Bali Itinerary for 10 Days


Bali Itinerary for 10 Days

Bali is easily the most popular island in Indonesia, and maybe even Asia! With its beautiful locals, tasty cuisine, fascinating culture and relax beachy vibe, its no wonder why tourists flock to this island paradise.

I visit Bali every year with my average stay around a month (my longest was 2 ) most people I talk to however have around 10-14 days they to too spend on the island of Bali. So I’ve put together the perfect Bali Itinerary for 10 days! This will cover it all beaches, nightlife, tourist attractions, day trips, culinary experiences, waterfalls and rice paddies.

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Bali Itinerary for 10 Days

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What to know about Bali

Getting There

Jetstar often have sale fares to Bali and takes around 5.5 hours from the East Coast of Australia. If you are coming from someone other than Australia I would recommend using Garuda (Indonesian’s owned airline) and searching for your desired dates via

On Arrival

You will arrive at Denpasar International Airport. Walking out of the airport you may initially feel overwhelmed as there is often a mass of people (usually men) that are waiting to give you transport. I highly advise organising a shuttle with your hotel, alternatively, there is a Taxi rank when you exit to your right that is fixed priced; from memory, it is around 120,000rp to Seminyak area which is about 20-30 mins away depending on traffic.

Getting Around

Although Bali is not huge, there are a lot of locations to visit and several ways you can reach them! Hiring a motorbike is an option – although I am never game. I usually get around by organising a local driver for day trips or for going longer distances.  For shorter distances, I either walk or use “Blue Bird” taxis.

Cost of Travelling in Bali

Cost of travelling in Bali really depends on several factors including where in Bali you want to go, your travel style, and what you will be doing. Bali on a budget, is easily achieved if you plan and research ahead, stay at hostels or guest houses and don’t travel around too much. Although the island is small travelling to each hot spot can get expensive especially if you are solo or getting a private driver.

When to Visit

July, August and December are classed as the peak season. Dec-March are the wet season. My favourite would be anytime 🙂 During the wet season the prices are down but the rubbish on the beaches rise!

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things to do in bali


Day 1-2 – Seminyak

Firstly you will need to work out how you plan to get from the airport to Seminyak (or wherever you choose to start your holiday). As soon walk out of arrivals you will see a crowd of drivers. It can be fairly overwhelming the first couple of times. If you walk to your right there’s an actual Taxi stand were you prepay and its a fixed price.

The easiest way to avoid being overcharged is to pre-arrange a driver to pick you up. This can either be private via Viator or through your hotel. It should cost around 80,000 Rupiah (IDR) from Denpasar airport to Seminyak. If you’re arriving at night it’s even more important to pre-book through your accommodation as they will know the property’s exact location!

Alternatively, you can use Grab which is the Uber of Indonesia.

Bali Itinerary
La Plancha | Bali Itinerary

Starting your Bali Itinerary in Seminyak is a great choice although it’s quite busy these days it’s nice to start your holiday here as there are lots of great options of food, night life and beaches. I always stay in Seminyak in when I come, there are so many cheap gorgeous villas that you can rent long term or stay at for a couple of nights. Although getting busier every time I visit, it has all my favourite cafes that I just love working from! Seminyak has everything including designers boutiques, Bali’s famous beach clubs, Spa’s to fit every price range and fine dining restaurants.

Try Alam Bidadari if you are after a Villa or D’djabu if want a budget option! Or check out our Seminyak Accommodation Guide.

Bali Itinerary
Seminyak Beach | Bali Itinerary

What to do in Seminyak

  • Stay in a private villa
  • Watch the sunset from La Plancha
  • Brunch Hop
  • Spend the day by the pool at Potato Head Beach Club
  • Go shopping on Jalan Laksmana
  • Have a spa day at Bodyworks
Bali Itinerary
Bali Dream Villas | Bali Itinerary

Where to eat in Seminyak

I wrote ‘the best Seminyak Cafes‘ and ‘the best Seminyak Restaurants‘  for the full lists of my favourite places to eat in Seminyak.

