15 months in Asia: my Polish weblog turns 7 years old!


Currently is 15 months due to the fact I left Poland. I do not know if I will ever quit counting since I’m just proud of myself. In the finish, 15 months ago I am generating my dream of living on the road come accurate. And these tiny month-to-month-versaries remind me of this. &#x1f642

Final month I complained that August and September have been dull. I have a feeling that I was a bit overworked, and I place stress on myself to function and just forgot to reside, and not only to exist. The routine and the monotony rapidly irritate me.

Thankfully, October was terrific. A further visa run (applying for a new visa) forced me to leave Vietnam for a couple of days, so I left Saigon to stop by Manila and stop by good friends in the capital of the Philippines. Even though I changed a city for a city, I managed to recharge my batteries. That how the transform of atmosphere functions – it provides remarkable power to act.

with Kenneth Surat, travel blogger from the Philippines

And I had to go to Manila to remind myself that. Now even in the calendar, I mark the weekends when I can go out and recharge the batteries. November will be amazing, but December will be calmer – I’ll say far more about it in a moment. In January I have my subsequent visa run! This time I will choose some thing from my bucket list – possibly Angkor Wat or Hong Kong,? &#x1f642

But let’s go back to October. Just after Manila, one particular far more weekend I got off to Mui Ne beach and spent the rest of the month preparing for my sister’s arrival in Vietnam! In practice, this indicates merely shutting down as several inquiries from clients as doable. So I’ll have much less function when my sister arrives. &#x1f609

Chinatown in Manila, pic by Kenneth Surat

So October passed incredibly rapidly and without having complaining that I was bored and drowned in a routine.

November will be even far better – we are with Marta now in Mui Ne, from exactly where I create this post. Just after Mui Ne, it is time for Hanoi and three-day Quest Festival! Then a couple of days back in Ho Chi Minh City and Marta returns dwelling. And I function with charged batteries. &#x1f642

Then in December, I will also function on blogging (and teaching Vietnamese young children English, as you don’t forget), and in January it is time for yet another visa run. I believe I will opt for Angkor Wat. &#x1f642

The subsequent months will be incredibly intense, and I will use it properly! &#x1f642

And now let’s transform the topic!

surfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Seven years of my Polish travel weblog

November 1, 2017, my Polish weblog turned seven years old. Wow. WOW. I can hardly think that it was seven years ago when I launched on WordPress weblog Backpack and Suitcase. How has the weblog changed more than the years?

Initially of all, from diary-style posts about hitchhiking, I changed the style of the weblog to far more sensible posts, covering certain areas and attractions. But I have not stopped writing individual posts since I know that readers like them. And I’m incredibly content with it. &#x1f642

In the starting, I wrote about anything I seasoned. But I came to the point exactly where I had to get rid of several subjects. With time, the weblog has grown, and with him a list of items to do connected with the weblog. However, my day didn’t stretch.

3 years ago in November, I decided to move my weblog to a larger level. I saw in it the chance to realise my greatest dream – life on the road.

So I began studying anything I required in experienced blogging – marketing and advertising, Search engine marketing, social media, what it indicates to have a niche and what niche is mine, and above all, I began to meet new folks who do what I do – blogging about travelling.

I guess I discovered the most from them and received several beneficial recommendations and travel possibilities.

Chinatown in Manila, pic by Kenneth Surat

I left Poland 15 months ago. When I was leaving, I decided that the weblog would enable me in travelling. Currently I can say that I am in 1/three of the way to preserve myself only from blogging.

Why am I writing about it?

Simply because I get far more and far more emails and Facebook messages from folks who want to travel complete-time, as well. They see in blogging a way to make or save cash whilst travelling. Readers ask me what the most effective and quickest way to monetise a weblog is.

The issue is that I do not definitely know.

pic by Kenneth Surat

I do not know what to do most effective since I nevertheless make a lot of blunders. So far, my merchandise and solutions function for me – and several travel bloggers agree with that.

But to make cash on your personal item, you want to have a group of readers who will want to spend for this item. And it lasts to obtain them – some can realize it more quickly, other individuals slower. In my case, it took seven years, even though I began to act consciously 3 years ago. Some folks function far more rapidly and far more effectively.

So I say I do not know what the quickest way to monetise a weblog is. I just believe I got there quite slow.

It took me 4 years to attain the point exactly where I decided to weblog professionally and consciously, not hobby. The subsequent 3 years took me to understand how I can spend for my living and travel with blogging, and I nevertheless do not know several items.

As a curiosity, I will inform you that in January 2015, two months right after switching my mindset about blogging, my weblog was visited by only 2200 folks. A year later – about 6000 folks. In January 2017 far more than 16,000 folks visited my Polish weblog, and final month (which is statistically one particular of the weakest) 23,000.

There are, of course, blogs that in a shorter time have reached substantially larger numbers. But these statistics are mine.

beach life in Mui Ne in Vietnam

At this point, I’m nevertheless not at a stage exactly where I can reside from the weblog, and that is my aim. I can say that I’m someplace in 1/three of the way. More than the previous 3 years, I’ve had numerous smaller sized and far more considerable weblog successes, and I’ve produced a lot of blunders and missed a lot of cool stuff.

I do not know the most effective and the quickest way to get to exactly where I am now. I know how to get right here the way I went.

Consequently, even though I typically like answering readers’ queries, I do not like this distinct query. I just do not have time to go into specifics of anything I know, since writing only “you want to create frequently and travel a lot” is not adequate.

I’m writing about it since I believe the seventh birthday of the weblog is a right occasion for this. I wonder if you would like to know what life and function (since it is connected) of a travel blogger appears like? If so, I would like to create about it! &#x1f642

My Polish weblog is seven years old now. I’m glad I’m exactly where I am. I have the expertise and potential to realize what I want. Now I just have to function even far more effectively, and possibly the subsequent birthday of the weblog I will be celebrating below the palm trees!

Oh, shit. I forgot that these days I’m currently celebrating below palm trees! &#x1f600

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