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If you have been struggling with undesirable fat on your back, tummy, or thighs and you want to steer clear of classic liposuction, SculpSure is a nonsurgical solution properly worth thinking about to eliminate fat from these stubborn places that workout alone is just not assisting.  There are many non-invasive fat removal procedures and I have attempted each SculpSure and Coolsculpting.

CoolSculpting and SculpSure are the top non-invasive physique contouring therapies that cut down stubborn fat without having surgery or downtime. They each claim to be reasonably rapid, with no downtime, so you can go back to operate (or even hit the fitness center) suitable away, without having everyone understanding you have completed it.

I teamed up with Dr. Heidi Lakes of Genesys Loved ones Medicine and Spa to critique the SculpSure physique contouring a Non-Invasive Physique Contouring Therapy.  The stubborn fat deposits on my back and flanks have prevented me from placing on a two-piece bathing suit for some time so I jumped at the chance to attempt a noninvasive fat removal process.

Study on to discover the variations involving CoolSculpting vs SculpSure to learn which physique contouring remedy is suitable for you.



SculpSure vs Coolsculpting which process is suitable for me?

Non-invasive fat removal process could be a fantastic decision for you if:

  • You are inside 30 pounds of your best weight, or your physique mass index is 30 or much less
    Like other physique-contouring therapies, neither SculpSure or Coolsculpting is a weight-loss process.
  • You are healthful and active
    “The best individual is active and otherwise healthful but has stubborn places of fat that no quantity of workout or dieting appears to assist.
  • You are prepared to have a series of therapies more than various months
    The places of fat you have treated with SculpSure or Coolscuplting will shrink more than weeks and months, and you will likely need to have various therapies may possibly be required to get the benefits you want.


How substantially do Coolsculping and SculpSure expense?

 The typical expense of SculpSure is about $two,200. Your expense will differ, based on how massive the remedy location is, how a lot of sessions you will need to have to get the benefits you want, your place, and the expertise level of your provider. Some providers propose two therapies for every single location you have treated.

The expense of CoolSculpting varies involving regions, and components such as the quantity of applications play a considerable part in the final cost. The expense for remedy on many physique places averages $two,250

What occurs through SculpSure?

Just before the SculpSure remedy, Dr. Heidi Lakes marked the location of fat that was to be targeted. She then belted 1 or a lot more applicators to my physique which held the paddles steady through the 25-minute remedy.

When the remedy began, I felt a cooling sensation that helped to maintain my skin comfy. As the laser cycles on and off, I felt heat and tingling. For most individuals, the sensation is not as well uncomfortable, but everyone’s discomfort tolerance is unique.

If you are amongst the unlucky ones who locate it painful, your medical professional could give you nitrous oxide (laughing gas). It is a protected and successful way to assist cut down the perception of discomfort, and 1 that does not linger as anesthesia would. According to Charlottesville, Virginia-primarily based surgeon Dr. Sara Kaltreider in a RealSelf Q&ampA, “the nitrous oxide is gone from the physique in much less than 10 minutes, so individuals can drive soon after the process.”

Each and every remedy location requires 25 minutes, and you can get various places treated on the very same day.

To contour places like your belly, really like handles, back, thighs, and double chin, SculpSure utilizes targeted laser power to penetrate the skin and heat only the fat cells till they’re as well broken to survive. You need to get started seeing benefits inside six weeks as your physique eliminates the destroyed fat cells, with complete benefits visible in 3 months. The fat cells you shed do not return.

What occurs through CoolSculpting?

I had the CoolSculpting completed around 1 year prior to my SculpSure Process and even though the procedures had been comparable in some elements the benefits had been pretty unique.

Just before the CoolSculpting machine was attached to my really like handles, the nurse sanitized the location and applied a pretty cold goo like pad to the location (believe ultrasound gel and honey mixed collectively and place in the freezer).

The machine was then suctioned on to my really like handles. This sounds painful, but this portion was not pretty painful at all. It just feels like you have a light dumbbell resting on your side. Each and every side was treated for 30 minutes separately, so the process took about 1 hour. And through this 1 hour, I was covered in a warm blanket and set up with a T.V. to watch even though the process was in progress.

Following the 30 minutes was up, the machine was removed and the nurse will then massage the location to break up the “fat crystals.” When the machine was initial taken off of my side, I was in a small discomfort, but after the nurse massaged the location it felt a small superior!

