12 Days in The Dominican Republic Itinerary


The Dominican Republic the land of the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule in the New World. Columbus entered the island on December 5, 1492, and then Santo Domingo become the first site of the permanent Europaea settlement in the Americas.

The Dominican Republic is the land with a rich collection of long history, the beautiful religion of bachata and merengue, incredible nature and spectacular beaches with 50 shades of blue ocean. And all of that is in a reachable distance and with many different great places to discover.

Playa Frontón in Las Galeras. The Dominican Republic 2019
Playa Frontón

The Dominican Republic Itinerary is bast on beaches and the coastal areas. Due to my love of being close to the water as any other Scorpio. If you are not coming for the beaches, well there are many other things to do as well, of course. The most spectacular thing about the Dominican Republic is their beaches and the ocean, in my opinion. But, I’m a beach girl and a Thalassophoile person, a lover of the sea.

If you enter in the country in Santo Domingo Airport, get a taxi or Uber to Caribe Express to Samaná – 200 Pesos. Then you get on the bus and relax for three hours – 400 Pesos. Make sure that you take the bus in order to arrive in Samaná before 18.00. That is when the last local transport go to Las Galers which is around 100 pesos. Or a taxi cost around 30 US dollars, or was it more? At least not an option for me.

Las Galeras was my favorite place and I want to share it with you! It is a sleepy beach town, where everything is slower but with more fun and authenticity. Yes, there is one bar called number 9, and that’s where everything happens. In the end, you know everyone in the street. Las Galeras has also many expects that has settled down for the long term, you can find Franch and Italian cuisine as well as local Dominican food. They also have the best beaches if you ask me.

Stayed at Le Bdm in Las Galeras, which means at the end of the world in French? That was someone that told me that, I’m not sure. It sounds beautiful if you ask me. Le Bdm is a cozy place to stay in Las Galeras, and I had a private room with a fan and bathroom. That is all I need of amenities to have a pleasant stay. I travel simple, and I don’t like spending to much on accommodation, I rather spend them on fun activities to see the place.

P.S. Many long termers were staying there which means an excellent place to hang around!

Playita Beach in Las Galeras. The Dominican Republic 2019
Playita in Las Galeras

The first day in Las Galeras is to take it in a slower vibe because you want to recover from the traveling to the island. Then Playita is perfect for interacting fist time with the Dominican Beaches. Playita is a pretty little beach that takes around 15 minutes to walk from the city center or motor taxi for 50 pesos. Perfect for soaking up the sun and preparing you for tomorrows adventure.

Playa Ricón close to Las Galeras. The Dominican Republic 2019
Playa Rincón with Fresh Water Mangroves

A day trip to Playa Rincon is a must do when being in Las Galeras. It is a 30 min drive with a motorbike, and it has incredible scenery, even going there is beautiful. The best part, is the mangroves that has freshwater and turquoise clear water when swimming through the river.

Playa Fronton in Las Galeras can be reached by boat or a hike. Must have a local guide. The Dominican Republic 2019
Playa Frontón by Boat or Hiking

If you think you are almost dying on the way out on the boat, you are doing it right! Playa Frónton is the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic or at least it is for me. Never mind that I taught, I was going to die before I arrived to the beach. The boat ride out is 25 minutes with heavy ocean and 4 meters high waves. That can be scary, but then look back at your tour guide and he is having just another day at work. Then hang-in there and soon paradise will arrive to your doorsteps.

Playa Frontón is where 50 shades of grey get changed to 50 shades of crystal clear turquoise water. Frontón is an untouched beach with not many people, and best of all there is nothing to do, except eating coconuts and sunbathing. Or play Robinson Crusoe? But without cannibals.

From Las Galeras to Las Terrenas you go on a Guague with other words the local minivan that transport anyone that wants to get from A to B. Catch the Guague to Samaná, which should take an hour or so, will cost around 100-pesos. And from Samaná get another Guague to Las Terrenas. Another hour or maybe two will cost around 100-pesos. Welcome to Las Terrenas another beach paradise in the Dominican Republic.

If you are going early maybe stop by Limon Waterfalls, which are told to be another wonder of the world.

If you were thinking that Las Galeras was a bit too tranquil. Well then you have Las Terrenas that gives a bit bigger outdoor scene, with surfing and kiting and of course a bigger nightlife, but we all know it comes down to REPLAY at the end of the night, just right next to mosquito bar.

Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas. The Dominican Republic 2019

Get a motoconcho or walk to Playa Bonita. The name is genuinely given because Playa Bonita is a beautiful beach surrounded in Palms, hot surfers and a nifty beach restaurant with some tasty seafood dishes.

When the night comes down it’s time for a small party, with small we always mean big in the Dominican Republic. First, you buy the essentials at the nearest supermarket. Obsessively that is rum and the only one is Brugal Extra Viejo with Coca Cola. And then, of course, ask for cups and ice-cubes while you are at it. Because this is the pre-party it is going to be lit!


