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Rome is genuinely a magnificent location. The captivating aura, power, wonderful pictures, history – the city’s character.

It was my third time going to the Eternal City and almost certainly, the most effective. Third time’s a charm as they say and it was, thanks to my program on avoiding the hugely touristic spots about town, waiting in extended lines and enjoying the well-liked landmarks from a distance. The view is magical wherever you pick out to love it from: no matter if that is from above, or by the river banks, or even the view about the cute, small alleys.

Every single and each and every corner of the city is an chance for a terrific photo and if you are into photography, I assure you will certainly like Rome. It was tough to choose my preferred spots, due to the fact actually each and every spot in Rome is a image-worthy a single! I love sharing my suggestions, all the locations I’ve been to and experiences I enjoyed to assistance you program your trip.

Right now I am sharing my major five preferred spots to take Unbelievable images. Maintain in my thoughts that time, gear and editing are crucial to reach the fantastic outcome. What you really should definitrly steer clear of are the touristic spots like Fontana di Trevi or the Spanish Methods which are overly crowded all day extended (unless you check out them at 6am!). If you never thoughts getting photographed subsequent to thousands of men and women, go ahead. I do.


This was my initial quit. The view from the Villa to the historic city center is amazing. It is worth going to throughout the afternoon to love the sunset. Even though the gardens may possibly be a small crowded, Villa Borghese is a single of the most quiet spots in the city. 

It really is also a terrific spot for a picnic, a terrific option for a quiet afternoon in the city!







Τhe Colosseum was in my bucket list for fairly a although now. Largely for the reason that it was a challenge for me to obtain a terrific spot – a spot with out hundreds of vacationers ruining my photo. Is it doable to take a very good photo in a single of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Planet with the masses of vacationers going to it for the identical explanation?

I shared a lot of posts on my instagram – in particular at this really spot exactly where I could ultimately take astounding – not crowded – images close to the Colosseum. Verify my ROME HIGHLIGHTS and you will obtain the map with the precise spot!

Vital props: PIZZA!



three. THE PIAZZA Impact

Rome is complete of wonderful squares to check out and love a couple of hours of undertaking practically nothing but relaxing, watching the view. From Piazza Navona, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, the Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza del Popolo or Piazza Venezia, there are endless selections. But, these squares are seldom quiet or completely empty, except throughout the evening. To improved comprehend what I imply, the numerous Piazzas in Italy commonly get crowded from early in the morning – about six.30 pm.

I could not skip going to the renowned Italian Piazzas. Αll I had to do was to obtain the fantastic corner, the proper angle, the most effective lens and a matching mood to take astounding City images!




four. About THE Tiny ALLEYS

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

The most effective way to get to know a city, is to discover it on foot. What tends to make Rome exceptional, is that you can genuinely stroll about town and love it. If you happen to be staying in the city center, there is no explanation to take the metro to move about. 

Walking about the Eternal City is an a single-of-a-sort knowledge: you will get to know it improved, you are going to really feel like a nearby, you are going to like the green bikes and the cute colofrul Vespas roaming about the modest alleys! All these moments of each day life in Rome are the most effective themes for an astounding photo! Plus, someplace about these alleys you will uncover the Kingdom of Tiramisu, the most effective spot to love genuine, scrumptious italian Tiramisu!





Final but not least, my absolute preferred spot for images in Rome. Just ahead of sunset when absolutely everyone was walking towards the Sant’Angelo bridge, we located the best photo spot, alongside the Tiber.

It really is a magical setting, proper out of the set of a romantic film with the colours of the sunset painting the historic buildings and the Sant’Angelo, producing almost everything appear mesmerizing! Stroll by the river banks, obtain the fantastic lighting and proper just after sunset, when it is darker, head to the bridge for astounding images with the city lights in the background.






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