Notes on taking a break


In the fall of final year, I was overwhelmed. I was traveling for perform practically just about every week, a series of quick flights that expected early wake-up calls and lengthy days of meetings. My skin was breaking out, my physique felt bloated from as well a lot consuming out and not adequate operating out. David and I had been nevertheless figuring out how to make a home our property, what to prioritize on a lengthy list of improvements–some vital, some preferred, largely pricey. I had “write a weblog post” on my to-do list practically just about every day, but it never ever got completed: there was endless laundry to do, emails to send. When I did have spare time, I wanted to sink into my bed, escape into a book, gulp a glass of wine. I felt guilty about not writing additional: I had traveled to new nations, explored new spots in San Diego. I had posts I wanted to create for this weblog, pitches I wanted to send for other publications. I could pull collectively a haphazard finish-of-week post, but absolutely nothing additional. Instagram felt additional and additional like a chore, and like a chore I was failing at.

Sunset Cliffs sunset in San Diego

I unloaded all of these complaints onto a pal, and she recommended: why not a sabbatical? It straight away resonated. I’ve been carrying out this for practically nine (NINE!) years! I’ve written 1,226 posts (!!!). I’ve written numerous words and resized quite a few images and designed social media post immediately after social media post. But I’m not prepared to officially quit blogging–not however, at least–and I never ever wanted to just…stop posting. I do not like that sort of ambiguity.

The reality is that when people today ask what I do: I say I perform in ad sales. When they ask what I like: to travel to new areas, my dog, to study a fantastic book, unexpectedly colorful items, beach days and sunrises. Blogging is practically a shadow identity: it is some thing I do, but practically absolutely nothing I proactively bring up (David, my mom, my very best pal: “and she writes a excellent travel weblog!). Component of that is simply because it is often been secondary: as a supply of earnings, as a priority. I’ve watched buddies who began about the very same time as me (or immediately after) lean into blogging and Instagramming as a profession, and truly succeed. It induces jealousy, though simultaneously generating me pretty glad that I am not reliant on an algorithm or my face needing to be photogenic for a steady paycheck.

For the previous many years, we’ve completed a sober January. Final year, we added in a no sugar element to our month of no alcohol. It is often a good reset: we finish up feeling happier, healthier, additional energetic. I crave healthier items, I wake up additional refreshed.

This year, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the 1st 3 months of the year. I currently deleted Twitter and Facebook from my telephone (which has enhanced my mood, productivity and outlook significantly), and I’ve decided to just…not force myself to create additional, post additional, pitch additional. I do not want any additional blogging-connected products on my official to-do list.

That is not to say I’ll never ever share or never ever create. I’ll nevertheless be on Instagram, even though I’m not going to force myself to post as frequently as I at times have in the previous. I’m also going to share a preferred old post every single week, items that you could have missed if you haven’t been right here for the complete nine years–so do not be afraid to verify back. And I’m really hoping that this “break” provides me the space I crave to really feel like a writer once more. I want to create additional, and create far better, and create in additional areas.

I’d be lying if I mentioned I wasn’t nervous, if I felt like this wasn’t a strange shifting of identities. I be concerned, I believe: but who am I without the need of these items? What will I do with all of this clear-headed cost-free time, without the need of these finish-of-day glasses of chilled white wine and evenings huddled more than my laptop? What will come about if I go someplace and do not create about it, if I do not have a post to share with a pal who’s going there quickly?

I’m not confident. But I’m excited to obtain out.

And as often: thank you, thank you, thank you. This small slice of the world-wide-web has often been so fantastic to me. Despite the fact that I’m pretty prepared for a break, the most important cause it took me so lengthy to make a decision to do it is simply because I often like sharing posts that resonate with people today. So please do not overlook about me!!! 


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