Going to AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU FROM KRAKOW: All You Need to have To Know.





I can not even comment on this photo.

However, if the Nazi had been capable of such atrocities, it will come as no surprise that some persons really go to these locations and lightly take selfies in front of the victims’ hair or in the gas chamber at Auschwitz I. I witnessed such appalling behaviors and I speak about it on my report of my personal knowledge.


When I decided to lastly go to Auschwitz, I believed about regardless of whether bringing my expert camera to the website or not FOR DAYS.

I wondered if it was the appropriate option to take images in there, but then I realized that by taking these images, I wanted to attempt and convey the discomfort and suffering that went on in there.



The believed of becoming in the photo didn’t even cross my thoughts. What would be the objective of splashing my face in a photo with a background of horror and discomfort?

When we insert ourselves in a image, that picture becomes a “souvenir”. And there is absolutely nothing additional incorrect than taking a “souvenir” photo at Auschwitz.

If you need to take a image, do it with a additional noble objective, possibly to bear in mind how you felt (even if I can assure you, there is no will need to appear at a image to go back to that location in your thoughts, but at least you are no disrespecting the victims and their households).


Appear at it this way: How would it make you really feel if you had lost a dear 1 and a bunch of idiots had been taking smiley selfies in front of the grave of that particular person? Sufficient stated.


Needless to say, going to Auschwitz to take a smiley selfie is NOT the cause you ought to be there. I really feel ashamed for these persons and I want there was a way to give a enormous fine to them.

This way, the word “Dark Tourism” would possibly have a completely diverse which means, even if I doubt I would ever adjust my thoughts about the wording applied to describe why persons ought to be going to these locations.





One particular of the quite a few controversial selfies taken at Auschwitz. I personally locate it absolutely disrespectful.


Exactly where You Can Take Photos In Auschwitz/Birkenau:


  • Outdoors, on the most important grounds in Auschwitz Museum/camp and Birkenau camp
  • Inside the Museum and Barracks in each Auschwitz 1 and Birkenau (with a handful of exceptions at Auschwitz memorial museum, see beneath)


Exactly where You Can NOT Take Photos In Auschwitz/Birkenau:


  • Totally forbidden in Space five of Block four (Human air of the victims)
  • In the cellars of Block 11, named by prisoners “The Block of Death”. In the cellars, there was the camp detention residence.
  • In the region of the safety verify of guests and their hand luggage.


I decided to embed this video of persons laughing and taking selfies at Auschwitz for the reason that it is actually horrifying. If you go there please, Bear in mind Exactly where YOU ARE AND SHOW A Tiny RESPECT FOR ALL THE SUFFERING THAT WENT Via IN THERE. 


Much more Information about photographs in Auschwitz:


  • Selfies are permitted, but discretion need to be applied at all instances. I personally do not propose taking selfies in any situations, as a sign of respect to the victims. This is even additional crucial in the forbidden regions (I saw persons taking selfies when no 1 was searching) and also in the only crematorium nevertheless current in Auschwitz I).
  • You can not use the flash or tripods inside the units in the museum.


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