Sokos Presidentti, Your Finest Bet in Helsinki


Flourishing with wonderful grass-covered gardens and islands, Helsinki is 1-of-the-most ‘stunning’ cities to stop by in the planet. Maybe, for that cause, the 20-minute drive from the airport to the hotel felt like I was streaming an episode on ‘Baltic’s daughter’ on the National Geographic Channel. In addition to the organic beauty, what seamlessly caught my interest was the vernacular architecture perched across mesmerising lakes. For the very first-timer in Helsinki, this was a pleasant joyride to luxuriate in, en route Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti. Just before I knew, the chauffeur had driven the car or truck into the heart of the city, and then progressively towards Kampii mall on the Etelainen Rautatiekatu square, exactly where this box hotel is situated. I was quite excited to be staying in central Helsinki, one thing I knew would save me a lot of travel.

Sokos Hotel Presidentti

With its grand carton-shaped style, Sokos Hotel Presidentti is bound to impress the very first-time guests. Anything that starts with you walking across that giant sliding glass door! On the other side of the doorway is a lavish lobby with a wide reception-desk and a sufficiently accommodating waiting lounge. In spite of the lengthy queue of guests, there was adequate space for everybody to move about with their luggage. On major of that, the warm and polite reception employees had been promptly noticed handling the verify-ins which ensured smiling faces at the finish of the day. Wouldn’t you agree that such actions ignite a sense of inarticulated inspiration, to a huge extent? Holding on to that believed, I collected my area important from the receptionist, who was nevertheless smiling at me and then paved my way to the twin elevators. 

Sokos Hotel Presidentti Lift

Who does not like to be spoilt, for alternatives? That was my very first believed when I saw two adjoining elevators carrying several passengers simultaneously. The very first 1, or the second 1, I asked myself, throbbing onto a mental conquest of my personal. Precisely, at that time, a fellow guest pretty much impelled me into taking the very first lift. In a couple of seconds, the door opened and right here I was, on a hotel floor which seemed to have lengthy (and I imply quite lengthy) narrow passages. And, you ‘actually’ do have to cross these, just before you make it to your area. Fortunately for me, I chose VIP bags as my luggage companion and they created it reasonably effortless for me to scout by means of such extended passageways. Alternatively, walking is a good exercise and when you believe about it like that, walking by means of Europe’s stretched out passageways does not really feel tiresome any longer. 

Sokos Hotel Presdentti Room

For these splurging EUR 220 a evening, to keep at Sokos Hotel Presidentti, will have to know that the rooms function a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. I stayed at this hotel in 2016 on the other hand they revamped all the rooms in 2017 so you can anticipate a pleasant Finnish surprise when you arrive right here. In spite of the compactness of the area, each and every element was placed just as it should really have been, generating ample space for 1 to move about. My area featured all contemporary amenities, no matter whether it be, a stocked minibar, flat-screen Television, complimentary WiFi, phone service, or good hospitality. Each the queen bed with a hybrid mattress as properly as the blinding curtains ensured a superb night’s sleep. You can kick start out your morning in total peace by savouring that very first cup of coffee in the area.

Sokos Presidentti Washroom

Beyond the bedroom, was a beautiful ensuite washroom with a ventilated shower, bathtub, toiletries, hairdryer, towels, bathrobes, and bathroom slippers. (And much more I guess such as the drinking glasses) It is not customary to drink tap water though you are in Europe, but also, why not attempt it as soon as as the locals do, correct? So, whichever hotel I verify-in though travelling in Europe, I guarantee to drink tap water at least as soon as. Then once again, that is me! You actually do not have to. Coming back to the Sokos Hotel Presidentti, I have to say that the centralised heating kept me warm like a snuggly sweater! Although, extra area facilities like an electric kettle, iron board, radio, protected, sofa, and operate desk did add to my travel joy. So did the planet outdoors the single pane window! I nevertheless don’t forget it like it was yesterday when I had pulled more than these soft drapey-curtains to come across Hollywood come alive on the streets of Helsinki. 

Sokos Hotel Presidentti Swimming Pool

Finns dressed in overcoats had been wending their way on squeaky clean roads, though, the ‘nebulous’ evening lamps added substance to a scene that was exhibiting Finnish way of life at its most effective. I was so absorbed by that vibe that I forgot to capture it on my camera. Keeping that aside, Hotel Sokos Presidentti also flaunts a wide array of in-home-enjoyable-activities to maintain the guests entertained. For that, they have 4 restaurants, namely Bistro Manu, Coffee Bar, Presidentti private restaurant and Pressa nightclub-restaurant. In addition to that, they also have 1 beautiful Bar named Pub Adjutantti, along with, an sophisticated clubhouse, eight Sauna-Spa rooms and a ravishing indoor swimming pool. Did I mention the meals as however?

Breakfast Sokos Hotel Presidentti
Breakfast at Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Due to my tight travel schedule, I didn’t get a opportunity to consume a lot at the restaurants but I created positive to have breakfast on all days. Not only, simply because it is complimentary, but also, simply because it is organic and scrumptious. My favourite picks had been the cold meats, bread, decision of eggs, fruit yoghurt, cheese and all the nearby things on the buffet. 

Sokos Hotel Presidentti Helsinki breakfast

Every day I would finish my breakfast by 9 AM and head out to discover the city. The place of the Sokos Presidentti permitted me to cover half the city on foot. Kamppi Metro Station and Helsinki harbour are the closest landmarks. Also, the neighbourhood is thriving with a lot of shops, eateries, and sightseeing spots.

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