Back in September, I was fortunate sufficient to travel to Paris to attend the opening of the “Her Time”exhibition at the city’s historic Hôtel de Sully. OMEGA’s longest-serving ambassador was also welcomed as a guest, along with her husband and young children. 

The day ahead of the massive opening, she was at the Peninsula Hotel — the exquisite Parisian hotel I was staying when there — attending a press day, providing the journalists and bloggers from all more than the globe, the chance to meet her in individual. 

Of course, I shared every single moment of this trip with all of you via INSTAGRAM — as often! 

Cindy Crawford has been OMEGA’s ambassador for more than two decades, commiting to her function, enjoying shared values and vision with the brand more than the years. Her excellent partnership with OMEGA was the most important concentrate of my interview with her amongst a plethora of other points from her beauty routine, her secret to results and even her partnership with her young children, Kaia and Presley Gerber — two energy millenials who have taken more than the style sector in young age. 

Functioning as a VIP flight attendant, I’ve met numerous celebrities more than the years, numerous of which I utilized to admire and feel very of ahead of even obtaining the likelihood to meet them in individual. Unless somebody is genuinely inspiring. I’ve lost that ‘wow’ element frequent folks have when meeting celebrities for the initially time. 

Cindy Crawford had precisely that: the power, the character, the life attitude and the modesty that impressed and inspired me, creating me go ‘wow’!. She has managed to develop an inspiring life as a sucessful model, businesswoman and mother of two. 

We had a lengthy and enlightening conversation. Beneath, you are going to locate the most crucial components – the components I felt I could determine with the most and I am certain you will also.



Getting a lady in your late 40’s is complicated by itself, let alone getting often in the spotlight and obtaining the media following your every single move. However, she has located the secret to deal with the indicators of time and age by investing in her profession, bettering her relationships and spending time undertaking the points she loves on a everyday basis. 

I could not agree a lot more! 

Cindy has come in terms with time, getting a firm believer that the older you are, the a lot more confident you turn out to be. Figuring out your self superior, delivers a distinct level of awareness — you happen to be no longer wasting your time. 

That level of awareness and information is the greatest present time delivers. 



She could not be happier for her, as she thinks she was born to be a model. In spite of her getting in her teen years, they’ve managed to develop a wonderful partnership collectively with Cindy providing her daughter beneficial tips about the style sector which fortunately she listens to. She thinks that Kaia is a skilled, often listening to the photographers, art directors, stylists and publishers she functions with and she can not wait for her to develop a profession of her personal — with Cindy often there assisting her along the road! 

Her young children are OMEGA’s newest ambassadors, as announced at the opening of the exhibition. Kaia is following her mother’s footsteps and she certain has a lot to be taught from her effective mother! 

To find out a lot more about the dreamy opening of the “Her Time” exhibition in Paris, see right here



In an older interview, she stated that she is her personal ‘Business Daddy’ – a phrase I located intriguing. Her answer was that expanding up in a compact city she had a distinct outlook on life and small business in common. There have been no brands as we know them currently, no influencers or bloggers existed back then and neither did social media. 

She produced working out videos, began her personal cosmetics line and seeked a way to move forward with her profession but could not locate the proper folks to guide her due to the fact agents back then have been just that: agents and absolutely nothing a lot more. So, she had to be her personal manager, her personal Enterprise Daddy, directing her dreams and taking manage of her life and profession, top herself to results.  

That is when I genuinely believed ‘WOW’ ! Such an inspiration, such a function model! Getting a new businesswoman, I felt actually inspired by her words and appreciative of her sturdy character. 


She thinks that her most significant results in her profession is creating lasting relationships with brands as a model and a businesswoman. Her partnership with OMEGA counts more than 22 years and when it started as a skilled partnership, it swiftly became a warm partnership. 

Functioning with OMEGA has been a considerable element of her profession and a lifetime partnership turned to a family members tradition. Asking her about her partnership with the brand and her impressions immediately after going to OMEGA’s manufacturing laboratories, she stated that it was immediately after this take a look at that she realised the precision and exquisite high-quality of the watchmaking process. She utilized 3 words to describe OMEGA: high-quality, heritage, timelessness. 

As a small girl she grew up in a middle-class family members and her initially watch was a Swatch Jelly. Receiving to know the art of watchmaking was an outstanding practical experience for her and I can definitely have an understanding of why! 

This confirms that in life, it does not matter exactly where you began, only exactly where you happen to be headed to. Cindy Crawford is such a function model, an inspiration to all of us, the females who invest into the points their passionate about, who strive for results and worth succesful partnerships a lot more than something, often balancing results with humility.  







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