Items I’ve Discovered from Living in NYC for 1 Year


This week marks my one particular-year anniversary of living in New York City. I arrived right here in March, when it was nevertheless cold (but sunny) outdoors. I recall my arrival, the $60 taxi ride from the airport to my makeshift accommodation (a friend’s couch). The excitement and the anxiousness.

Right after years of enjoying European culture though living in Berlin, I faced a lot of quick shock on my return to the USA. Just before I moved to New York City, I’d been right here numerous occasions. But living in NYC is absolutely nothing like going to. The culture shock of returning back to America was quite actual but even a lot more so had been the points I’d understand about life in New York.

They say if you can make it right here, you can make it anyplace. I do not know if that is precisely correct, but NYC is like nowhere else. Not just in the NYC culture, but in the way this city acts and the way this city appears.

Here’s what I’ve discovered because living in NYC.

15 Things I’ve Learned from Living in NYC for 12 Months

15 Items I’ve Discovered from Living in NYC for 12 Months

NYC is loud

SO LOUD. There are sirens—constantly. Screaming, yelling, the hustle and bustle of city life, I guess. But there is just so. significantly. noise. You do not even constantly know exactly where it is coming from it is just there! Manhattan is the greatest offender, but it is challenging to uncover quiet areas no matter exactly where you are.

How to Save Time (and Money!) When Visiting NYC’s Top 10 Best Things To Do - Travels of Adam -

There’s constantly anything to do

When I initial moved to my Brooklyn apartment and got settled into a semi-typical, day-to-day life, I began hunting for points to do and see. Not just these touristy points to do in NYC but parties, clubs, activities, events, festivals. The initial issue that was encouraged to me (specially for these of us on a spending budget), was to sign up for the Skint mailing list.

I immediately regretted it. Each and every day I get the e mail with 50+ points to do, normally no cost or affordable. It is overwhelming. There’s just as well significantly to do in NYC and it in no way stops. That is not a undesirable issue, of course, but at times the paradox of as well a lot of options is just…too significantly. “Too significantly amazing” does not make it uncomplicated to uncover stuff to do it tends to make it tougher. So at times you have just got to gamble and go for it.

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Dating fucking sucks

Speaking of gambling, dating in NYC is largely not enjoyable. No matter your gender or sexuality, it appears it is universal expertise that dating in NYC is awful. In a city of as well a lot of points to do and as well a lot of individuals, how do you limit your options?!

It appears absolutely everyone in NYC is hunting for a partner—even when they’re currently partnered up. That is not the case for absolutely everyone, but the dating game in NYC is largely numbers primarily based and rapidly gets competitive. Of course, it is doable to uncover really like when you are prepared to have an open thoughts and take these dangers for duty and commitment. Fingers crossed!

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Sex is uncomplicated to uncover

Even when dating in NYC is difficult, sex is surprisingly uncomplicated to come by. Hookup culture is intertwined with nightlife and so significantly of the dating apps culture—so it is in no way actually challenging to uncover if it is what you actually, actually want.

We reside in a fairly sex-good globe at the moment (that is a great issue). So significantly so, that sex clubs are increasingly preferred in NYC—having been written about by a lot of mainstream media publications.

High Line NYC - PHOTOS -

Do not ride the subways on weekends

I’d heard all the complaints about the MTA prior to I moved to NYC, and possessing lived in numerous cities with public transportation in the previous, I was ready for the worst. And great issue, as well! Mainly because though the NYC subway run by the MTA does operate properly at moving individuals about, there are a lot more complications than can be counted!

Apart from the old-fashioned method (hopefully contactless spend is coming quickly), repairs on the subway are normally debilitating for travel—especially on weekends. Amongst Brooklyn and Manhattan, some subway lines are down for days at a time creating travel among the boroughs almost not possible.

Uber is a important evil

Mainly because of the a lot of failings of the MTA transport method, rideshare solutions and taxis have picked up a lot of the slack. And living in Brooklyn, I uncover myself working with Uber to get about a lot more and a lot more normally at times it is the only connection that does not take an hour or a lot more!

How to Save Time (and Money!) When Visiting NYC’s Top 10 Best Things To Do - Travels of Adam -

The skyline is constantly awesome

Anything about the NYC skyline is really striking. No matter exactly where I am, if a 100+ story creating pops up in your viewpoint, it is challenging to stay clear of hunting up. Personally, I just can not resist taking a photo even when I’ve got a million images currently.

