Traveling is my escape from daily life and the greatest way to get inspired at the identical time.

Getting traveled to more than 55 nations in significantly less than 10 years, It would be correct to say that the planet out there feels like a second household to me.

Because traveling became an daily routine, what keeps my passion alive are these extremely inspiring travel motion pictures that place me in the complete traveler’s mentality all more than once again. No matter if it is a film about a literal trip or a mental one particular – the will to reside and uncover the planet.

My favourite travel motion pictures are the five listed beneath – but this does not imply I do not fall for one thing as basic as a single suitcase scene in a kid’s film. It is just that, these five actually inspired my passion for traveling and exploring the planet.


#1. The Motorcycle Diaries

The most wonderful and inspirational film I’ve watched the previous years. two students start a roadtrip across Latin America on a motorcycle that lasts about five months. Combining each some adventurous moments and some of Latin America’s most amazing web pages, this film is an ode to human relations and bonds produced by means of traveling.


#two. Into The Wild

Primarily based on the correct story of Christopher McCandless who denies a life complete of luxury to reside his dream, traveling across Alaska. “Travel is all about new experiences, superior and poor” says him and I could not agree far more Traveling is all about acquiring your self, expand your horizon, your view of the planet. That is what this film is all about.



#three. Up In The Air

Effectively, this film could be my life. A life complete of airports and hotels, collecting bonus points and packing and un-packing a suitcase each and every one particular or two days. George Clooney embodies the luxury, frequent traveler like no other!


#four. Tracks

A different film primarily based on a correct story – the story of Robyn Davidson who bravely crossed 1.700 miles in the Australian desert with her only firm a dog and four camels. A film that inspired the solo travelers of the planet.



#five. Consume, Pray, Really like

Is Julia Roberts the most amazing instance of a lady solo traveler? She unquestionably is. Her character travels to Italy, India and Indonesia in a mission to locate inner peace and happiness -a series of events and a non-quit mental journey adjust her complete planet till she finds it.

Traveling signifies happiness – see why I identified myself with her?



Inform me about your favourite travel motion pictures!

Maria Kalymnou

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