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This cafe has a spectacular interior style showcase of artistic facts in Renaissance style. To me, it is merely, wow!

I managed to discover this historical and magical patisserie cafe through my lunch stroll about town on my second day, just ahead of taking the limousine back to Vienna Airport.

Properly, I was basically seeking for a location for lunch when I passed by this location. I was swift to notice the fascinating interior of this cafe the walls and ceilings have been extraordinarily decorated with paintings and frescoes in Renaissance style. Wow.

Upon closer inspection and just after speaking to the waiter guarding the entrance, I realised that the cafe doubles up as a museum. To enter and to get to take pleasure in the one particular-of-a-sort interior (and take photographs), one particular would require to spend by taking one particular of the two tasting menus offered.

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There are two tasting menus offered for guests. The initially one particular is priced at EUR 10 which is a decision of cake (or torte or ice cream) and drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate). The second is priced at EUR 15 which is the identical as the initially selection plus a glass of prosecco.

I knew what to take and that was the initially selection.

Yours definitely with my cake and a pot of hot tea.

The awkward factor about this cafe is that it definitely is not your usual cafe joint in Bratislava and several folks never appear to get this appropriate away. Everybody passing by thinks, except for its fairly interior, it is just like any other cafe that you can go inside freely. It is not. It is mainly a museum that functions as a patisserie cafe as effectively. Possibly it was a typical cafe ahead of and I can only surmise that the owner adjusted his enterprise model due to the fact several folks going in are not obtaining, as an alternative, they are taking photographs and hugging the website traffic of the cafe. Properly, that is my intelligent guess anyway.

So, a guest can only go in previous the sharply dressed waiter who guards the entrance like a hawk, if you spend for the tasting menu. Fair sufficient.

There is absolutely space for improvement for this cafe museum to convey this elemental message superior to the public. The waiter guarding the entrance does his job pretty effectively even though, generating confident there are no guests finding in for absolutely free. He is a jolly fellow who speaks quite a few languages and is pretty knowledgeable about the patisserie cafe’s history. Having said that, he may possibly come across brusque and a cavalier to some folks, specifically in mixture with the upfront payment idea of this cafe.

The cake counter has a scrumptious show of cakes in various flavours currently reduce in prepared serving sizes. My eyes have been set on the scrumptious-seeking blueberry icing cake with fresh blueberries on major. I ordered this to go with my pot of Earl Grey tea. Oh, I appreciate blueberries and I cannot wait to consume this!

When I sat down, I was served with vintage porcelain from England. The waiter told me that their antique porcelain set collections are a hundred years old and they all come from England or Germany. The collection was rather impressive, they all have the Victorian touch and each and every bit of flowery detail on them with gold plating on the edges. But the beautiful Renaissance surroundings make the entire cafe-ing knowledge right here at Kormuth Konditorei even superior, absolutely pushing it to a various level.

The interior style is just hands down, epic and magical. In reality, this location reminds me of my stop by to the dairy shop, “Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfunds” in Dresden, Germany a year ago.

The blueberry icing cake was pretty scrumptious, I could conveniently gobble one more slice if I am not watching my waistline, but half an hour later, I saw the pretty identical cake in pretty comparable packaging in one more cafe. I think I saw it in two cafes even. So I do have my personal reservations to be truthful, despite the fact that a bit as well late I guess. Kormuth Konditorei either tends to make the cakes and provide to other cafes or their cakes are supplied by a third celebration patisserie bakeshop. I guess there is practically nothing incorrect with that, I suppose, huh?

Nonetheless, you definitely come right here for the incredible Renaissance-style interior style and the vintage china they have. The cakes are just second explanation. So nevertheless pretty substantially very encouraged!

The photographs that I took:

The historical cafe is not to be missed. It is situated on the busy key pedestrian street (Sedlarksa) in Bratislava Old Town. There are normally folks gathered outdoors mesmerised and confused at the identical time, haha.

The waiter guarding the entrance. The patisserie cafe has several rooms but only at the forefront of the cafe is open to the public. I recall the waiter telling me that the owner lives above and at the back of the cafe.

Scrumptious-seeking cakes. I think you can get them separately as effectively, nevertheless locally, they are on the high-priced side. This is definitely tourist rates. 

The facts are just incredible, the cafe even has a stained glass window with styles that can rival these in a church. On the lefthand-side photo is the back portion of the cafe (its major!) which is closed to the public. I believe they only open this for specific events.

This is the key shop and reception of the cafe patisserie.

The gorgeous China porcelain and glassware set collections that the cafe utilizes to serve its guests. They are the actual deal I think.

Some of the guests prepared to spend EUR 10 or EUR 15 for the tasting menu. Some vacationers shy away from the value due to the fact you can get half of this value a comparable set in one more cafe, but certainly not the identical knowledge. EUR 10 is not definitely substantially.

This is a painting detail on the wall. Never ask me who they are but its gorgeous.

My light lunch basically. A scrumptious blueberry cake with a pot of Earl Grey tea and a wedge of lemon served in a royal porcelain set. Oh, I appreciate it.

I appreciate cakes when they are not as well sweet, so the mixed with blueberry cream filling and the fresh blueberries went effectively with the chocolate cake.

The cafe patisserie is promoting a cafe knowledge in an exquisite surroundings for a set value.

Travel Period: Could 2018
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

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