eight surprising factors that I noticed in Australia


I bet we all have our imagination of foreign nations prior to we arrive someplace new. Properly this is what shocked me soon after three months of living in Australia.

1. Fruits are pretty high-priced

I assumed that this green nation will have lots of low-cost fruits at the supermarkets but regrettably it turned out to be opposite. Fresh fruits are pretty high-priced right here.

two. They drink a lot of flavoured milk

Sausage roll and flavoured milk is the most frequent breakfast mixture I see at the roadhouse. Every single second consumer buys flavoured milk. Right here is why I would be concerned about drinking that flavoured milk each day :

Flavoured milk consists of a caffeine ‘bomb’

“Some milk drinks include up to 3 instances the caffeine hit located in a standard cup of coffee, new analysis shows.

The findings are a wake-up contact to parents who purchase flavoured milk, believing the drinks are wholesome.”

three. Smokes are purchased by the quantity

A further odd factor that I found apart the truth that smokes are pretty high-priced right here is that individuals purchase them by the quantity not by brand. The most standard query is „ Do you have something in 30-s ?“. I do not actually get it trigger you actually do not save something if you purchase packet of 40’s as an alternative of 20’s.

JPS 26’s = 25,eight AUD

Winfield 30’s = 35,five  AUD

Peter Jackson 30’s = 35,five AUD

Lengthy Beach 40’s = 45 AUD

four. They really like toasties

HCT, CCT – these are the shortened names for Ham Cheese Tomato and Chicken Cheese Tomato toasted sandwiches which they actually really like and order very normally.

five. Drinking with straws

A person buys a coke ? Do not overlook to inform him exactly where the straws are, trigger they use them anytime they drink any type of flavoured milk, soda or any other drink.

six. White tea and Flat white coffee

Every single time somebody orders tea I have to ask if they want it with milk trigger that is how they generally drink tea right here.

They drink a Flat White coffee and for the ones who haven’t heard something about it, right here is sth for you to study: 

What Is A Flat White Coffee? 


7. Walking about barefoot ? practically nothing particular

I see a lot of individuals coming to the roadhouse with no any footwear and as soon as there was a lady wearing robe. I wonder if they ever get reduce.

eight. Australia can be freezing

I didn’t take any appropriate jacket along with me which was a large error. It is freezing at evening and as soon as the genuine summer season is more than you will be “enjoying” heavy rainfalls. 

I imagined that it will be sunny right here all year extended, which let’s be sincere, was a bit silly factor to assume. They nonetheless have a winter and a summer season.





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