Holy &[email protected]% 2019, Are You For Actual?


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It appears like a lifetime ago that I wrote this post, which has practically the precise identical title as this a single and explained exactly where I was travelling in 2017. It is difficult to think that that was only two years ago so substantially has occurred given that then, and in quite a few techniques I really feel like a unique particular person. I did certainly go on most of the travels listed in that post, notably Antigua and Barbuda, UAE, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. But I didn’t quit there… I also went to Italy, San Marino, Austria, and Germany on 3 separate trips, and then completed off the year with a press trip to Japan.

It ought to have been a single of the most astounding years of my life. But as I’ve discussed on this weblog just before, when I wasn’t on the road (and even in some cases when I was)… I felt miserable. I was suffering from anxiousness and depression, but frequently attempting to inform myself to snap out of it, due to the fact seriously? I get to travel the planet and this is how I really feel?! Boo goddamn hoo, you know?

But as any of us who have struggled with mental wellness know – hell, as ANY of us know – we do not get to manage our lives and our feelings 24/7. The truth was, regardless of all of the astounding travels I knowledgeable, 2017 was a year fraught with sadness and aggravation. I was burnt out from also substantially travel, stressed out from moving across an ocean, and frequently suffering from intense loneliness.

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2018 initially geared up to be a lot greater. I had moved house to Canada, and began the year with a excellent road trip across Western Canada followed by a trip to Arizona and Nevada. I then flew to London, exactly where I anticipated to remain for 3 weeks just before travelling solo about the Balkans.

Inside two weeks of getting in the UK, I booked a ticket and flew house. For when in my life, I was listening to my physique and my thoughts, realizing that travelling was the final factor I ought to be undertaking. I required to settle for a even though, to obtain routine, and to not jump right away back into the hectic schedule 2017 had verified disastrous for me.

2018 nevertheless ended up getting a terrific year, possibly a lot more so due to the fact I did take that step back and focused on slowing down. I gardened, cooked, constructed a deck, and focused on perform. I nevertheless managed to go on a museum tour of Mississippi, a trip to the Caribbean with my mum (Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada), an totally thoughts-blowing adventure about Namibia, and fast visits to Texas and Arizona. I also travelled about my house province of Manitoba a lot a lot more, and got to see just how entertaining living in Winnipeg is. Plus, I adopted the really like of my life, Dottie.

And if you have been reading this weblog not too long ago, you know that I’ve began an completely unique type of adventure in my life: I’ve decided to completely adjust my view of wholesome living, going from an very sedentary and inactive way of life to a single exactly where I go to the fitness center each day and take care of myself via wholesome consuming. And wouldn’t you know, it is freaking working… I really feel physically greater than ever, and I’m in a position to handle my mental wellness challenges a lot greater, also.

But you didn’t believe I would be content material just to sit at house all year, would you?

It turns out 2019 is going to be just as crazy with travelling as ever, but the ideal portion? I really feel prepared and excited for it. In the previous I’ve felt stress to travel as generally as feasible in some cases due to the fact of this market that I’m in, in some cases just due to the fact of the stress I’m placing on myself. This year? This year I’m travelling for the pure joy and really like of it, for the causes I very first began travelling all these years ago: to see areas with my personal eyes, to knowledge, to understand.

Oh, and to consume.

For the reason that do you know exactly where I’m going very first?

ONLY MY FAVOURITE Nation IN THE Planet! We meet once again, Italia!

And do you know what I’m undertaking when I get there?!

TOURING THE AMALFI COAST!! All caps and crazy exclamation points due to the fact this has been my dream for at least a decade. Though this will be my 13th time in Italy, I was usually saving the Amalfi Coast. For what? I do not know. But when Club Adventures got in touch about a collaboration, I knew it was fate I had even mentioned in my 2019 Travel Ambitions post that I would really like this year to be the a single that would incorporate the Amalfi Coast.