This is the distinction involving Sculpsure vs CoolSpulting:  I was not in any discomfort whatsoever soon after the SculpSure process but it took around four months prior to I regained feeling in my upper back and flanks with the CoolSculpting.  I was in discomfort every single day and husband was consistently massaging the location and the location stayed fully numb for months and it itched truly negative.

The itching was underneath the skin so no quantity of scratching produced it superior.  I would under no circumstances get the CoolSculpting process once again since it was just as well painful afterward.

When will you see benefits from SculpSure?

You need to get started to see your physique contouring benefits as quickly as six weeks soon after your remedy, with final benefits at 12 weeks.

Each and every remedy reduces the targeted fat by about 24%, so most individuals see the very best benefits when they have a series of therapies, about six weeks apart.


How lengthy will CoolSculpting and Sculpsure benefits final?

Treated fat cells are destroyed and even though each procedures claim benefits will be permanent as lengthy as you sustain your weight and wellness I gained weight back in the very same targeted places but I was not operating out and consuming suitable.  The SculpSure benefits lasted longer and had been instant.

What is SculpSure recovery like?

Like most nonsurgical fat reduction therapies, SculpSure does not call for any downtime or discomfort medication. Most individuals leave the doctor’s workplace and go suitable back to operate. You could really feel a small sore the subsequent day, so a relaxed elastic waist will likely really feel a lot more comfy than jeans.

Hydrate in particular properly for up to a week soon after your remedy, to assist flush out the fat cells. And massage the treated places up to 4 occasions a day for 3 days soon after the process, to lessen any likelihood of lumps.

The Outcomes From SculpSsure

12 weeks soon after the initial remedy I was back at Dr. Lakes’ workplace for my initial stick to-up appointment. I was unquestionably beginning to see a distinction in my stomach, but it wasn’t till she pulled up the prior to-and-soon after photos, that I knew it was operating (thoughts you, this was all prior to, I decided to get severe and get me a individual trainer.



I was so impressed with the benefits, that when Dr. Lakes recommended going for round two I mentioned yes!  The mild discomfort was not adequate to avoid me from obtaining round two and I am thinking about round three as I create this weblog post.


24 week Comply with up

As with most ladies, I am a lot more important of myself and in my opinion, you can nonetheless see my really like handles but I do have a waist which I didn’t have prior to the process.  My pants match looser in my stomach and I see the fat is beginning to whittle away.  I’m so excited to see what the Sculpsure benefits will be soon after my 3rd process and if it is something like what I saw soon after rounds 1 and two I will be two-piece prepared in no time.

Dr. Lakes is providing my readers 50% off of SculpSure for the subsequent two months, just mention Passports and Grub. Click on the hyperlink and schedule your consultation now with Dr. Heidi Lakes in Murfreesboro, TN


Why Pick out SculpSure more than CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Expense vs. SculpSure Expense: SculpSure and CoolSculpting present comparable benefits but you will not expertise discomfort with SculpSure and it is a slightly a lot more very affordable cost per remedy.

Therapy Regions: SculpSure can treat up to 4 unique remedy places at 1 time. In contrast, CoolSculpting can treat only 1 treat 1 location at a time. This make extensive physique contouring with CoolSculpting a far a lot more in depth, costly and time demanding procedure compared to SculpSure.

Therapy Instances: In addition to treating a lot more places at 1 time, SculpSure offers shorter remedy occasions compared to CoolSculpting. SculpSure is referred to as the “lunch time lipo” since it can be completed 25-minute therapies.

CoolSculpting Side Effects vs. SculpSure Side Effects: SculpSure’s flat applicators do not call for suction, as opposed to CoolSculpting, which utilizes a vacuum mechanism to attach the applicator to the remedy location. Bypassing this suction also eliminates a lot of of the side effects related with CoolSculpting, such as tenderness, redness, bruising, and swelling at the remedy web page.

CoolSculpting Discomfort vs. SculpSure Discomfort: Flat applicators also make SculpSure a painless remedy. This stands in sharp contrast to CoolSculpting that can be painful and I complained about the suction and sensation of intense cold at the remedy web page through the fat freezing process.

Downtime and Recovery: CoolSculpting is a a lot more invasive method for eliminating stubborn fat, and as a result calls for a longer recovery compared to SculpSure. CoolSculpting side effects lasted about four months following my remedy.  In comparison, SculpSure expected no downtime or recovery and I returned to my typical activities promptly soon after my remedy.


The very best way to discover the variations involving SculpSure and CoolSculpting and establish which remedy is suitable for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Heidi lakes at Genesys Loved ones Medicine or speak to her by calling 615-225-1990

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