For the pre-party go for the beach or any public seating area and start with a chupito the Spanish word for a shot! Then at midnight, it’s time to go to REPLAY. At the barhit the roof by dancing your heart out to the new style of reggaeton mashed up together with hip-hop. And then you get music like El Chuape with Que Burla. The Dembow music is very much a Carribean rhythm, it tends to be simple and repetitive. Which tells you how to dance it. Haha.

If you have time definitely have beach stop at Playa Coson.

If I could have re-done my travel in the Dominican Republic. I would have spent one more day in Las Terrenas because there is a hand of pretty beaches around the area that should have been explored more.

If you need to cut time, then skip Santo Domingo. Do not get me wrong, Santo Domingo is an okay city, but it’s only Zona Colonial that is recommended to visit if being a tourist. If you have been to Cartagena de Indias historical town in Colombia, you will not be blown away with Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo.

Cayo Levantado in Samaná. The Dominican Republic 2019
Cayo Levantado close to Samaná

I decided to go checking out the Whale in La Samaná due to being in season. The whales were in love, they were dancing on the ocean, wowing there body to make a move on the pretty ladies down in the ocean.

After the whale watching tour, we went to Cayo Levantado. We had an hour of perfect water for swimming and pearl white beach to sunbath on. An hour? That is just too short. It was much appreciated.

I went with a tour company. I was by that transported to Samaná and could by that do the bus to Santo Domingo. The bus company was Caribe Express from Samaná at 2 PM for 400 pesos.

Santo Domingo in Zona Colonial. The Dominican Republic 2019
Santo Domingo in Zona Colonial

Santo Domingo is the first city in the new colonial world, and has many first churches, hospitals, streets and further on. I would recommend to walk around the Zona Colonial and get to know them. Maybe even support one of the many tour guides trying to make there daily living in the city. One of them was speaking six languages. And he gave me an introduction to his tour which was many important historical facts and stories about the new world settling down in the Dominican Republic

If you want fine dinning and a gourmet experience eat at Buche de Perico.

In the afternoon go visiting Los Tres Ojos, which are sinkholes or in Mexico it would be Cenote, caves with freshwater. They are only 15-minutes Uber drive from Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. The Los Tres Ojos deliver a spetacular sight!

It cost 200 pesos for entrance money, 300 Uber ride roundtrip and it cost 25 pesos each person to cross over the boat to the other side, which is worth the money.

Take an Uber to Express Bavaro busplace near Zona Colonial, only 10 minutes drive. And get on a bus that goes to Bavaro in Punta Cana. Will be 400 pesos and the trip will take more or less tree hours, or two movies depending on your time preferences.

Arriving at the hotel, and then hit the closest beach for siesta and a refreshing swim in the ocean. Then relax after the traveling day.

I decided to stay at this Grand Caribe Special Low Price, which had great location, fair price and an excellent pool on the rooftop terrace. A three minute walk to the beach and good restaurants nearby.

Punta Cana is open for you to explore as you want! Many options and many pretty beaches and a ton’s of activities to crack on. If you want to relax in a sun-chair, I think you should do it! You are on vacation do not stress enjoy the place of Bavaro in Punta Cana with just being.

Maybe check out: Macao Beach, the local hang out spot! It has been listed by UNESCO as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches due to crystal clear water, pearl white sand and a ton of palm trees for the Caribbean finish.

Last Day in Punta Cana Should be a big bang! By this go wild and take that tour that is a little bit expansive but everything you dreamed about. The best part you don’t need to lift a finger because you are on vacation. Or maybe if you want to swim with the corals and colorful fishes in the beautiful Isla Cataolina.

In the evening it’s time to dress to impress. Because tonight you are going where the queens of Punta Cana go for dinner. Bachata Rosa in Punta Cana is the hottest place to be seen dining. One thousand two hundred bottles hanging high in shelves surround the bar, that needs to be removed when the party to lit! But before turning into a night scene, it is all about high-end dining and outstanding service from the waiters. Bachata Rosa is the place to be a Queen and also treated as one as well.

Time flies fast when having fun, and by that, the time has come to go home. Which is very sad, since you had maybe one of your most thrilling times in the Dominican Republic. Don’t worry, you can always come back, the island is waiting for you!

If you have a late flight then enjoy the rooftop terrace with a panorama view of Punta Cana, before heading to the airport. Either way safe flight home!

The Dominican Republic was a blast! I was everything I hoped for y pristine beaches surrounded with tranquility. And the warmest people to help out on the road when traveling. Traveling alone as a solo female traveler was without any problems. Or the only problem was maybe my tree future husbands that wanted to move with me to Norway. They accepted very much when I said no, even do they did encourage me to enjoy life. I sure did! But in my way with excellent beaches, tasty food and sunshine on my skin and saltwater in my hair.

I recommend anyone to travel to the Dominican Republic, but please do not make me choose between the Dominican Republic and Colombia, that I can not do. Or let’s say this if you have short time Dominican Republic if you have more then tree weeks go to Colombia.


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