Photographs: Street Art, Eats, And Drinks In Ghent, Belgium


Lastyear, I visited Belgium for the initial time.  I only had a week, and I decided to explore one city rather than move about often.  I place a get in touch with out to my buddies who are avid travelers.  They’re advice helped me select the lovely and dynamic city of Ghent.

Ghent: Street Arts, Eats, and Drinks

The street art was on par with some of my favored cities.  The beer was much better than I anticipated.  And I enjoyed the nearby indulgences of chocolate, waffles, and fries.  So right here is an assortment of photographs that quite significantly represent what I did with my time for a week exploring this lively, lovely city.

Belgium 2018 234

Belgium 2018 265

Belgium 2018 352
Belgium 2018 446
Belgium 2018 516
Belgium 2018 517
Belgium 2018 524
Belgium 2018 551 iPhone
Belgium 2018 569 iPhone
Belgium 2018 617 iPhone
Belgium 2018 668 iPhone

Belgium 2018 713 iPhone
Belgium 2018 714 iPhone
Belgium 2018 746 iPhone
Belgium 2018 748 iPhone
Belgium 2018 753 iPhone


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