Meals is not constantly important

Okay, definitely this is an exaggeration for the reason that we do, in truth, call for meals to survive. But in NYC, there appear to be a couple of problems which have an effect on the intake of our foods. 1: meals is at times affordable but not constantly. Grocery shops can be pricey (compared to other cities). Yes, there are lots of $1 pizza slices, but that’ll only assistance you survive for so extended.

Pizza at Sottocasa
Pizza at Sottocasa

Two: There’s just not adequate time! With all the million points to do in NYC, it is at times just challenging to make time to consume. And 3: there’s an innate culture to be “thin” in NYC. A current Reddit thread talked about the stress to remain match and how/why it may be such an problem specially in NYC.

Stress to be lean/thin in NYC from AskNYC

Personally, I’ve identified myself consuming much less in NYC than I have prior to. The gay culture to remain match has undoubtedly meant I devote a lot more time in the fitness center and a lot more time watching what I consume. And truthfully, the time/dollars issue has impacted my consuming habits. Often there’s just no time to consume lunch, and then from all the evening activities, you may miss dinner till you can grab a meals truck taco or a slice of pizza on the way residence.

Brooklyn Williamsburg bar
In Brooklyn, at satisfied hour of course!

Pleased hours are a way of life

Absolutely everyone in NYC is perpetually busy—and loves to use that as a skilled excuse. But that is just created the each day “Happy Hour” so crucial. So a lot of bars and restaurants supply evening offers (at times all-day or all-evening offers), and that normally defines the starting of any social occasion.

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There’s tiny cause to leave your borough

Partly for the reason that traveling on the MTA can take forever, and partly for the reason that NYC is just so damn huge, it is challenging to travel as well far. The #1 dating recommendation I’ve study on just about every NYC weblog is to basically stay clear of dating individuals who do not reside in your borough. It is just as well challenging to travel among boroughs that may be as well far apart.

Keith Haring NYC studio
Keith Haring’s art studio in NYC

Out-of-town roommates are the ideal roommates

No shade to my existing roommates who I really like spending time with, but in a city exactly where it is actually hard to reside alone as a 20-anything (or 30-anything, or 40-anything), these short moments when you may have a complete apartment to your self are actually specific.

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Autumn in Central Park, NYC (PHOTOS) -
Autumn in Central Park, NYC

Parks &amp green spaces DO exist—if you know exactly where to uncover them

NYC is a city of steel &amp glass buildings that stretch to the sky. And apart from its most renowned parks, there are in fact bits of green all through the city. Discovering NYC parks are not precisely uncomplicated, but fortunately this is a quite walkable city, so when you are out and about, it is doable to spot and get pleasure from tiny bits of nature right here and there.

How to Save Time (and Money!) When Visiting NYC’s Top 10 Best Things To Do - Travels of Adam -

New Yorkers are nicer than you assume

There’s a widespread misconception that New Yorkers are unfriendly it is the issue most travelers to the city quickly recognize is a myth. Mainly because truthfully: New Yorkers are normally quite good. Positive, there are jerks amongst the masses, but in a lot more situations than not, New Yorkers are satisfied to assistance strangers, their fellow city-dwellers, the vacationers &amp the foreigners.

NYC is an extremely diverse city a lot more so than just about anyplace else. And it is that diversity has created the individuals right here so specific, so exclusive, so friendly, and so useful. It is a attractive kaleidoscope of individuals and tips which has created New Yorkers so open to other people. New Yorkers are nicer than you assume.

The Vessel at Hudson Yards
The Vessel at Hudson Yards

Absolutely everyone desires anything, constantly

If ever there was a city at the heart of capitalism, it is New York. Manhattan is residence to just about just about every key enterprise. Dollars and energy fuel so significantly of the city and the individuals who reside right here, that there’s this sturdy push to constantly have to have anything a lot more.

There are lots of creatives in NYC, but in a city as dollars and image-obsessed as right here, it is challenging to not fall into the trap of wanting (or needing) anything from an individual at some time. NYC is at the center of the enterprise globe for so a lot of individuals.

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NYC Statue of Liberty

Nowhere is as fascinating or awesome as NYC

Listen, I know I’m nevertheless in a bit of a honeymoon phase but living in NYC has really been one particular of the ideal choices of my life. It is changed me in approaches I didn’t even count on. For greater or worse, living in NYC has been an unbelievable encounter (and one particular I do not strategy to quit anytime quickly). There’s just so significantly culture right here, so significantly to encounter and see and do and touch and consume and smell.

I’m addicted to it. I’m obsessed with it. NYC is in contrast to anyplace else and though living in New York City may not be for absolutely everyone, it is honestly nevertheless so thrilling and fascinating. I really like NYC.

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