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No blogger likes to let their web site sit dormant for a month’s time. Particularly 1 who’s attempting to make a living from their craft.

It feels unproductive. It feels lazy. It feels altogether incorrect.

So trust me when I say, I by no means intended to let the complete month of April slip by with out a single new weblog post getting published. And in the starting, I definitely attempted to avert that.

I sat down at this personal computer a lot of, a lot of instances, only to be confronted by my old familiar buddy, Writer’s Block.

I didn’t count on to see you about these components, you old bastard.

For weeks, I fought a fierce battle.

Opening my trusty laptop with a fiery resolve, I’d stare him down for what, at instances, felt like an eternity.

But the words by no means came. My resolve was chipped away small by small. I grew increasingly frustrated by my lack of progress, and at some point decided it was far better to just…ride it out. Throw in the towel, so to speak. Wait for inspiration to strike.

Hoping with fingers crossed that the words would return in their personal time, as they normally had in the past–while carrying out my ideal to place my consideration elsewhere for the time getting.

Reading. Yoga. Reading about yoga. Photography. Instagram. Travel. (Not in that order).

Updating my web site to a storefront that could accept credit card and PayPal purchases (did you know I now sell Lightroom presets?).

Developing new partnerships with some of my favourite brands. Responding to allllll the emails.

So trust me when I say that in spite of not writing for a month, I was nonetheless functioning my ass off.


I was also carrying out a lot of daydreaming about how issues could be various. How my life could be various if I didn’t give all of my mental power to this weblog.

No matter if I wanted this weblog to be my future just after all.

Mainly because as considerably as it pains me to admit this, my month of no blogging felt definitely fucking excellent in a lot of strategies.

I started to give significantly less value to the quantity of web page views I got, or irrespective of whether I posted each day on social media. I lived my true life, away from a personal computer screen, exactly where persons cannot hide behind their world-wide-web personas (myself integrated).

I started to keep in mind what it felt like to have true, face to face conversations. To appear deeply into a person’s eyes as they share components of themselves with you, and to really feel a connection forming practically instantaneously.

I stayed behind my camera a lot more frequently than I was in front of it. Would it surprise you to discover that I nonetheless really feel silly posing for my personal pictures? I do.

I dreamt of a profession that permitted me the monetary abundance I’m nonetheless so desperately craving. Not that my life is not abundant in a million other strategies, but let’s face it–making it as a complete-time blogger is nonetheless a challenge for me, and I’m starting to understand it is simply because my heart’s not completely in it.

Anything about the way I’m carrying out this blogging point is not fulfilling me in some of the most vital strategies.

I really like writing and I normally will, and I really like photography a lot more each day. I even came to really like issues I by no means anticipated to, like graphic style.

You may well feel these issues are adequate to create a profitable blogging profession, but if you will need proof that it is not, properly, right here I am.

And how about all the issues that blogging does not give me?

Issues like frequent interaction with true human beings. The opportunity to unplug with out hurting my productivity or earning possible. Possibilities to get up and be active (with out it turning into a photo shoot for the ‘gram).

What my month of no blogging did let for, as you can see, is a complete lot of self-reflection. Which, in hindsight, proves to me fairly plainly that it wasn’t just Writer’s Block standing in my way.

It was me.

So in case you haven’t but study among the lines, I’ll just come correct out and say it:

I do not want to be a complete-time blogger any longer.

I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this life-style is not for me.

The continual will need to be glued to a screen.

The Maintaining-Up-With-The-Joneses mentality on social media.

The lack of interpersonal relationships.

The stress to create and photograph in strategies that do not really feel genuine to me.

None of that represents the individual I really want to come to be, and I see now that I will need to gradually, cautiously, let these issues fade into the background if I want to move forward on my path.

None of this is to say that I’m providing up blogging altogether. It just cannot be my quantity 1 priority if I want to reside my ideal life, a life in which I really feel emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.

And I am by NO Implies condemning blogging as a profession. It is a excellent match for a lot of persons and I’ve had the pleasure of watching some of my closest good friends obtain astonishing achievement with it.

Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent people.  

But regrettably, there’s a query that remains to be answered, and it is a fairly vital 1.

What the fuck am I going to do with my life now?

If I’m going to let blogging come to be just a portion-time gig, I will need to figure out what’s going to fill the rest of my time–what’s going to give me the issues I’m at the moment lacking, selecting up exactly where blogging leaves off.

It could take a fair bit of trial and error, but at least I’m feeling confident adequate to commence my search.

A quantity of concepts are currently bouncing about in my head, but so far I’ve not felt a powerful pull in any 1 path.

I’ve extended viewed as enrolling in a yoga teacher coaching, so that is 1 notion that sits at the forefront of my thoughts each day. I’ve also extended viewed as pursuing photography professionally, and that appears to be the 1 dream that just will not die.

Of course, figuring out what the sensible initially step is toward either of these targets is yet another matter completely. And I do not intend to let my weblog endure additional though I figure it all out.

I’m hoping that with a small a lot more quiet reflection, I’ll ultimately be in a position to hear the truth that is in my heart.

For now, the ideal point I can feel to do is remind myself every day that my journey is unfolding precisely how it is meant to. That my experiences with this blog–the excellent, the poor, and the ugly–all serve a goal and are major me precisely exactly where I will need to be.

For now, I’m nonetheless a complete-time blogger, reluctant even though I could be…

And I have a lot a lot more stories to inform.

It is tough for me to paint you a image of what the subsequent handful of months will appear like for this weblog or for me on a private level.

But I do want to inform you what I do know, so you have some notion of what to count on. You deserve that considerably!

In terms of upcoming weblog content material, you can count on a lot more Maui travel posts from our current trip with my mom. From whale watching to SUPing to all the awesome restaurants we attempted, I nonetheless have a complete lot to share.

You can also count on to hear a lot more about the partnerships I’ve been functioning on, which includes some you have currently been introduced to (like PicMonkey) and other individuals that will be revealed quickly adequate.

I also strategy to experiment with writing in various strategies.

For instance, I really like the notion of writing shorter weblog posts that I can share a lot more frequently, rather than normally feeling pressured to create lengthy posts optimized for search engines.

Generally, I want to do a lot more writing that comes from the heart rather of writing the stuff I really feel like I “should” create.

Off the weblog, you can count on me to continue to share smaller bits of my life and travels on Instagram, simply because in spite of my really like/hate connection with that platform, it does bring about some definitely entertaining possibilities and even a lot more importantly, it encourages me to preserve enhancing my photography day just after day.

Lastly, I’ll do my ideal to preserve you up to speed on exactly where my profession goes from right here, irrespective of whether it is going back to freelancing, getting a portion-time job that gets me out of the home and functioning with persons, or pursuing photography a lot more seriously.

No matter what takes place it’ll be an adventure, and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

Thanks, as normally, for sticking with me by way of it all.


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