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Getting a flight attendant appears like the fantastic job but it tends to be additional-demanding from time to time. Lengthy or overnight flights, time zone and temperature alterations are only a couple of of the ‘everyday life’ challenges of a flight attendant. Not to mention the quite a few troubles of the job in basic. 


Maintaining your skin clean, young and wonderful-searching signifies you have to frequently fight against the dry cabin atmosphere. My years of expertise have showed that to maintain your face and physique wholesome below these situations, you need to stick to a beauty routine and eventually, make it element of your each day life style. Maintaining a wholesome life style and remaining match when travelling plays a significant element as well – study my five secrets for wholesome &amp match travels for the comprehensive guide.


This way, I maintain myself searching glowing just after each and every trip no matter if that is traveling on duty or as a passenger.


I am sharing with you my best 10 beauty secrets!


#1. Skin &amp Hair Care.


Skin care is critical if you are dealing with continual environmental alterations – like I do. I maintain with me mini sized hydrating merchandise at all instances, to maintain my skin protected face cream, beauty oil, hand cream and lip balm. As I’ve come to know my skin’s wants, I use the suitable item to protect against dehydration.

Very same applies to my hair. I by no means neglect my hair care routine – hydration and nourishment is a should. I maintain a hydrating hair oil in my bag at all instances – even when flying. The Hair-Excellence-On-The-Go routine by Kerastase is my favourite when it comes to travelling.


To protect against dehydration it is critical to drink a lot of water when traveling. 1 liter of water per flight keeps me hydrated even in the very dry atmosphere of the airplane cabin. Plus it keeps my apetite in low levels, which signifies I can quickly keep away from the airplane’s meals (complete of salt). 


#three. EYE SERUM.


More than the years, I’ve tested and attempted a lot of distinct eye creams to locate what suits me most effective. Just after all these years of travelling, I’ve lastly identified my favourite merchandise – these merchandise that most effective suit my wants when flying. My secret to searching fresh and awake even just after hours of travelling, is the Lierac Supra Radiance Serum – my trusted beauty companion in practically each and every trip I take!


#four. All-natural Makeup.


Maintaining my makeup all-natural when functioning/flying is a correct life saver. I opt for a all-natural-searching base, maintaining the concentrate on my eyes. This way, I will save time when it comes to retouching my makeup, as I will use a light layer of face cream and a all-natural pink blush devoid of possessing to spend a lot of consideration to my eyes. My motto is be all-natural and this far, I’ve by no means regret it.


#five. Sun Care.


Higher altitude tremendously impacts your skin – do not be fooled. The closest to the sun, the greatest the exposure. For that explanation, I by no means overlook my face sunscreen – commonly a tinted one particular, in order to double as a foundation base – which I retouch each and every two hours. Very same goes for my hands as I use my face sunscreen or a separate one particular to safeguard them.

#six. Facial Cleansing Wipes.

You would not even believe going to bed devoid of cleaning your face when you are at residence, suitable? Very same goes for the airplane. Cleansing wipes are the quickest and easiest way to get rid of dirt and/or makeup from your skin. They are critical for cleaning and hydrating your skin when on board and provide an immediate fresh-up.


#7. Moisturising Mist.


It really is one particular of my should-haves in my beauty bag when flying. Your face is the 1st to send a dehydration SOS for the duration of each and every flight – that is exactly where the moisturising mist comes in to provide a swift increase of hydration. Combined with the cleansing wipes, you are going to have a clean and hydrated skin in no time – a correct life-saver even for the duration of extended airport layovers in between flights.

My favourite Mist is the LIERAC Hydragenist Brume de Reveil – my ally in beating JET LAG!


These two are the 1st components of your physique to be impacted by the dryness knowledgeable for the duration of flights. As I locate myself taking additional care of my hands rather than my face from time to time, I maintain with me at all instances a hydrating hand cream with SPF 30 to maintain them moistured and pampered. For my nails, I use a tiny trick of mine and I add a bit of my lip balm at the base of each and every nail to protect against dryness (not a joke, I am undertaking it).

#9. Waterproof mascara? No, thank you!

Substantially like your skin, your lashes want to be hydrated when flying. I’ve identified that waterproof mascara dries out my lashes and it is tough to get rid of just after a extended day or in in between flights.


#10. Remain away from caffeine and salt.


If you are to keep away from bloating on board, you need to keep away from each caffeine and salt. Prevent drinking coffee or tea, as properly as consuming cooked meals for the duration of flights. I like to maintain my personal complete of vitamins snacks such as fruits or cereal bars to assistance me really feel rejuvenated.

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