The World’s Most Colorful Celebration


We foolishly arrived in Mathura with no plans or hotel and have been stuck in a $four per evening hovel that left me not even wanting to use the toilet.

But at least we discovered a location, I have a feeling numerous persons have been left sleeping on the street!

And in addition to, we have been celebrating Holi in India, man! This is a as soon as in a lifetime chance.

Holi can be overwhelming

holi powder in crowd india Dense crowds in the course of Holi in Mathura

On the day of Holi, we wandered aimlessly via the streets of Mathura for the reason that we weren’t positive exactly where we really should commence.

There have been crowds developing along the sidewalks, but we weren’t really positive exactly where the epicenter of Holi took location.

Fortunately, we stumbled across a tiny courtyard exactly where a man caught our focus. He beckoned us to join the festivities inside. By no means becoming ones to refuse an invitation, we accepted.

Absolutely everyone welcomed us with open arms and smears of colour.

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Deb celebrating Holi in India

We all came collectively below the colors of Lord Krishna.

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The vibrant colors of Holi represent like.

The Holi Head of the Temple told us that Holi is a time in India for all persons to let go of prejudices, creeds, castes, and discrimination.

celebrating holi with friends Following a day at Holi: Vacationers and devotees covered in the colors of Holi in India

We undoubtedly felt the like with Holi

Girls took turns dancing with Becca and me, swinging us about one particular soon after yet another. It was exhausting however exhilarating all at as soon as!

Absolutely everyone wanted to dance with us. As the only westerners in the temple, we have been somewhat of a novelty, but the persons of India are genuinely welcoming and friendly.

I think they wanted us to have the finest time feasible.

dave drumming during holi celebrations in India

The guys loved holding Julian and Dave’s hands higher in the air as they danced and laughed in a circle, and kids and adults alike threw handfuls of colored powder overhead.

Throughout this festival, the guys and females did not hold hands they alternatively kept the touching to the identical sex, creating positive that everybody had the utmost respect.

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dancing at Holi Festival Mathura India

The feeling was jubilant. Holi falls on the complete moon at the finish of February it marks the finish of winter and the starting of spring.

The 4 of us became mini-celebrities.

Tv cameras have been covering the energetic dances in the courtyard and we have been all encouraged to join in.

Holi Festival Media coverage Getting Interviewed by National Media

We have been even stopped to give our views and comments on Holi.

We have been filled with joy and praised the festival as one particular of the finest and most distinctive we’ve ever observed. And we weren’t joking!

If you celebrate the Holi Festival in India, you will have one particular of the most memorable travel experiences of your life!

indias holi festival

The camera operators followed every single of us as we did all the things from dancing and spinning to drumming and singing.

We have been interviewed on reside Television and asked to clarify the essence of Holi for all of India to hear.

Fortunately, we had Julian along who had explained it all to us the day prior to.

Ahead of that, Dave and I admittedly did not know substantially about Holi in addition to the reality that colorful powders are thrown via the air.

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