  • Warung Ocha – Cheap Warung
  • Bo and Buns- Vietnamese Mid Range
  • Barbacoa- Latin American Cuisine
  • Kynd Cafe- Instagram Worthy Brunch
  • Revolver- The Best Coffee
  • Biku- Best High Tea
  • Motel Mexicola- Vibes and Mexican
Bali Itinerary
Shelter Cafe | Bali Itinerary
Bali Itinerary
Corner House Cafe | Bali Itinerary
Bali Itinerary
Kynd Cafe | Bali Itinerary

Day 2-4 – Canggu

Just the next suburb over you will find Canggu. You can easily grab a bluebird taxi to Canggu for next to nothing. The town is surrounded by rice paddies which makes Canggu very beautiful, it is also known as the cool surfer town. You will find an array of organic and vegan restaurants and cheap gorgeous villas and hotels. Try Bali Dream Villas  or Fella Villas via Air BnB for some luxe for less. Or the very cool Pineapple House for an amazing surf and yoga retreat!

Bali Itinerary
Batu Belong Beach | Bali Itinerary

What to do in Canggu

Canggu is my new favourite place to stay! During my retreat at the Pineapple House last year, I fell in love with this cool town when I left to surf. There are so many great things to do in Canggu. Rent a villa with the squad, head to the beach for some waves and refuel at one of the cafes below.

  • Learn to Surf
  • Visit the Markets
  • Day trip to Tanah Lot
  • Have fun at the Beach Clubs- The Lawn and Finns are our top picks
  • Party- Poison Skate Park and La Laguna
  • Work from the amazing Cafes
  • Rent a scooter
Bali Itinerary
Cloud 9 | Bali Itinerary

Where to eat in Canggu

There are so many wonderful cafes and restaurants in Canggu. I wrote this post on ‘the best Cafes in Canggu‘, but below is a quick list to get your started.

  • Peleton Supershop- Vegan Everything
  • Crate Café- Best Brunch
  • Green Ginger Noodle House- Asian Cuisine
  • Fishbone Local- Fresh Feasts
  • Milu by Nook- Long lunch cafes
  • The Slow- Fine dining
Bali Itinerary
Poke Bowl at Milu by Nook | Bali Itinerary
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Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpur Itinerary for 2 Days
Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpur Itinerary for 2 Days

Day 4-6- Ubud

Next up on our Bali Itinerary for 10 days is the wonderful Ubud. Ubud is around 2.5 hours from Canggu, I used Grab as my mode of transport which was around 120,000 Rp. You can also get a shared bus which is a much cheaper option but you will need to go to a specific departure point at a certain time, you can try either Kura Kura Bus or Perama Bus.  Alternatively, you can ask either hotel to organise the journey.

Ubud to me is the cultural hub of Bali, it is surrounded by rice paddies and lush rainforest, making it a breath of fresh air from the busier likes of Seminyak and Canggu. Especially if you stay on the outskirts of town. Come here to recharge, meditate, take part in yoga classes and see another side of Bali. The calming atmosphere, amazing restaurants, incredible landscapes and culture make Ubud a must stay location!

  • Ubud Accommodation for under $200

Bali Itinerary
Sankara Resort | Bali Itinerary

What to do in Ubud

You may just want to get to Ubud and do nothing back relax and pamper. Especially if your accommodation is as gorgeous as Suarti Boutique Village or Sankara Resort! In case you are up for a day trip or two and fancy a cooking class below are my favourite things to do whilst in Ubud.

