A trip to Rome, is a magical trip of the senses. A paradise of flavors, tastes and pictures, building an amalgam of fantastic, lasting memories – the type of memories that forever binds you to a location!

Going to the Eternal City and not indulging in a single of the scrumptious Italian specialties like the incredible pasta, the genuine italian pizza, the exclusive gelato or the regular Tiramisu is just not attainable! 

One particular of my all-time favourite treats is Tiramisu – I appreciate all the things about it but when it comes to its flavour, I am strict and demanding. The genuine, italian, creamy Tiramisu, will have to have the fantastic balance amongst mascarpone cream and coffee. So, locating the most effective Tiramisu to satisfy my requirements in Rome was a mission I was delightful to take more than!

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Be it a regular italian treat, you will uncover the tiramisu in many spots about town – each restaurants and pasticcerias. Virtually Each restaurant feaures the tiramisu on its menu considering that there is a higher demand from vacationers and guests. As you’d have guessed by now, not all tiramisus are the identical. And considering that I am very demanding when it comes to tiramisu, I digged in a bit additional, asked the locals, attempted and turned down all the things about typical and, at final, located the Tiramisu Kingdom in Rome! 

A couple of actions away from Rome’s “style avenue”,  By way of Dei Condotti and the Spanish Methods, you will uncover By way of della Groce. At the quantity 82 I located happiness the historic Pompi! Given that 1962, the patisserie specializes in the art of the  “Tirami su” provided in many flavours, like the Pistacchio Tiramisu, the Strawberry Tiramisu, the Banana &amp Nutella and the all-time-classic, Coffee Tiramisu – which will normally be my favourite!

I pretty much by no means stop by touristic spots and restaurants but this was definitely Some thing ELSE! I occurred to uncover Pompi while seeking for the most effective photo spots about town. A win-win predicament considering that not only did I have the most effective Tiramisu but I also discovered the best five most effective photo spots in Rome!

** “Tirami su” indicates “Cheer me Up”!









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