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A single of the most annoying points about becoming a lady who travels (apart from getting to regularly clarify to men and women that basically, that nation is fairly secure), is all the ugly luggage we’re saddled with.

For years, I’ve been on a seemingly endless search for a fashionable but sensible carry-on bag a single that appears fantastic but also manages to match all the stuff I cannot go on a trip without the need of.

Men and women who fly often will need a cabin case that is spacious sufficient for all of our inflight essentials, compact and light sufficient to stay away from further charges, and fairly sufficient to make us really feel like we’re not compromising our private style whilst we travel. Simply because regardless of what most luggage brands apparently consider, a penchant for adventure and a appreciate of wonderful possessions are not mutually exclusive attributes.

Cabin Max® Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case is manufactured by Cabin Max and created by fellow travel blogger Monica, who runs The Travel Hack weblog. Who greater to design and style a piece of style-friendly luggage than a lady who actually travels for a living?

Monica incredibly kindly sent me a case to take for a whirl, and I’ve been utilizing it on all of my brief breaks due to the fact. I’ve been which means to share a complete evaluation of the Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag for a whilst but wanted to make positive I’d completely tested it out prior to I wrote a evaluation.

My Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag Assessment (Why it is the Ideal Carry-on I’ve ever Owned)

The Cabin Max Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag is lastly back in stock – use my Amazon affiliate hyperlink!

Cabin Max® Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag

This trendy carry-on appears a lot far more high-priced than it truly is. At just £59.99, I consider it is a incredibly savvy investment for style-conscious travellers.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Bag has a 600D polyester black padded and quilted outer shell with faux leather inserts. The inner lining is vibrant pink and the zips are a wonderful rose gold colour. It is the most fashionable ladies’ cabin bag I’ve ever noticed and I’ve received compliments from other girls every single time I’ve made use of it. I was on the metro heading to the airport a single morning in December and bumped into a pal, who loved it so a lot that she got her boyfriend to obtain her it for Christmas!

Most fashionable ladies cabin case for plane travel

Travel Hack Cabin case review

Stylish women's carry on bag review

Best ladies cabin case luggage

UK fashion ladies carry-on base rose gold


Size, weight and capacity

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case is admittedly rather massive-hunting and when mine arrived, I was a bit worried that I’d be stopped at the airport due to the fact of the size. Rest assured even though – Monica took all the large airlines’ luggage restrictions into account when she created the bag and it is permitted on most flights, like Thomson, Thomas Cook and even Ryanair’s with ‘priority’ boarding. I’ve taken lots of flights (and trains and auto journeys) with this bag and had zero challenges – but of course you really should generally verify the particular airline’s baggage guidelines prior to you go to the airport.

The Cabin Max Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Case’s vital stats:

  • Dimensions – 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Weight – two.7kg
  • Capacity – 28 litres

Regardless of its lightweight really feel, it is nonetheless surprisingly robust. And it is extremely spacious, so you truly can pack loads!

Large ladies carry-on cabin bag for frequent travellers

Review of the Cabin Max® Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag

Review of the fashionable Cabin Max® Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag

Best lightweight stylish ladies cabin case suitcase

Essential characteristics

The Cabin Max Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Case tends to make gliding by way of the airport an absolute breeze. It has many zips, which means effortless access to your stuff, and many compartments.

It has a chic faux leather luggage tag, and there’s a water bottle holder on a single side so you can very easily take a refillable water bottle by way of safety and fill it up in Departures.

The key compartment has constructed in packing straps and a selection of zipped internal pockets to compartmentalise all the things. I’ve by no means noticed the point of acquiring packing cubes but I do appreciate becoming capable to separate my toiletries, underwear and so on utilizing this bag’s sections and side pockets.

What tends to make this bag particular

There’s an integrated compartment that is very easily accessed by the major zip and it is created for handbags, assisting you stay away from any hidden fees for a second bag (hunting at you, EasyJet)! I personally use this compartment for my camera gear and my tiny, ‘going out-out’ evening bag. I like to place my liquids in right here as well, so I can smugly whip them out just as the bossy safety men and women open their mouths to ask if I’m attempting to smuggle a lip gloss onto the plane.

You can expand the key compartment up into the handbag compartment by moving the adjustable hatch that runs among the two sections.

The other issue I appreciate about the carry-on is the separate laptop pocket. It is padded and positioned on the side of the bag that would face your physique, so your Macbook is protected but super effortless to slide out at safety. This pocket is also best for your travel documents.

Ladies cabin bag with compartments

Inside the Cabin Max® Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Bag: full review


Why this is the ideal ladies’ cabin case for frequent travellers

All Cabin Max luggage comes with a three year producers warranty. I’m fairly ahem, rough, with my belongings (I cannot generally have good points) but there are no indicators of put on and tear on my bag at all, which is fairly outstanding for me just after a number of makes use of.

The telescopic deal with and effortless-roll wheels have been trustworthy so far. If I was becoming super picky, I’d add two far more wheels for even far more flexibility but I suppose that is only truly an situation with complete-size suitcases.

In summary, you need this carry-on, girls – in particular due to the fact it is such a affordable price tag. Now clearly, this a single was gifted to me but it is been featured all more than the press as well, so even if you are a single of these men and women who does not trust blogger evaluations (why you right here then hun?) you can rest assured that my evaluation – and the bag itself – is legit. Due to the fact acquiring my hands on it, I’ve basically wondered what the hell all the other luggage organizations have been playing at. The Cabin Max Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Case (name’s a bit of a mouthful, I will say that!) is so intuitively created for female travellers that it is type of embarrassing that no other brands have even though of it however.

Get your Cabin Max Travel Hack Pro Rose Gold Cabin Case right here for £59.99

As talked about at the starting of the post, this item was gifted to me but with no obligation to evaluation. This post includes affiliate hyperlinks. All opinions are my personal. I just appreciate it!

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