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I am totally buzzing for this year’s Frequent Men and women Festival, with just below 2 weeks to go we are praying for some blue skies and sunshine! This year is going to be hugely unique for me, in earlier years I’ve partied the evening away to Fatboy Slim and Duran Duran, with two drinks in hand, but this year I will be five months pregnant and my wristband will study ‘VIP Loved ones Pass’ as I  party the ‘day’ away with my companion and his four and 7 year old!

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It is sure to be a unique knowledge this year but anything entirely new and I’m currently noticing factors I hadn’t observed from earlier years – like the world’s greatest bouncy castle! Not confident if it is fairly acceptable for pregnant females but it does appear amazing and how the hell did I miss this in earlier years??

The Worlds Largest Bouncy Castle – Photo Credit: Frequent Men and women 2016

I am determined to show you that becoming pregnant and obtaining little ones in tow is just unique not a hindrance! I also think that educating the young children about the festival culture is hugely vital while the UK summer season festival season grows every single year and it becomes significantly extra portion of our culture. I’m particular they will get pleasure from quite a few festivals in future and this way they can discover about them with us, respect the dangers of such an occasion and keep secure.

Line Up

Kids Area - Photo Credit: Common People 2016
Youngsters Location – Photo Credit: Frequent Men and women 2016


A single of my all-time favourite components of any festival is the cluster of meals stalls that collect and make you really feel like you are sitting in a Bangkok side street consuming fresh noodles or sipping sangria in sunny Barcelona. The collection of globe foods is unavoidable and becoming pregnant only indicates I’ll have extra of an excuse to test every and every single 1!

Great food from Le Swine in 2015!
Terrific meals from Le Swine in 2015!

Scrumptious Street Meals

• Pie &amp Vinyl **

• Crabbieshack **

• Kwackers Duck Wraps 

• The Pudding Cease

• Goodness Gracious Wholesome Foods Ltd

• Pad Thai

**Miss Barlow LOVES

Fatboy Slim - Photo Credit: Common People
Fatboy Slim – Photo Credit: Frequent Men and women

Get your TICKETS now and join us all to open the festival season at Southampton Frequent for what is confident to be a different year to bear in mind!

Adult Day Ticket – £32.50
Adult Weekend Ticket – £62.40

The Nook – VIP Adult Day Ticket – £65.00
The Nook – VIP Adult Weekend Ticket – £124.80

Student Day Ticket – £29.90
Student Weekend Ticket – £58.50

Loved ones Day Ticket – £89.90
Loved ones Weekend Ticket – £172.25

The Nook – VIP Loved ones Day Ticket – £179.50
The Nook – VIP Loved ones Weekend Ticket – £345.00

Verify back in three weeks for my Family Guide to Frequent Men and women and how to make the most of a festival when you have tiny ones!

Ferris Wheel - Photo Credit: Common People 2016
Ferris Wheel – Photo Credit: Frequent Men and women 2016


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