  • Day trip to the Waterfalls
  • Have a go on the famous Ubud Swing
  • Visit the iconic Ubud Art Markets
  • See the rice paddies
  • Climb Mt Batur
  • Do an authentic cooking class
  • Go to the Monkey Forest
Bali Itinerary for 10 Days
Balinese Offering | Bali Itinerary for 10 Days

Where to eat in Ubud

Another reason to fall in love with Ubud is the energetic food scene. Offering local Indonesian cuisine and extraordinary dining overlooking the lush rainforest, vegan delights and everything in between. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Alchemy
  • Clear Cafe
  • Sakti Dining Room
  • Watercress
  • KAFE
  • Warung Biah Biah
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Bali Itinerary for 10 Days
Warung Biah Biah | Bali Itinerary for 10 Days
Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpur Itinerary for 2 Days

Day 6-8- Nusa Dua or Uluwatu

Located on opposites sides of the Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu is most famous for its stunning cliff-top temple and epic surf break whilst Nusa Dua is the resort mecca with pristine beaches!  Choose whichever one takes your fancy, you could also stay a night at each or even take a day trip instead.

Bali Itinerary
Uluwatu | Bali Itinerary

What to do in Nusa Dua or Uluwatu

Hire a moto and start exploring the amazing surf breaks and beaches. There are so many different areas to explore, our favourites are Uluwatu Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach and Dreamland Beach.

  • Watch the surfers at Uluwatu Beach
  • Have a Sunday Sesh at Single Finn Beach Club
  • Have a seafood dinner on Jimbaran Beach
  • Explore the beaches
  • Uluwatu Temple And Kecak Fire Dance
Bali Itinerary
Dream Beach | Bali Itinerary

Nusa Dua is a popular resort area in Bali along the southern coast in the Bukit Peninsula. But don’t let the term resort area turn you off from visiting here. Spend a day or your entire holiday here and you’ll be treated to some of Bali’s best beaches, clear waters, great snorkelling, the top golf on the island and more. There are an abundance of things to do in Nusa Dua.

  • Relax at the Beach
  • Relax by the Pool
  • See the Water Blow Hole
  • Take a boat to Serangan Island
  • Enjoy the water sports
  • Snorkel at Nusa Dua Beach
Bali Itinerary
Nusa Dua Beach | Bali Itinerary
Bali Itinerary 10 Days
Kecak Dance | Bali Itinerary 10 Days
Bali Itinerary 10 Days
Nusa Dua Beach | Bali Itinerary 10 Days

Day 8-10- Nusa Islands

The Nusa Islands are three small Indonesian islands, they consist of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. You can get a fast boat to the islands from Sanur harbour for as little as 150,000 Rp one way.

Although not actually a part of Bali, they are extremely close and its nice to explore Indonesia beyond Bali! Life on the Nusa Islands is all about relaxing, hiking, snorkelling and cliff jumping!

If you don’t want to actually stay on the island you could stay 2 nights in Jimbaran or Sanur, both are nice and quiet beach towns with a range of lovely hotels and restaurants. Then take a day trip to visit Nusa Penida instead.

Where to stay

Nusa Lembongan- The Acala Shri Sedana, MolaMola House 
Nusa Penida- Pandawa Beach Resort and Spa Luxury, Kompyang Cottage, Penida Bambu Green
Nusa Ceningan-  Le Pirate Beach Club Nusa, Ceningan Resort

Bali Itinerary
Nusa Ceningan | Bali Itinerary

What to do on the Nusa Islands

  • Visit Crystal Bay
  • Hike through Tembeling Forest
  • Snorkel at Mushroom Beach
  • Check out the caves at Broken Beach
  • Take a boat tour around the mangrove forests
  • Dive at Temple Point
  • Go rock jumping at Mahana Point Cliff Jump
  • Explore Devil’s Tears
  • Visit the famous Kelingking Beach and viewpoint
Bali Itinerary
Kelingking Beach | Bali Itinerary
Bali Itinerary
Diamond Beach | Bali Itinerary
Bali Itinerary
Broken Beach | Bali Itinerary

So that was our Bali itinerary for 10 days! Have you been to Bali before? What was your favourite thing to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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