminal to the domestic departure terminal I had to pass immigration anyway. And there was not a single individual in line at that counter! &#x1f600

I was currently accomplished with immigration, so I essentially was cost-free to stroll out of the domestic terminal gate. When I came back I would have to pass luggage safety verify in once more. Standard domestic travel approach.

Fascinating Spots about Suvarnabhumi Airport

Hunting at the Gmaps, this garden – King Rama IX park – caught my fancy. With a tiny study, I discovered out that it is Bangkok’s most significant park. Cool spot to pay a visit to huh, and the most effective element was that it is substantially closer to the airport than the city.

There have been also other green spaces about the Airport but they are all Golf courses. Which implies they are in all probability private house.

I believe this is the most effective choice for most men and women who have far more than three and a half hours.

Head to one thing pretty close to the airport. This way you get to step out and discover Bangkok, but just not the heart of Bangkok which would be polluted and crowded. In addition, you may possibly have currently visited the most important web-sites of Bangkok, but when will you come out all the way to the airport to discover one thing obscure?

Likelihood desu (!!) This is your possibility!

The other choice, pay a visit to any nearby Wat temple

Right here are a handful of exciting (and obscure) locations I spotted on the map close to by the Suvarnabhumi Airport,

And there are also a lot of flea markets, supermarkets and such about the airport. So shoppers can search these as effectively.

Transport From the Suvarnabhumi Airport

There have been many choices for transportation from the airport. Buses, taxis, metro lines… and there are tourist counters exactly where the people are satisfied to clarify how to take a transport and so on..

I decided to use the metro line – I obtain them to be the easiest to use for newbies, most of the occasions. There have been automatic ticketing machines which are fairly quick. They currently show the many metro stops in the suitable order, so you just require to figure out the station closest to exactly where ever you want to head. I decided to be random.

And I chose a fully random metro station.


The metro is major of line and it was exciting to note how the many capabilities of metro trains are normally so comparable – station name announcements, many indicators lights, priority sitting and so on. There have been a handful of notable variations, there have been guards on the platforms. Each time the train came in, they would be standing in a distinct position by the gate directing men and women in. As soon as the doors closed they would make a formal salute. No, I do not know what that is about!

The other distinctive factor is the priority class in Thailand – girls with youngsters, old people, disabled and monks.

As soon as off the station, the strategy was to STROLL, randomly. Or rather choose a smaller sized lane and stroll. Naturally not by the highway! So I got off the station and saw two wheeler share-a-ride guys sitting about. Fascinating, but given that I had no place in thoughts and no clue how to communicate in Thai, there seemed to be no point to take 1.

The metro railway has WiFi but there is not any on the metro station or right after I alighted. So I was also world wide web significantly less. And at that point I didn’t know a single word of Thai, except Sawaasdee ka.

This metro station was close to one more railway line station which looked pretty quaint.

Walked out of the station complicated (fortunately from the incorrect path, mainly because other sensible I wouldn’t have discovered this lane) and there was 1 smaller cemented lane extending each sides. One particular seemed to go to the highway, so I chose the other path. It crossed more than the tracks (crossing tracks in an international nation!) and then kept going onwards….

Canal Stroll in a Bangkok Suburb

I kept walking.

The homes have been so exciting.

Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Coolest door?
Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Just the reflection is sufficient &#x1f609
Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Open homes make for exciting seeking
Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Chinese fishing nets
Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Fascinating gates and walkways

My dad had warned me not to enter random bodies of water – there may possibly be crocodiles! – I had shrugged the thought off… but then I saw this:

Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport&#x1f600 who knows what’s in these waters!

Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
Is this a cycle lane!?

Kept strolling.

And the lane heads suitable back, crosses the tracks and enter the metro rail station from the other finish!

Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
the road crossing back to the other side…
Bangkok Suburb near the Suvarnabhumi Airport
The entry to this property is by means of road crossing only!

Have to say, fairly super. It is like a entire globe existed on this path that could be entered by crossing the tracks ONLY. Homes that can be entered via these paths only. Naturally, a specific culture would create about it.

And I was amazed that I discovered such an exciting walk… on a fully random stroll.

It is a factor although. Random walks. I do it typically. Often there are wins, other occasions misses.

So, hope I gave you some superior concepts on how to invest a extended transit at Suvarnabhumi airport. And shared an intriguing neighborhood environ in a Bangkok suburb.

Right after this I headed back to the airport, and did get a bit of a sleep on the cold chairs.

If you have accomplished or finish up undertaking something comparable, ping and inform me. &#x1f642

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