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We very first heard about the Freedom Tour in our Sisters Traveling Solo (STS) Facebook group, and we wanted to know extra.  Bianca, the woman on this Freedom Tour, produced a life altering selection to leave her corporate job and live life on her personal terms.  We got a opportunity to catch up with Bianca to study extra about her journey.


 STS: Tell us about what you are calling your “Freedom Tour”.  What ignited the spark in you to make the selection you produced?


Bianca: The Freedom Tour is anything I began with the goal of freeing myself from the chains I felt in my personal life.  I began operating in a corporate atmosphere and daily felt extra trapped inside my personal life.  I felt overwhelmed, bored, sad and alone. I was living to operate.  The Freedom Tour is my release of these chains, and living the life I want to reside on my personal terms. 


Component of the Freedom Tour is also about inspiring other folks to begin their personal “Freedom Tour”. To enable them really feel empowered to do the issues they want to do, and be no cost regardless of whether that is in way of life, sexuality, operate and any other techniques.


STS: How did you really feel right after creating such a significant step stepping away from the surroundings that you had turn out to be comfy with?


Bianca: I felt good, but a small loss.  A fantastic loss even though.  One particular of the greatest components was possessing time to figure out what is it that I wanted to do with my life.  And becoming okay with the reality that it may possibly alter.

STS: Do you have any suggestions for pondering of carrying out equivalent?


Bianca: Do it! If you wait you may possibly by no means do it.


STS: What motivates you to preserve going?


Bianca: I’ve found that traveling and new experiences are in my spirit. I really feel at dwelling in a way of life of not possessing a “home”. The motivation is the indescribable feeling that I get when I am in an unfamiliar land. It breeds a sense of happiness and its when I really feel alive. 

STS: What nations have you visited on your Freedom Tour?


Bianca:  France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Morocco, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia briefly. Also, some of my favourite US cities.


STS: Of the Nations you pointed out, which have you visited most lately? What produced you pick that Nation?


Bianca:  South Africa.  I had wanted to go to South Africa for a lengthy time, and it seemed like the suitable time.


STS: While traveling, how lengthy does it generally take you to adapt to your surroundings?


Bianca: Commonly quickly, I adapt quite rapidly. Some issues I do recommend to adapting rapidly is getting respectful to the culture.


Also, if you are incredibly nervous attempt a trip with a equivalent culture and language. For instance, England is incredibly equivalent to American culture. If you are nervous to travel alone, you can also practice. Perhaps attempt to do issues you delight in alone as an alternative of men and women.


STS: Have you had any security issues all through your travels?


Bianca:  I am usually conscious of my surroundings and belonging even though traveling.  Being conscious of men and women watching, or following is incredibly crucial. I generally never really feel secure, but I nonetheless make confident I am conscious of unsafe scenarios that may possibly arise.

STS: Have you produced any pals on your journey? Do you obtain it simple to make new pals getting a solo traveler?


Bianca: Quite a few!  It has been 1 of the greatest aspect of the journey! I’ve produced some of my greatest pals even though getting abroad.  It is been rather simple to make pals!  I obtain that it is so substantially much easier to obtain pals getting alone than when I’m with other folks.


STS: What are a handful of crucial security suggestions you would recommend to our readers to preserve in thoughts even though traveling solo? 



  • Be conscious of your surroundings and men and women about you.

  • If you begin feeling danger or nervous trust your instincts.

  • Ask other females for enable very first, then older guys.

  • Say you are married, meeting with a boyfriend, or one more particular person if asked if you are alone

  • Have a telephone with you even if you never have service you may possibly be capable to get on neighborhood service.


STS: Where can we stick to your journey?


Bianca:  When I travel I have a tendency to go MIA, but I would truly appreciate men and women subscribing to my YouTube web page which I lately began. I will post videos on my Freedom tour, share suggestions, and resources to enable men and women really feel empowered in a lot of elements of life.


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