Becoming a girl who is normally on the move signifies I have to face quite a few unique challenges like the continuous alterations of a life up in the air. That is what ideal describes my life as a flight attendant: Alterations. 


Climate alterations, time zone alterations, routine alterations and numerous hours in airplanes, hotels and taxis from and to the airport. All these demanding alterations limit my beauty favorites to a smaller — but trusted — quantity I worship and really like.

A handful of days ago, I accepted the 10-day challenge by VICHY, testing out the new Liftactiv Antioxidant &amp Antifatigue Fresh Shot. The crucial word right here for me is “anti fatigue” considering the fact that I truly require to appear relaxed and rejuvated immediately after extended flights. It is a miracle booster featuring an invigorating formula of chosen components like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, neoesperidine, fragmented hyaluronic acid and maritime pine polyphenols.



Its sturdy antixiodant components make it a potent concentrate fighting the indicators of fatigued skin with 15% pure Vitamin C — a Vitamin my skin is in desperate require of.   


four-five drops a day and the miraculous impact of vitamin C began displaying on my skin! Immediately after three trips, intense climate alterations, traveling from hotel to hotel, from the city centre to the cold of the mountain and my skin looked additional glowy and refreshed than ever! 




As you may possibly know, a flight attendant’s day-to-day schedule is busy, complete of flights, departures in the dead of the evening or early in the morning and difficult operating situations like alterations in the cabin’s stress. Adding a new solution to my day-to-day routine was a challenge I was excited to accept and see the benefits initially hand.


I employed the solution as a portion of my morning beauty routine: cleansing, vitamin C application, moisturizer with SPF. I really like obtaining a glowy skin, specifically in the morning immediately after a very good rest — specifically immediately after days of traveling. 



It was an fascinating challenge for me and an intriguing solution to attempt. A bottle of magic against the indicators of time and fatigue, toning the skin and adding a excellent glow! 


Maria Kalymnou

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