Evaluation: Vietnam Airlines VN674 Economy Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh City – MYTRAVELLICIOUS


Vietnam Airlines is 1 of the airlines in the Southeast Asia that generally providing the competitive ticket value. I had a opportunity to grab of the ticket to Ho Chi Minh City for my subsequent Vietnam trip.  Right here, I would to do a small bit uncomplicated flight critique for your reference in the future.

For this flight, they are employing A321, virtually the exact same as most of of AirAsia flight. When I entered the flight, no greetings from the cabin crew, as they are busy with their personal perform, and did not even border the passenger getting into the flight.

I enjoy their cabin crew uniform. They are wearing yellow and green Ao Dai. I believe yellow Ao Dai is for the Lead Cabin Crew. To be sincere, they are not truly friendly like other people premium airlines. They appear anxiety and it is remind me with the spending budget airlines cabin crews, effectively not all spending budget airlines cabin crew are terrible, some of it are fantastic. May well be they are tired with the extended flight.


I straight away seated at my seat. Fortunately I got an emergency line seat. They asked me if I am not choose the emergency seat, I can asked them to modify the seat. I under no circumstances asked for the modify of the seat beore, so I did it in this flight to see the action for the crew. They told me politely that I can modify to other seat when the flight taking off. I had no difficulty with that.

Prior to take off, everyone offered the refreshing tissue. Bonus to the Vietnam Airlines, as not numerous premium airlines offered the  refreshing tissue for the brief haul flight. Their inflight magazine ‘Heritage’ also a fantastic study material.

For the seat, it is hunting a small bit dull and old but comfy and the leg space is spacious. No Television at the seat, so no to the flight entertainment. Centralized film under no circumstances attracted me to watch the film. Greater I watched my offline Netflix film.

Every person eager about the in flight meal, it is like me. As I am worried that I did not requested the Muslim Meal (MOML), but I am confidently the meal is Halal. All the flight from Kuala Lumpur are catered by Brahim Catering, and it is generally Halal. 

I generally content to receive  a complete in flight meal. Not like my national airlines, which providing a box meal even for the international flight (southeast asia) *cough* *cough*. The complete in flight meal generally lovely, set of appitizer, primary meal and a desert.

My primary meal is a fried rice with chicken and vegetable. It is a small bit dry.  I had a doubt about my appetizer as it is small bit “reddish” for regular. So, I asked politely the cabin crew about the appetizer. The cabin crew confidently informed me “Possibly PORK”. I lost my appetite straight away, as I had a small bite.

I had share my practical experience on the FB and I got mixed feedback about this. Immediately after I touched down, I straight away e mail their consumer service about my feedback and what occurred on the flight. To clear my doubt and at least I get the precise answers from the airlines.

From their e mail, it is pointed out that forthe Kuala Lumpur sector, they will not served any pork. But they did not answer my query concerning the halal status of the meal from Kuala Lumpur. But basically I know, it is Halal as I pointed out just before Brahim Catering catered all the flight meal from Kuala Luumpur. But they also pointed out that the appetizer which they told me “PORK”, basically was a chicken.

I hope most the airlines, need to have at least a list of the menu and ingredient they served to the passenger. If they do not want to distributed the menu to the passenger, at least just for their reference in case the passanger asked about the ingredient, not just guess or employing the word “MAYBE’.

General, it was a smooth flight but following the incident, my mood was ruined and a small bit angry and disappointing. I know it was my fault also as I did not request the Halal Meal. So from now on, I generally booked the Halal Meal even for my flight from Kuala Lumpur.

My E-mail

Their reply for my e mail

An additional e mail from the Cabin Crew Division.


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