Are Optimistic Social Media Posts Damaging? How to Actually Assistance A person Who is Struggling.


I am so sad to hear of the loss of each Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week. These tragic deaths have sparked a conversation amongst my buddies and I about how a great deal we want to share our private struggles publicly. How a great deal we are in a position to share the sorrows in our private lives. There are numerous estimates that recommend as numerous as 1 in four men and women endure from some sort of mental well being problem at some point in life. Travel bloggers are not immune to this, just simply because they may possibly be at a wonderful beach or posting pictures smiling although skydiving. No a single is immune to dark instances in life.


I’ve observed posts currently stating that not sharing your pain on social media is “lying”. They say not only is it a lie, it is destructive. That pictures of satisfied couples, buddies, sunsets, your travel photos and selfies are hurting and from time to time killing men and women.


As I have stated prior to if you pick not to share your private troubles publicly, that is okay. If you do not want to, that is okay. You do not need to have to clarify oneself. There are numerous motives that men and women pick to preserve issues private. They may perhaps nevertheless be processing and not have the words, they may perhaps lack the power, worry how men and women may possibly react, specialist repercussions or they basically are not prepared. When men and women do share hard issues on the web, Bystander Apathy is an problem. Folks assume that other men and women are assisting the individual when in reality no a single is as a result producing the individual really feel worse. You can pick to reveal as tiny or as a great deal of oneself as you really feel comfy with on social media.


I also consider you need to not have to pretend to be satisfied when you are not. A handful of years ago I produced a selection to be sincere about how I really feel and to under no circumstances apologize for it. In undertaking so I have attracted genuine men and women in my life who appreciate my openness and vulnerability. I really feel far more confident with who I am and what I want. A person may perhaps not want to share on social media, that does not imply I devalue the need to have for true conversations. I think obtaining true conversations is crucial to actually connect with these about us. In obtaining the courage to share your genuine feelings you empower other folks to do the similar. You show other folks that they are not alone typically you discover that you are not alone. Our society teaches us that if we are sad it is a challenge to be fixed. I consider sadness has beauty in some way, it suggests that you cared so deeply about some thing that you really feel its loss. It is okay to really feel sad, to embrace your sadness and accept it. To enjoy each and every single component of oneself. When you completely enjoy each and every component of who you are, it will only develop your compassion and acceptance of other folks.


It is also not incorrect to share the issues that bring you joy in life, buddies, loved ones, travels, art, self-self-assurance, nature or what ever it may perhaps be. It is wonderful to think in oneself and to be proud of your successes. We all shine in our personal special methods. We need to often be constructing every single other up. I have nothing at all but enjoy and admiration when my buddies obtain their happiness. We need to celebrate the wonderful issues in life. These issues can inspire, fill men and women with hope and connect men and women. Each and every individual reacts to posts differently, what may possibly make a single individual really feel down, may possibly make a different individual really feel inspired. I actually do not think the resolution is to dim our lights and make ourselves compact.


I am not saying that social media has no influence on men and women, I consider the significant issue to keep in mind is that no matter what somebody posts on social media-absolutely everyone is hurting at a single time or a different. Completely no a single has all the things ideal. Attempt not to evaluate oneself. If you want to enable other folks, place time and work into producing genuine connections. Please be sort-often. Think the ideal of men and women, that buddy who’s been “too busy” for you may possibly be dealing with some thing and need to have you to attain out. I have noticed in instances of sadness in my life, from time to time men and women want to enable but do not know what to say. Folks are afraid to say the incorrect issue. Sadness, depression and suicide may possibly make men and women really feel uncomfortable. This from time to time leads to men and women avoiding the individual who is struggling. The issue is, when men and women are hurting-this is when they most need to have you to attain out to them. They may possibly not have the strength to ask for enable. The most significant issue is you are there, you are present with them…even if you say the incorrect issue. Folks will keep in mind that you showed up for them. If you are suffering oneself and do not have the power to give somebody, that is okay also. Please take care of oneself.


These are a handful of conversation starters, responses and tips I personally have discovered valuable to create meaningful friendships, show empathy and to enable these in need to have. These are issues I myself have discovered beneficial as this year has been a single of the most hard years of my life. I am at the moment dealing with situational depression and anxiousness. Displaying how a great deal you care, listening and getting present in someone’s discomfort can make a tremendous distinction in someone’s life. You may possibly even save a life.



Conversation starters and responses:

  • ”How are you undertaking?”
  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “How can I ideal be there for you correct now?”
  • “Do you want to speak?”
  • “How can I enable you?”
  • “What assistance do you need to have from me correct now?”
  • “Thank you for obtaining the courage to share that with me.”
  • “I genuinely care about you.”
  • “I’m sorry you are hurting so a great deal correct now.”
  • “That ought to have been genuinely really hard for you.”
  • “I’m right here for you.”
  • “Whatever takes place it will be okay and you will get by means of it.”
  • “It’s not your fault.”
  • “You matter.”
  • “What sort of thoughts are you obtaining?”
  • “Things will get greater.”
  • “Is there something I can do?”
  • “If you want to speak about how you are feeling, I’m listening.”
  • “I’ll come with you if you need to have assistance – even if it is just grocery purchasing.“
  • “Take your time, you do not have to rush to really feel greater.”
  • “You are not alone.”
  • “I want to remind you how a great deal I enjoy you.”
  • “I know issues are really hard correct now and that is okay.”
  • “If you’d rather speak to a specialist, I can enable you sort that out.”
  • “You are significant to me.”
  • “You can attain out to me at any time.”
  • Saying nothing at all at all, just getting there, a hug or holding a hand.




  • Comply with up, preserve following up and checking in.
  • Be conscious that what somebody wants may possibly transform, you can often ask.
  • Listen with no judgment and with empathy.
  • If somebody does not ask for assistance or options-just listen.
  • Do not say “be positive” or “change your attitude”.
  • Respect if somebody says no or otherwise draws a boundary. Such as not speaking or getting touched.
  • Be patient.
  • Be readily available.
  • Be encouraging and prevent minimizing people’s issues. What ever somebody shares with you is really true to that individual. Do not recommend that what they are experiencing is “no massive deal” or “not critical.” or evaluate it to other “greater” issues. Alternatively, pick words that affirm their suffering and encourage them to get by means of it.
  • Assistance connect them to additional buddies and loved ones for assistance.
  • Respect the wants of other folks, even if you do not recognize them or may possibly need to have some thing distinct in a comparable predicament.



To everyone who is dealing with some thing correct now, I have so a great deal enjoy for you. You are not alone. I care. Please do not hesitate to attain out to me.  If you need to have to speak, Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or on the web chat via  The Lifeline gives 24/7, absolutely free and confidential assistance for men and women in distress.


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