Meenmutty Falls inside Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary: A Lovely Tropical Jungle Trail – Be On The Road


The gorgeous Meenmutty waterfall that flows through the dense tropical forests of the Western Ghats

Some persons enjoy the mountains. Some enjoy beaches. I enjoy forests and waterfalls. Like the Himalayas in the north, the Western Ghats in peninsular India is complete of certainly incredible forest and wildlife trails. And I have a deep penchant for exploring these attractive green trails that are complete of nature’s wild action.

There is one particular such trail that I occurred to find out not too long ago. It is positioned inside Peppara wildlife sanctuary in Southern Kerala. And this trail meanders by means of tropical evergreen forests top you to a beautiful forest waterfall named Meenmutty waterfall (there is an additional waterfall in Wayanad that goes by the identical name. Do not get confused with it).

The jungle trail leading to Meenmutty Falls inside Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

This Meenmutty waterfall is on the Kallar river that begins deep in the Peppara wildlife sanctuary. You get a glimpse of this attractive mountain river correct ahead of you pull into the forest verify post. Behind you are the majestic mountains of the Western Ghats and in front of you lies the dense jungle canopy. The jungle trek starts correct soon after you total the entry formalities at the forest verify post. You stroll beneath a dense forest canopy with the Kallar river to your left. The trail climbs gradually crossing overgrown tree roots and caves. Someplace in in between, forest officials verify your bags and take away all plastic products from you. Plastic water bottles are permitted against a refundable deposit which can be claimed when you show that you have brought the bottle back (A really cool notion to defend this fragile ecosystem from the plastic menace). As the trek gets steeper, the forest gets denser and the air gets steamier. Quite quickly, you come across a river crossing. Right here, you have to cross this wild river whilst hanging on to thick sets of ropes tied to either river bank. You will invariably get wet whilst crossing the river. This is great as by now you would have worked up really a sweat, although it may be prudent to take care of your mobile phones and wallets. By now, you can hear the thunderous applause of the waterfall, but you can not see it as but. A couple of forest bends later, you can see as properly as hear this beautiful waterfall that is surrounded by dense forests. If the water levels are low, you can take a swim in the pool beneath it. But, if the water levels are higher, all you can do is merely get pleasure from the view. And if you do want to get wet, there are a lot of spots downstream exactly where you can get wet and play in the river.

Scenic mountain highway to Ponmudi hill station, Kerala

This attractive jungle trail and waterfall can be combined with a scenic ride or drive to the offbeat Ponmudi hill station, which is positioned about 20 kms away. Although the trek permits you to get deep into the steamy jungle, Ponmudi permits you to expertise a 360 degree panorama of the Western Ghats. In essence, they make for a good forest / waterfall / hill station / road trip thought in India’s deep south. This is an expertise that I suggest with a lot of thumbs up, particularly for all you nature lovers!

Meenmutty waterfall inside Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

How to get right here:

Trivandrum is your nearest airport and railway station. Although Peppara wildlife sanctuary verify post is about 30 kms from Trivandrum, Ponmudi hill station is about 55 kms away by road. It is greatest to have your personal mode of transportation right here.

Some points to don’t forget:

1) Put on comfy walking footwear

two) Carry a dry bag for your gadgets and valuables

three) Carry a towel and spare modify of garments in case you want to get into the water

four) Please refrain from any type of pollution inside the forest (plastic, cigarette buds, soaps, shampoos, meals products, and so forth.)


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