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Attempting to stick to a healthier way of life and stay match when traveling was 1 of the most significant challenges I had to face more than the course of my experienced life. Producing healthier consuming alternatives is difficult when getting frequently on-the-go airport snacks and hotel buffets are element of my each day routine, as is exploring the unique culinary choices every location gives and it really is quick to overlook my healthier consuming habits and working out program.


I appreciate taking care of my physique and following a healthier nutritional program – that is why hitting pause as quickly as I leave residence and verify-in to a different city of the planet, is just not an selection for me. 

Match TO TRAVEL that is the keyword to my way of life and currently, I am sharing a handful of of my guidelines for healthier &amp match travels! 

Irrespective of whether breakfast is integrated to my hotel space value, or if it really is element of my diet plan at that specific period or not, it really is normally acceptable that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and the healthiest decision you can have in your day when traveling. Breakfast assists me kick-start out my day with a plethora of healthier choices, fruits and fresh juices, οmelettes or a cold smoothie – rather of all sorts of bread, pies, croissants and something a streetfood breakfast version gives (PARIS EXCLUDED!). 

Through the day I drink lots of tea rather of coffee – I normally prevent drinking coffee even when I am back in base.

#two. Working out AT THE HOTEL
That is my Greatest secret for remaining match and healthier when away from residence. I exercising a lot when I am in my base and when i leave, I really feel I am losing track of my each day habits. In order to by no means skip a single education, I check out the hotel’s fitness location at least three occasions a week in the course of my trips.

You may perhaps wonder if I basically select operating out rather of completely enjoying a trip from dusk till dawn – Essentially yes, I Usually select fitness and operating out at the hotel’s health club, commonly early in the morning, ahead of hitting the road to discover the city!
Particular hotels function tennis courts or indoor swimming pools and that broadens my fitness alternatives. Like my hotel at Johanesburg did, assisting me in following my strict fitness plan in the course of the two weeks I spent there!

I share my match travels on INSTAGRAM –   stick to me &amp get inspired!   


This is a different intelligent, option fitness decision which combines each operating out and exploring a new location. Α pair of fantastic operating footwear is mandatory to love a fantastic run about the city. Ahead of beginning, I program my route which includes any vital stops in order to locate the ideal tempo and get the most out of each run!

What I also appreciate is walking about parks  – like this outstanding park I visited a when back when in Boston. Skip the taxi and subway rides and stroll about the city – you are going to really feel the joy of having the most out of your trip when feeling healthier and energized. 1 of my favored routes and possibly the finest trip I’ver ever created, is the stroll between VENICE BEACH – SANTA MONICA, a magnificent route in Los Angeles – I constantly select this route for my run each time I am in LA!


#four. FOLLOWING A Healthful NUTRITIONAL Strategy
It is a massive challenge to do so, I know. When I am at residence, I can simply monitor my meals by producing healthier alternatives, cooking my every day meals, preparing my smoothies and fresh juices and getting complete manage of my each day nutrition. This modifications when traveling, as my each day routine modifications significantly. What I do in order to regain manage, is maintaining a strict meal schedule: I commonly consume at about the identical hours when avoiding something with gluten, sugar or dairy like I would back residence.

I locate healthier meal choices primarily based in my preferences just about everywhere I go. Even when I am at the hotel, I will order gluten-totally free pasta – it really is 2018 and gluten-totally free is, nicely,the norm for any restaurant all about the planet!

Area SERVICE, JOHANNESBURG / Gluten Free of charge Penne with Mushrooms 

Getting a flight attendant implies I’ve discovered “listening” to my physique when I am flying at 40.000 feet is important for my nicely-getting. What I commonly have to have is lots of water and just a smaller snack The dry atmosphere in the cabin and the feeling of bloating from the transform in air stress are my enemies up in the air. I reduce down on my salt and sugar intake, which means that i will seldom consume the airplane meals.

My secret is consuming ahead of flying commonly at the airport lounge (no have to have to mention how vital gathering bonus points is, ideal?) or even at residence, ahead of the trip. I Usually have bars and nuts with me and I constantly prevent (but I do crave in some cases, I admit) the airport candy and chocolates.

LUFTHANSA Business enterprise LOUNGE, ATHENS / Fresh Salad


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