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Traveling solo scares the shit out of girls for the reason that of stories like mine.

Stories worse than mine. But this is not a Nicaragua story or a scary solo travel story. This is the story of getting a lady.

When I told my existing boyfriend what occurred he felt like it wasn’t secure in Nicaragua. 1 of my very best buddies and fellow vet traveler promptly reminded me that this could’ve occurred anyplace. In a NYC subway or on a beach in South Carolina. She’s suitable. In reality, it has.


It really is occurred to me in the US as well, and sadly most of my girl buddies on Facebook as well.

I grew up in Miami and went to all ages clubs somewhat often. When I was 17, I went to 1 with some buddies, my boyfriend at the time and his buddies. I had a white tank leading on and a cute yellow jean pleated skirt (effectively possibly the colour selection was questionable).

As I walked via the crowd behind a guy buddy, a random guy behind me place his hand up my skirt for a complete ass grab, skin to skin. My instincts took more than. Infuriated, I grabbed his wrist, turned about and yanked him forward. Then I yelled in his face till my guy buddy came more than and got in on the action. They each have been kicked out. But I felt OK about it for the reason that I confronted him.


It does not matter no matter if we’re with our companion or in an additional nation, however, sexual harassment can take place anyplace at any time of day.

This reality is why it is so crucial that persons are speaking up about it on social media with #metoo. It’s crucial that these who are innocent know what’s going on and these that have seasoned it do not really feel alone or guilty or ashamed. What occurred or how you reacted is not your fault. Forcing something sexual on an individual is not OK. It is a substantial trouble. We can’t accept it or brush it away any longer.

At the exact same time I would not want the worry of sexual harassment to cease us from performing what we want to, wearing what we want to or acting how we want to. We can not let the worry of some thing possibly taking place cease us from living our lives. I will not let it cease me from traveling, or traveling solo, and I wouldn’t want worry to cease other ladies from traveling solo when there is so significantly to achieve from it.



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