Road Tripping to Scranton Mainly because We are Obsessed with The Workplace


Are you a fan of the hit NBC show, “The Workplace?” Certainly, you are. The Workplace Scranton


I do not know about y’all, but the only purpose I even have Netflix is to watch The Workplace more than and more than once more. If you have by no means observed it, please, quit reading this and GO WATCH IT. Really feel totally free to skip the episode entitled “Scott’s Tots” unless you can deal with a significant dose of awkward. The Workplace Scranton

Mainly because Angie and I are such major Dunderheads, we normally hoped to stop by Scranton, the Paris of northeastern Pennsylvania, to immerse ourselves in the globe of Michael, Jim, Pam and Dwight. While in New York to speak at TBEX and our epic Niagara Falls adventure, we did what any superfan would do. We rented a car or truck, purchased a mustard-colored shirt and took The Jet Sisters show on the road to The Electric City!


Definitely, there have been quite a few, quite a few quotes uttered. You do not just watch a show 700 instances and NOT memorize just about each line.

Exactly where to Keep in Scranton, Penn.

Scranton is a town of significantly less than 100,000, creating it Pennsylvania’s 6th biggest city. 1 of my preferred components of The Workplace is how even although it is filmed largely in Los Angeles, they weave in so quite a few tiny facts that make it oh so Lackawanna County. We located lots of these small Easter eggs just from our mini road trip to Scranton.

For instance in the”The Merger,” Dwight and Michael rap about Scranton’s reputation as the Electric City, and we by no means truly gave any believed to the history. But electric lights have been introduced in 1880 at Dickson Locomotive Operates and a couple of years later, electric streetcars have been operating all more than town. The “Electric City” nickname stuck all these years later, and you can nevertheless see the vibrant Electric City neon sign downtown. What a reputation to uphold, and so funny that Dwight and Michael get to rap about it.

If you are heading into the Electric City to do some rapping of your personal, or maybe purchasing at the Steamtown Mall, verify out these hotels in the heart of the region.

Discover far more Scranton hotel solutions right here. 

Of course, we knew ahead of we visited that most of the actual filming areas are in L.A., like the workplace park and just about almost everything else, but we’ve compiled a list of genuine areas you can discover in Scranton. So if you are in Philadelphia or NYC or the surrounding region, take an added day to swing by and spend homage to Michael and Stanley, Jim, Dwight, Creed, Andy and Kelly… for your organization paper requirements. Verify out the following areas for The Workplace in Scranton.

125 Beech St, Scranton, PA 18505

Prior to you stand in the parking lot seeking confused like we did, Poor Richard’s Pub does not appear the similar way as it does in the show. The scenes have been filmed at Pickwick’s Pub in California, but the genuine pub is situated inside a bowling alley. It’s worth a speedy stop by to snap a photo.

Do not pull a “Roy” and destroy the location although – that truly irritates the employees.

701 N Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18509

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

How remarkable is it that you can grab lunch in the similar location Holly and Michael argued about Meredith’s ethics?! We do not frequently see Cooper’s Seafood in the show, but the writers name-drop it a ton.

The genuine restaurant is a preferred spot in town with a heavily seafood-focused menu and quirky decor. There’s a present shop inside with tons of “The Office” merchandise. Even if you do not consume right here, it is a very good location to quit in and acquire souvenirs, like Dundies, employee IDs and Dunder Mifflin swag (stuff we all get).

If you are a super fan, going to Scranton is a exceptional way to squeeze a small far more life out of your obsession with The Workplace. 1 factor to note: there are not just tons of areas to acquire merch – honestly, we have been fortunate to discover something decent outdoors of Cooper’s present shop. So if you are going, get your gear BEFOREHAND so you are ready for something. Like a “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Exciting Run Race For The Cure” or even a stop by to Lake Scranton.

Really feel totally free to shout, “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY” or “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” though wearing a Michael Scott badge. Go ahead, let it all out. The Workplace Scranton

300 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA 18503

The Steamtown Mall (now referred to as the Marketplace at Steamtown) does exist, but you will not discover Victoria’s Secret or Jitterz (replaced by a candy retailer) inside. In truth, there are no significant brand-name shops in the mall.

Sadly, it is a comparatively dead spot with a couple of shops but not a complete lot going on. BUT you will discover the Scranton sign (from the opening of the show), and that alone tends to make it worth a stop by.

There was no a single about so we have been capable to act as ridiculous as we wanted with out feeling also silly.

1040 S Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18505

Not to be confused with Pizza by Alfredo (a hot circle of garbage), this cafe is a need to-do lunch spot for ‘The Office” fans. The Workplace Scranton

If you recall the episode “Launch Celebration,” Michael messes up a celebration by ordering from the incorrect location, Pizza by Alfredo, which Kevin says “is like consuming a circle of hot garbage. Michael ends up taking the delivery boy hostage and ultimately the staff order from the very good pizza location, Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe.

In genuine-life Scranton, this classic Italian eatery gives a range of salads, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas. We ate there and consider Kevin was onto a thing. No hot garbage right here!

215 Vine St, Scranton, PA 18501

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

However, Scranton Organization Park and Dunder Mifflin do not exist in genuine life, although quite a few consider the Pennsylvania Paper &amp Provide Business is the workplace for The Workplace. There is a small reminder in the quite prime of the tower – so appear closely! The Workplace Scranton

We popped into Pennsylvania Paper &amp Provide in our Dwight gear and the staff have been so friendly! They have signed pictures from the cast and a genuine Dwight bobblehead from Rainn Wilson himself. And the business offers out totally free posters to all fans of the show.

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

The Office Road Trip - A Guide to Scranton

We only had a day for our tour of the Electric City, so we missed the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour and the Anthracite Heritage Museum. The Workplace Scranton

Sounds like a thing Toby would make us do anyway. The Workplace Scranton

If we’re becoming sincere, our preferred way to see Scranton is from the comfort of our couch, remote in hand. We’re glad we took this road trip, but would we do it once more? Only if the original cast had some sort of epic reunion. Now that would be worth it.




Are you shocked to hear most of “The Office” wasn’t essentially filmed in Scranton? Do you have a preferred episode, quote or character?

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