Adventure activites in Bosnia and Herzegovina


eight. Mountain Biking epic landscapes

Taking it a level up from the far more casual CIRO cycling route, these who want a bit of an adventure challenge can discover the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina on far more heavy hitting bikes.

There are lots of areas to head Mount Biking, preferred places involve Bitovinja and Zlatar, while the route about Bjelašnica and the village of Lukomir I described above is possibly 1 of the most scenic in the nation and also blends in that cultural and historical touch.

The gorgeous Kravica waterfalls

9. Tubing, boating and jet skiing

With so lots of extraordinary lakes, rivers and waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can tailor your adventure activities to suit your level of chill or thrill.

Kravica Waterfall gives a relaxing setting to lounge about in the water, although Scit lake, with its monastery in the middle, its a gorgeous spot to employ 1 of the handful of neighborhood Jet Skis.

Seriously, road-tripping this nation will take you via lots of unbelievably coloured water spots, so while the coastline of Neum is tiny in Bosnia and Herzegovina, water adventures are most undoubtedly in!

10 Skydiving at Banja Luka

If you fancy taking to the skies and having an aerial view of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are a handful of areas you can do this.

One particular of the most preferred is Banja Luka skydiving club, and provided the spectacular countryside you will be higher above, it is not surprising.

The club has been about for decades and was exactly where the very first Skydive in Bosnia and Herzegovina took spot. Your jump will offer a birds-eye view of the lush green countryside and multi-coloured hues of greens and blues from the lots of lakes all through the mountains.


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