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At this point in time I’ve travelled to 42 distinct nations in the planet. 38 of them solo. I’ve travelled for extended periods of time and shorter periods of time.

The cause I can afford to travel so substantially?

I mainly remain in dorm rooms.

Yes I know, I’m 32. While I do delight in going out I’m not the identical celebration girl that I when was. Nevertheless if you pick out the correct dorm area, spending budget travel can be each low cost and enjoyable. Staying in dorms is a fantastic way to make new pals and uncover out data about the spot you are travelling in.

In the previous I stayed in mixed dorms, mainly for the reason that they had been all that was accessible. Fortunately we now have the selection more than a mixed dorm or a female dorm in most hostels now. I often pick out the female only dorm, right here are my factors why:

One particular issue that I’ve noticed from my quite a few years of dorm knowledge, is that guys snore a lot additional and a lot louder than any lady I’ve come across! Most nights that I have stayed in a mixed dorm I’ve had to place up with some sort of snoring, be that slow, raspy snoring or complete on fog horn snoring. I’ve heard it all.

Yes, I’m completely conscious that females snore also, but it takes place a lot much less normally, and with slightly much less sound than an A380 taking off.

Typically I’m fine in a female dorm if I place in my earplugs and place on my mask.

caught mid-nap!


When booking a mixed dorm there is no assure about what variety of men and women will be staying there. Lots of are just friendly, spending budget travellers like me but I’ve had a couple of experiences with guys in dorms that have produced me choose that it is not protected sufficient for me.

When I was in Munich there was a loud, obnoxious guy at the hostel bar who just wouldn’t leave me alone. I got so desperate that I basically walked up to a gang of girls and pretended to be their buddy. Fortunately it worked and the guy backed off. Following a very good evening with new pals, I went to sleep in my mixed hostel area.

I woke up and quickly locked eyes on that really identical creepy guy. He was staring at me intently and was just in his boxer shorts. I quickly woke up, grabbed my bag and switched rooms.

A different time I was in Koh Phi Phi at the finest rated hostel. I was staying in a four bed dorm. It was me and a gang of three Italian guys. The guys seemed friendly sufficient. One particular evening I was dozing off to sleep when 1 of the Italian guys jumped in my bed and began kissing me. I screamed at him and threw him across the area, his mates woke up and they promised to retain him below manage. My trust had been lost and I just couldn’t sleep. The subsequent day I moved to a private area and caught the worse meals poisoning of my life, but that is a further story completely.

When I travel, I want to really feel protected. I just do not really feel protected when I’m sleeping with random guys in my area. I have met quite a few fantastic pals in mixed dorms but as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that I’d rather spend a bit further for security, and just make pals in the frequent area.

Enjoying a Tim Tam in my dorm in New Zealand

One particular time I was in Hanoi, Vietnam. I was staying in a $five a evening dorm in a central location. I woke up and was all of a sudden hit with the most peculiar smell. I basically believed there was a dead animal in there. It turned out to be 1 guy with filthy clothing stained with sweat and emanating a thick smell of stale booze. It was most likely the most rancid smell I’ve ever smelt. I moved to the other side of the area but the smell was nonetheless there…

I’ve stayed in other mixed dorms exactly where the guys had been just as pungent. Some of the additional spending budget dorms have had guys who have been living in then extended term also, additional like a homeless shelter than a hostel.

However, a lady can not just get changed in the middle of a mixed dorm. Some guys may well believe it is an invitation for one thing additional. I recall shuffling to the toilet to get changed when staying in mixed dorms. I can not be bothered with that. I’d rather just get changed in the area with out feeling self conscious or that somebody was watching me.

When I was in a mixed dorm in Sydney Australia. I was wearing a nightdress and I had pulled the covers off myself while I was sleeping, so the entire dorm was receiving an eyeful of my boobs. If It was a female dorm I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid, but I felt so embarrassed for the reason that I was in a mixed dorm.

Do you know the cause why female dorms are additional high-priced? It is frequently for the reason that it is a lot tougher to fill them in low season. I’ve had the pleasure of staying in dorms with just 1-two other individuals or at times I’ve even had the entire dorm to myself! A private area for the price tag of a dorm! Outcome.

This dorm was definitely not empty!

All travellers have knowledgeable it. It is 4am and somebody feels like it is the fantastic time to commence packing their bag. They have also decided to forsake packing cubes for plastic bags. Hallelujah!

In a female dorm I really feel comfy sufficient to inform them to pack outdoors, be quiet, turn off the light ect. In a mixed dorm I wouldn’t really feel as confident. Guys normally do not like getting told what to do by a lady, what ever their age.

Dressed up as a sailor at a fancy dress celebration in New Zealand.

One particular issue I’ll never ever fully grasp is why couples pick out to remain in dorm rooms. About 99% of the time a private area is specifically double the price tag of a dorm bed. I’ve met quite a few decent couples in dorms, but quite a few additional who really feel like the dorm is their personal individual adore hut.

I stayed in a dorm in Krakow in Poland, a super low cost location. It was just myself and the couple in the area. They went out of their way to make me really feel as uncomfortable as achievable. Snuggling, touching, kissing, sharing a bed, all while I was in the area. I just do not get it…

So there you have it, 7 factors why I choose to remain in female only dorms. Do you agree with my points?



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