10 Recommendations for Staying Secure as a Solo Female Traveler


I’ve been traveling about the planet on my personal for seven years, seven years of stunning moments, main screw-ups and anything in involving.

Fortunate sufficient, I discovered much more about myself and how to keep secure on the road than I could have ever imagined.

Right here are 10 of my finest guidelines for staying secure as a solo female traveler about the planet.

1. Dress like a nearby

In my opinion this 1 could be very debatable and theoretically ladies should really be capable to dress how they like wherever they go, but that is just not realistic.

1 of the finest lessons I discovered traveling alone more than the years is how to blend in, and that suggests dressing like a nearby when required.

If that suggests covering your hair, cover your hair. Or put on extended sleeves or loose clothing, and so on. It is vital to do some study just before traveling and verify out what the nearby customs are.

It is usually excellent to not draw focus to your self on the road if you want to be left alone.

New Zealand

two. Do not get wasted

Receiving blitzed drunk although traveling alone is under no circumstances a excellent notion – you open your self up to all sorts of challenges.

three. Do not inform people today exactly where you are staying

Blinding flash of the apparent – if you are traveling alone as a ladies and you meet people today, do not mention exactly where you are staying, specifically if you really feel uncomfortable.

No 1 seriously requires to know the name of your hotel, and if you make plans to meet a person, meet at a nearby landmark or point alternatively.

The majority of the time, practically nothing will take place, but a tiny self-preservation under no circumstances went amiss.

four. If you really feel uncomfortable alone, join a day tour.

I went to Turkey alone back in 2013, it was appropriate right after the murder of an American lady traveling alone and I was met with so considerably skepticism and worry mongering I just about canceled my flights.

Fortunately I’m stubborn and decided I required to see for myself anything that was going on. Nevertheless I was nervous walking about Istanbul alone so I decided to join some tours to get to know the city.

I went on a marketplace and spice tour with Turkish Flavours and also went on some cooking classes. It was the fantastic introduction to Turkey and helped me get comfy becoming there alone later on.

Istanbul, Turkey
Enjoying Istanbul, Turkey

five. Prevent becoming “forward” when required

It is seriously vital to try to remember that in several cultures about the planet, ladies who are pretty outgoing can be observed as becoming “forward.”

This suggests something from generating eye speak to with males walking down the street to becoming super chatty with people today in shops to dressing in tight clothing.

I am a pretty friendly individual and I appreciate speaking with strangers and meeting locals on the road, but more than the years I have discovered to lean on the side of caution right after I have had 1 as well several males feel I was attempting to hook up with them or go out when in truth, I was just becoming myself.

six. Find out to study circumstances

It is seriously vital as a solo female travel to study to study circumstances and if you really feel in anyway uncomfortable or nervous, get the hell out of there.

Do not be concerned about offending people today or becoming rude, self-preservation is the most vital point and to keep secure.

7. Book a couple of issues in advance

1 of the circumstances I hate becoming in the most although traveling is displaying up in a new city or spot at evening with practically nothing booked.

I am 1 of these travelers who prefers to “wing it” but I am cautious about booking issues for when I arrive straight off the plane in a new spot or if I know I will be arriving someplace at evening, just to stay away from any undesirable scenarios.

eight. Carry a doorstop

1 of my finest guidelines for solo female travelers is to carry a tiny plastic doorstop.

It requires up no space and is wonderful to have to shove beneath flimsy hotel area doors at evening just in case of a person attempting to come in.

9. And also a whistle

You under no circumstances know when you are going to have to have a travel security whistle. Several wonderful backpacks have constructed-in whistles in the straps.

10. Trust your instincts

More than time, you will study to create excellent instincts on the road which will seriously assist you as a solo traveler.

I am a large advocate of developing knowledge on the road.

For your very first solo trip, possibly head to a spot that is thought of an simpler location, exactly where they speak the very same language, have a modest population or a pretty tourist-friendly, like Iceland or New Zealand just before functioning on to locations that can be much more difficult, like India or Egypt.

Naturally, people today have diverse instincts and study diverse strategies, so what operates for me can be completely diverse than what operates for you, but at the finish of the day, my finest piece of assistance is study to trust these instincts!


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