The kicker? I leave THIS WEEK. That is correct, in a matter of days, I will be in Rome consuming cacio e pepe and drinking red wine like it is water. Extended-time readers will know that I pretty seldom accept any collaborations or partnerships any longer, but this knowledge with Club Adventures seemed also great to be correct: some thing I’ve usually wanted to do, of course, but also some thing that I know a lot of persons have asked me about. I’m so excited to share what travelling on a modest, nearby tour of Italy is like while I generally travel solo, I do not Usually want to travel solo, and this is specifically the type of tour I’m usually hunting for on-line and hope to be in a position to advocate to readers.

More than ten days, I will be touring Naples (you ideal think I’m acquiring the ideal pizza in that city, I do not care how extended it requires), Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, and so quite a few a lot more outstanding areas. Believe olive groves, limoncello tastings, and views of the sea for days. Needless to say, I can not wait.

When the tour is more than, nonetheless, I’m not flying house. I’m undertaking some thing that I have been saying I was going to do on this weblog for the previous 4 years. No, seriously, I’ve mentioned it in my travel targets posts for 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.

That is right… I’m travelling about the Balkans for 3 weeks!

From Rome, I fly to Tirana, exactly where I’ll meet my mum. From there we have a whirlwind trip via Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina (my 100th nation!), Serbia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. I have had the Greatest time researching this trip for the previous 3 months, and I can not wait to lastly see it all and share it with you.

Please make certain to adhere to along on Instagram for Italy and the Balkans updates I’ll be posting everyday on stories and will certainly take tons of pictures (I even purchased a new camera lens for the occasion). I’ll also be posting as substantially as feasible on Facebook!

Lastly, we fly back to Rome exactly where we’ll meet my mum’s companion Marty with two days in the city, we’re going to have an early 35th birthday celebration for me (my birthday is Could 5th). They’ve mentioned we can do what ever I want to do, so naturally I mentioned I want to sit in a square all day and alternate in between drinking Lambrusco and espresso.

It goes devoid of saying that I am feeling extremely grateful and extremely overwhelmed (in the pretty ideal way). The only items I’m feeling stressed about are a) Dottie and b) my way of life adjustments. In terms of Dottie, I have hired an astounding sitter who will reside in my property even though I’m gone she currently spent a week with Dottie in February, and Dottie loves her pretty substantially. I’m confident Dottie will be super satisfied and loved even though I’m away, but I’m freaking out at how substantially I’ll miss her. In terms of my way of life changes… yeah… I’m hoping the continual walking/sightseeing will offset me consuming my physique weight in pasta each day…?

I’m back in Winnipeg for Could to October I want to take benefit of the sunny months for lots of gardening, outside time with Dottie, and camping. I could squeak in a trip to Tennessee if I can, but that is a distant dream at the moment.

But come October… I’ll be joining a single of Helen’s Rock My Adventure trips once again! I had the Greatest time with her in Namibia final year, and I can not wait to see yet another portion of the African continent with her this time about. I’ll be joining her South Africa, eSwatini, and Mozambique tour I’ve been to South Africa, but only to Cape Town, so I’m extremely excited to go on safari in Kruger. I’m also dying to see the turquoise waters of Mozambique’s coast. Much more on this trip in the coming months!

All in all, this is shaping up to be an astounding year. As I pointed out above, I’m feeling so satisfied and so relaxed about these travels, a lot more so than I have in years. 2017 was rough, 2018 was the year I located my footing, and 2019 is the year I place it all into practice. In truth, this is Precisely the type of way of life I want as an alternative of lots of shorter trips, I really like the concept of two longer adventures all through the year.

It took me a extended time to get right here, but I really feel happier and a lot more safe than I have in years, than I have probably ever in my life. It is funny I usually believed I required to be frequently travelling, that I required to reside in a location like Osaka or London, that I required to be forever moving, moving, moving in order to be satisfied. My wanderlust was what defined me, I believed, even if it was in some cases bringing me down.

Lovely sunset on Delta Beach

Now I see that I’m just as satisfied when I have my hands in the mud, weeding my garden. When I’m snuggled up on the couch with my gorgeous dog, consuming a house-cooked meal. When I’m laughing with pals more than a beer, pals that I do not have to frequently say goodbye to. And yes, when I’m on an airplane, so excited to step into a new-to-me land, to try to remember why I got on an airplane as a wide-eyed kid all these years ago.

2019 is about that balance. As usually, I hope you will stick about for the ride.




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