Panoramic view of Kathmandu from a plane window


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is situated in the Kathmandu Valley. Flying into or out of Kathmandu (map) is an wonderful practical experience on clear days – these seated by the window will be rewarded with panoramic views of the valley and Kathmandu. On the method into Kathmandu, the plane essentially follows the line of the valley, with the mighty peaks of the Himalayas on the horizon. If you are fortunate, the plane could take a flight path closer to the Himalayas (from a northeasterly path). On my flight to Kathmandu (from a southwesterly path), I saw the Himalayas in the far distance just before the plane descended into the clouds. The plane then passed villages sitting precariously on the mountainsides just before the urban sprawl of Kathmandu came into view.

Approaching Tribhuvan Airport Kathmandu


The Himalayas can be noticed in the far distance.


My excitement grew as the plane created its final method into Kathmandu, passing mountains on each sides.


A road snakes its way along the mountainside. It confident appears precarious!

The initially views of Kathmandu


The plane approached Kathmandu Airport from a southwesterly path.


Yep, it is a crowded city!


My initially glimpse of Kathmandu website traffic just just before touchdown.


Kathmandu Airport

Panoramic view of the Excellent Boudha Stupa

If the plane approaches from the northeast, these sitting on the appropriate side of the plane will be treated to superb views of the historic centre of Kathmandu, like the iconic Excellent Boudha Stupa, just just before landing. Or conversely, you will get this view if you sit on the left side of the plane (row ‘A’) if the plane requires off towards the northeast.


A panoramic view of Kathmandu and the iconic Excellent Boudha Stupa.

If you are flying into/out of Kathmandu, my tips is to book a window seat. It is tough to say which side of the plane is finest as this depends on the method/take-off path. For what it is worth, I sat in row ‘A’ on my flights into and out of Kathmandu.

Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu is situated about five kilometers from the Kathmandu city center, and has a single international terminal and a separate domestic terminal (inside walking distance). On your way into the city, about 1 kilometer from the airport, you will pass a single of quite a few UNESCO Planet Heritage web sites in Kathmandu: the Pashupatinath Temple.

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