The Tuna Festival

In the heart of the fondly named Gen San City lies the grand celebration of the Tuna Festival exactly where all items in tuna inspired are visible inside the colorful streets of the city. Bringing inside the title as the Tuna Capital of the nation, Basic Santos City commemorates this one particular of a type festivity every single very first week of September. With the plentiful bounty of yellow-fin tuna fish abounding in its wealthy waters, it is nicely-recognized to be the top producers in the tuna sector not only to the Philippines but also globally. No wonder why the locals of the region organized this grand occasion.

A single issue that tends to make this commemoration distinctive from all other festivities in the nation is that it is a celebration of anything tuna. With all the delightful activities emphasizing on tuna as the central theme, it confident is praiseworthy to take a pay a visit to throughout this occasion. It would be a pleasure for me to apprise you the significant highlights that you must watch out for in this yummy feast.

The festivity is generally opened by the colorful Tuna Float parade and Parada sa Dagat with festive and ocean-themed floats that depict the richness of the city’s culture. The locals dance with lively and vibrant music showcasing the province’s bountiful catch and their energetic performances. Soon after enjoying the delightful street dances, the Sugbahan Sa Dalan is completed as a extended line of grilled tuna is displayed inside the streets. Guess what? This line of grilled tuna is fascinatingly cost-free for every person who wishes to taste the sumptuous cuisine. You get to love each the parade and the meals trip.

If you are fortunate sufficient, you could possibly be capable to see a glimpse of the Philippines’ pride and GenSan’s beloved son in the field of international boxing, the legendary boxer -Manny Pacquiao. If you want to discover extra about the inspiring life of Manny, then you can also take the Pacman Adventure exactly where you get to see his family’s mansions, sports stadiums, gyms, and beach resorts.

The local’s preferred segment in this occasion is the Bancarera competitors exactly where a race of beautifully-created dragon boats, skim boards, motorized banca, and jet ski is held. By way of these spectacular competitions, the strong camaraderie of the townspeople is fostered inside their hearts and minds. On the final day of the celebration, the Pamahaw ug Pasalamat is commemorated in the city hall exactly where a amazing seafood breakfast treats occur.

Participating in the Tuna Festival will certainly remind you of the bountiful richness and higher biodiversity of the Philippines’ sea. It is also an outstanding moment to socialize and study extra about the culture of the neighborhood fishermen in their every day experiences of the sea-coast. Above all these activities, make confident not to miss out to obtain the very first-grade tuna that can exquisitely be ready to a local’s tuna dish and cuisine. Bring house that frozen tuna can be a fantastic pasalubong from this grand festival adventure. Lastly, it is important to love and unwind as this festivity will bring out the inner sea spirit of you.


Factors to do In the course of the Tuna Festival

Basic Santos City Industrial Tour

When going to Basic Santos City to witness the Tuna Festival, you can also go on an industrial tour presented in the spot. Component of the trip is a pay a visit to to a tuna canning factory wherein you can witness how these tuna are getting processed for the export marketplace.

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The Pacman Tour

Basic Santos City is house to the famed boxer champ Manny Pacquiao. The Pacman Tour will bring you to his a variety of mansions constructed about the city as nicely as his other properties and the spot exactly where he was born.

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Stop by the Fish Port Complicated of Basic Santos City

An early morning pay a visit to to the fish port will certainly make your pay a visit to to Basic Santos Total. You will see right here tons of tuna getting unloaded from the boats as nicely how they classify and sort this famed create of Gen San.

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Discover the whole City of Basic Santos

I have outlined a travel guide to the city as nicely as items to do.

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Nearby Attractions

Get pleasure from Gumasa Beach in Saranggani

Gumasa has a extended stretch of white sand beach that is fantastic for beach lovers. As opposed to other popular beaches in other areas. Gumasa is not as crowded and just an excellent spot to rest and unwind.

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Hacienda Don Juan

A further attraction close to in Basic Santos City is the Hacienda Don Juan situated in Glan, Saranggani.  Make confident to see the most important creating of Hda Don Juan throughout evening time as it evokes a various charm.

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Lake Sebu

Get pleasure from the stunning lake of Lake Sebu. Mountains and rolling hills surround the tranquil lake. When at the spot take time to see how the Tbolis are generating the Tnalak fabric.

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Go Zipline and See the 7 Falls of Lake Sebu

The spectacular seven falls of Lake Sebu can be observed if you take the zip line. So be prepared for an adrenaline rush and shout to your heart’s want though getting enjoyable.

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Exactly where to Keep in Basic Santos City

I have listed a number of hotels and Inns in Basic Santos City which can serve as your house when you pay a visit to the city or witness the tuna festival.

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