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Why I have decided to close this weblog. 

These final months I have felt several instances the urge to create once again, but I didn’t.

My life keeps altering and so do my priorities. And my priority, correct now, is to be capable to reside as a digital nomad, and to make it sustainable more than time.

I didn’t want to abandon this weblog which was born at the similar time as my present life-style. Nevertheless, I have to accept that I can not do every thing. I have to accept that it is greater to concentrate on a single project.

I have to discover to let go.

So… that is why I have decided to close this weblog.

It is been a complicated selection, and I really feel sad about it, but when a single door closes, a different a single will open.

And who knows, possibly a single day the inspiration will come back, and the need to create, and I’ll create once again on this weblog, or someplace else.

Meanwhile, I’m going to concentrate on the on-line Spanish lessons.

I will not publish right here any longer, nor on the facebook fan web page. I’m just going to maintain the dreamtravelgirl instagram account exactly where I’ll maintain sharing pictures of my trips.

Now it is the time to let go.

Thank you for possessing been there, for possessing been component of this weblog. Thanks.


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